Nick VanWagner has spent his entire career focused on growth. He is driven by the opportunity to help accelerate growth of meaningful organizations, inspire and lead others to achieve their goals and develop on a constant basis, and learn and grow personally every day.

For the past 5 years, he has been at LinkedIn in a range of roles split between the consumer and B2B space. Most recently, Nick has been on the leadership team of growing LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions business line through a period of hyper growth from incubation into a force in the sales technology industry. In this capacity, Nick has led a team that builds products and algorithms that power LinkedIn’s sales and marketing go-to- market, develops the next innovations in data-driven products,

creates narratives to help our clients understand value and realize success, and ultimately accelerates revenue growth in intelligent and scalable ways.

Prior to this, Nick helped build a team for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions business line and played a large role in the launch of our Sponsored Updates product. Nick started at LinkedIn as a Product Marketing Manager for LinkedIn’s Growth &

Identity teams, helping fuel member acquisition and engagement with the platform as well as being a core team member of new product launches such as the profile redesign and the launch of skills. Prior to LinkedIn, Nick spent 5 years at McKinsey & Company, largely focused on working with clients in the US, but also living in Sydney, Australia and Amsterdam, Netherlands along the way. For his last 2 years at McKinsey, he focused exclusively on helping accelerate the growth of retailers in a digital world, whether that be through optimizing discovery experiences and transaction flows in e-commerce or helping traditional retailers to develop customer-centric multichannel strategies.

Nick believes in the power of data-driven decision making enabled through technology, but he believes even more in ensuring the right problem or opportunity is being addressed. You’ll find him wandering the halls asking “what’s the so what?” ensuring everyone is prioritizing the right things and focusing on the biggest needle movers to help the team win and then rolling up their sleeves together to make it Happen.

Nick lives in Oakland, California with his wife, Meg, and new son, Lewis. He has noproblem preaching to all his Bay Area friends of the glory of the Twin Cities and somehow maintains his pride for Minnesota sports while living in the area of some of the most successful sports teams over the past few years.