Creative Director with equal focus on design (physical and digital), technology & information architecture with a zeal for managing designers, technologists and client relationships. Hands on expert use of the creative suite of visual tools (both static and motion) while also able to develop valid HTML, Javascript and CSS. Working knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Video and Flash design and animation skills for broadcast, digital billboards and Web sites. Print design expertise in brand identity, signage, editorial and music packaging.

I recognize the blurring of lines between design and technology. Using my multifaceted first hand experience of each, I effectively use all methods available to bring a vision to life.

I am passionate about visual design while recognizing the connection between interaction and technology. I have an ambitious and yet realistic vision of what it takes to bring ideas to market, as well as what boundaries to push to foster new ideas. I am equally fascinated with good design and good gadgetry. Passionate about physical design, the digital design and the environments they foster and create.