I explain you. I listen hard to who you are and what you do, and then I find the best ways to get your message across. I thrive in work environments that are innovative, fast-paced, and mission-driven.

I tell stories, first and foremost, and that never changes, whether I’m tweeting about entrepreneurs for Wharton, creating my own recipe for a caramel apple tart, cataloging the burgeoning American distillery scene for MSN, or scribbling a utopian thriller about an all-female police force (my novel-in-progress).

I’m fascinated by the way that technology is changing (and not changing) storytelling, whether it’s for art or profit. I have solid audio and video skills; I can design, build, and write a website; I take an eye-catching photograph; and I’m great at social media.

I seek to use my skills in writing and multi-media production to further the mission of a company that I am passionate about. My passions include entrepreneurship, higher education, literature, art, film, feminism, food and food politics, and the technologies that are transforming the ways we communicate and connect.

Additionally… I can write and edit, from tweets to cover stories to SEO headlines; I’m comfortable working with and interviewing high-level individuals (from executives to artists) and finding the story; I have many years of experience as a copy editor and proofreader; I’m comfortable working solo or as part of a team; I’m extremely self-driven and I juggle multiple projects with ease. I love Hitchcock movies, gin, and baking bread.