I'm now working at Golden.

I was previously the Director of Technology for Techstars.  We're building a suite of tools to help Techstars companies make the most of the Techstars network, and for the Techstars staff to best help our portfolio companies.

In the summer of 2012 I launched Seed-DB, the world's most comprehensive database on seed accelerators (like Y Combinator, Techstars, etc.).  I keep track of nearly 3000 startups that have graduated from 170+ accelerators, and the 1500+ angels and venture capitalists that have invested >$3billion in them.  I am the founder, product manager, and developer of Seed-DB.
Most recently, I built a $70million/year business from zero in ~4 years for Google in the Central/Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region.
I've been an entrepreneur, consultant, submarine officer and project manager.  I have degrees in aerospace engineering, decision sciences, and an MBA.  I've run nuclear reactors and led a solar-powered car racing team across the Australian Outback.
I have many sea stories from my time in the Navy, but they're probably not what you're expecting.