I focus on very early stage science investing. (AI, robotics, synBio, medtech, diagnostics, etc). As a Kauffman Fellow, I researched the funding gaps for radical science companies in the U.S. To close this gap, I co-founded ScienceVest, a YC-backed investor marketplace for science-tech and life science companies, and Impact Science Angels, an angel group focused on investing in companies that can impact 1MM+ lives.

Most recently, I executed the first Startup Weekend in Cuba. In 2016, upon invitation of the White House, I was part of the US delegation with President Obama on his historic visit to Cuba. As a long time Global Facilitator for UP Global/Techstars, I have helped train hundreds of academics and lean startup instructors around the world on the principles and practices used for the Lean Launch Pad and iCorp programs.

I have served as policy adviser on entrepreneurship, technology, and economic development policy to leaders in Puerto Rico, Norway, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guatemala, among others.

As an entrepreneur, I have launched and successfully commercialized intellectual property now used across multiple industries around the world.