A proud Indianapolis native, Scott Kraege, Co-Founder and former CEO of MOBI, considers the collaboration he experienced with his partners, and the extraordinary culture they built, as the most important factors in MOBI’s success. Those factors, combined with some of the brightest talent in the Industry, were MOBI’s ingredients for success, which ultimately paved the way for a successful exit after MOBI was acquired by Tangoe at the end of 2018.

Over the course of his 20-year career, Scott continues to be captivated with how the combination of a relentless organization, methodical processes, and united vision can fuel enterprise growth and scale. His personal evolution started with a product, and customer-first focus, transitioning to build and lead a 300+ employee organization that experienced consistent year-over-year revenue and margin growth.
MOBI’s success has been recognized several times over the years, most notably when named 2015 Company Culture of the Year and 2017 Company of the Year by Indiana’s annual TechPoint Mira Awards.

Scott brings the same enthusiasm to his personal life as he does his business. His wife, Lisa, and their four children, all under the age of 16, keep him busy, yet balanced. Scott passionately supports children who suffer from learning disabilities through his time and resources. Additionally, he is proud to be involved with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana Sports Corporation, and Techpoint. When away from home and office, look for Scott cheering for the Cubs or standing in a river, fly rod in hand, chasing trout.