Josh has spent his career making sure that what’s important gets your attention.

Josh is best known as CEO of JDI (Jones-Dilworth, Inc.) which he founded in 2009. JDI is a boutique consultancy that brings emerging technologies to market.

In 2012, Josh co-founded The Daily Dot, and currently serves on its Board. The Daily Dot is an online newspaper covering Internet culture, and one of the fastest-growing online media ventures of all-time. Today, the Dot is read by 15 million people and growing, putting it among the top one thousand sites on the Web.

In 2013, he co-founded Totem, and remains a Director of the company. Totem is a PR software startup focused on hosted press pages that 8 out of 10 journalists prefer.

Josh is currently working on a new healthcare startup called Litmus, which is commercializing breakthrough proteomics research out of the University of Chicago.

Josh is an advisor to over a dozen companies, and an active angel investor. He is a frequent teacher, speaker and guest writer.

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