Kate Drane is Techstars' Senior Network Engagement Manager, where she helps connect Fortune 150 companies with Techstars portfolio companies.

Formerly Kate served as Indiegogo’s Senior Director of Outreach for Tech and Hardware. In her 5 1/2 years at Indiegogo, she empowered more than 900 entrepreneurs to collectively raise over $80M on the Indiegogo platform, including Canary, Misfit, Skulpt, and Atlas Wearables.

In addition to working at Techstars, Kate is the co-founder and former CMO of The Can Van, the world’s first mobile beer canning service made to bring reasonably priced and environmentally friendly packaging options to California breweries. She met her co-founders while attending Presidio Graduate School, where she received her MBA in Sustainable Management.

Kate is passionate about serving her local community, and sits on the advisory boards for MHub, Goodcity Chicago and the Guild.

Kate frequently speaks at events around the world including CES, TEDx and even once at Parliament. San Francisco is where she calls home, and can be found on weekends drinking a craft beer and snuggling with her bichon rescue, Buckley.