Korwin Smith is currently a Director of Software Development at Amazon. For the last four years, his Amazon Go teams have been working on the world’s most advanced shopping technology. It is called "Just Walk Out" technology and it enables a shopping experience with no lines and no checkout. You just show up at the Amazon Go store, take what you want, and walk out. His teams have also helped launched three Amazon Books stores, with a few more on the way. He leads networking, info security, merchandising and assortment management systems, kitchen software, and event processing teams.

Over the past decade at Amazon, Korwin has specialized in launching new businesses and products from scratch. Prior to Amazon Go, Korwin was part of AWS where he was responsible for launching the AWS Marketplace. His team built the customer facing e-commerce experience for discovering and purchasing software to run on AWS, the vendor facing software to ingest and vet 3rd-party software, and the back-office systems that integrate with Amazon's accounting and financial systems. Prior to AWS, Korwin helped found the Amazon Cloud Drive team where he had end-to-end responsibility for launching Amazon's personal cloud storage product.

Korwin has a BS in Computer Science from Western Washington University.