Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Scott Dodson is a five time serial entrepreneur in Advertising/Marketing, Gaming, and FinTech; in roles as CEO or COO/CPO. Hired as Chief Product Owner by Gamesys in 2013, he relocated to London. He now is the Business Owner for Virgin Poker and Head of Poker Marketing (at Gamesys).
Scott is passionate about motivational design; building products and services which satisfy intrinsic needs and compel sustained engagement. A top 'gamification guru' he has taught game design at the top five game development university, Digipen Institute of Technology, and his firm Motivational Design has consulted with Fortune 500 companies.
He has been a Techstars mentor since 2010 and Microsoft Ventures since February 2014. His current and former advisees include Leanplum, Zipline Games, Flexminder, Lystable, Playcanvas, Vizify, Play Works.