Stuart Kozlick is a strategic adviser, executive-in-residence, within the Intellectual Property group. An engineer specializing in medical technologies and devices and healthcare systems, Stuart is called upon to lead strategic initiatives to integrate and develop various complex medical device systems in the clinical field. He particularly specializes in strategic positioning and planning, operational excellence, process improvement, project management, and analysis and research.

As part of his practice, Stuart works and collaborates with industry developers and innovators, government bodies, health care institutions as well as academic and research institutions, among others.

With over 17 years of experience, Stuart has developed know-how based on medical device development, innovation and research. With solid experience in the field of medical technology and research, he has the expertise to support and advise clients in the development, design, marketing and commercialization of their products.

Over the course of his career, Stuart has led and launched several research, product development, system and clinical engineering programs. He is also a Professor of Practice at the Faculty of Medicine in McGill University’s Surgery Department, and Faculty Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering in McGill University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Stuart is CEO of Puzzle Medical Devices Inc., a company that specializes in research and development of cardiovascular medical devices. Prior to joining Fasken, Stuart practised in an international law firm. He was also Vice President of Medical Robotics at a company that specializes in the robotics industry. In his role, he oversaw regulatory affairs and quality assurance of medical devices as well as leading strategic initiatives in the fields of technology and medical affairs, scientific research and innovation.  In addition, he has also work as senior engineer for R&D systems at Medtronic Inc., a world-renowned medical technology company.