I live and breathe marketing as a driver for sales and customer success. I master quick wins with tiny budgets. I want to meet teams who truly believe their growth lies in marketing and sales.

Whether for business or pleasure, my passion is creating a great experience. My expertise: planning and executing the right story that connects the dots between business goals, marketing psychology and product.

Luckily, I am at the right place and the right time in the marketing world. While the world of customer experience is on the rise in the B2C world, I serve this path only the early adopters take in the Saas and B2B worlds.
Being an entrepreneur who's previously founded and ran a startup that introduced the first platform for advocate management to brands and agencies, it's only natural to keep working with tech companies. As I know their pains up close and personal.
At Growthanomics we offer a toolkit that helps B2B and Saas companies create and execute the experience that sells throughout their customer journey. From awareness to customer success.
We've served companies like Nice, Fairfly, Payoneer, Datorama, Kampyle, and Arkivum to name a few.
I hold a masters in international relations, and served in one of the elite intelligence units in the Israeli army. Most of all I love giving back to the world of marketing as a guest speaker in the subject of marketing psychology, customer experience and connecting product sales and marketing to a coherent product market fit.