Mark is a recognized inventor and developer of space, cellular, and cable solutions for communications and entertainment. Since childhood, he’s been attracted to technically complex systems, including television repair, satellite construction and launch, smartphone development, and wireless home networking.

Along his career, he’s adapted cable networks to 3D, UltraHD High Dynamic Range and now Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality programming. In video entertainment and communications, he believes in the need for a “glass-to-glass” understanding of content creation, through to display rendering workflows and technologies.

At CIL, Mark is deeply involved with solving the technical complexities of health care. Specifically, his work focuses on the intersection of the Internet of Things / IoT, cognitive systems and communications networks, to improve the quality of life for patients, caregivers and medical professionals.

Mark holds more than a dozen patents in the areas of communications and entertainment systems. He earned a BSEE degree from Rutgers College of Engineering, and an MSEE with a specialization in Electro-Physics from Drexel University.

When not on a plane to a conference, to attend or speak, he enjoys learning how to raise a family (that includes Hungarian Vizslas) and continuing to perfect the technical complexities of triathlon transitions.