Richard Aplin is Senior Manager Technology Transition for Boeing's Phantom Works – International. In this role he manages the integration of technology from research and development activities into new products and services to support Boeing’s growth into new markets. Previously he was Senior Manager Strategy and Program Development responsible for engaging with Boeing’s international customers to develop advanced prototype solutions to meet their unique requirements. Before joining Phantom Works, Aplin spent three years as Business Development Manager at Insitu Pacific developing Unmanned Aerial System business opportunities in Australia, the Asia/Pacific region and Middle East.
Aplin joined Insitu Pacific in 2011 after four years of employment at Boeing Defence Australia where he served as Senior Manager of the Systems Analysis Laboratory, a decision support capability that uses modelling and simulation and advanced operations research techniques to provide analysis and experimentation for The Boeing Company and its customers.
Prior to employment with Boeing, Aplin spent ten years in the Australian Defence Force as an officer in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals. Richard's military career included postings to units in the Army's Land, Training and Special Operations Commands and he served operationally in Iraq, Lebanon, the South Pacific and Afghanistan.