Stefanie is a CMO and General Manager with a broad background in digital, product, strategy, client experience and sales. She has worked in financial services and fintech in B2B and B2C, in leadership roles driving growth and transformation. Most recently Stefanie was the CMO at Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $15 billion fintech company for seven years. Stefanie repositioned Broadridge as a market leader and more than tripled the stock price from $20 to $70+/share. Prior to that, Stefanie held a number of senior roles in the financial services industry and was the CMO of Capital One Bank, Head of Deposits at Citibank and CMO & Channel Executive in the small business division at JP Morgan Chase. Stefanie was also a Board Director of Green Bancorp for 8+ years and she currently is an advisor to Lovell Minnick Partners, a private equity firm. She also works with a number of accelerators and early stage companies, including Betterment, a leading online “robo-advisor”.