John owns and manages AKTA Web Studio, a UX strategy + UI design firm in downtown Chicago. AKTA has become a thought-leader in the UX space and is working with many of the most impressive and progressive early-stage companies in the city.

In addition to client services, AKTA also creates web applications internally. Their first product, Traklabs, launched in July 2010. They have two products currently in development - a simple OSX desktop based to-do app, and a large social data app.

John’s first start-up was an online video gaming network in Los Angeles in 2002, exiting with an acquisition in 2007. By that time, the network had become the key resource for the competitive video gaming community and the second biggest competitive gaming (eSports) coverage website in the USA.

On a personal level, John is the founder of a not-for-profit, Digital Hope, which channels contributions from online ads from partner corporations to relief organizations around the world via a proprietary online platform John created. He has organized a team to manage the entire operation, which launches later in 2011. Digital Hope’s mission is to “leverage the revenue power of digital business to fund under-financed humanitarian and non-profit efforts in our local community and around the world.”