I'm a Startup Business Development Manager for AWS in France. I’m directly responsible for helping Startups scale on AWS across Incubators, Accelerators, unbacked and VC Partners, through mechanisms, mentoring, resource engagement, and connections across the company. I have several years experience as a Startup founder, operator or enabler, both in Silicon Valley and in London. I recently was head of partnerships & integrations at leading SaaS workforce management provider Planday, where I set up their global partnerships program, and was also responsible for scaling up their integration strategy. Before this, I headed product and partnerships as well as operations at hospitality-tech SaaS player BarChick, where we launched an awesome service that helped people discover, and book into the best bars in the world. Before that, I spent over a decade holding leadership positions in both Startups as well as bluechip companies in the telecommunications industry. I’m passionate about Fintech, AI & ML, Big Data, and startups that create defensible data assets.