I bring twenty+ years of experience operating, designing, delivering, selling and servicing distributed systems, server and mobile software now at Cisco formerly at Amazon and Microsoft Corp.
At Amazon, my teams built and operated services including the CloudFront Content Delivery Network, Route 53 Domain Name Service across a global network of 52+ locations. CloudFront can be used to deliver your entire website, including dynamic, static and streaming content.
At Microsoft my experience included operating Microsoft’s premier homepage, http://www.msn.com, http://my.msn.com, the login page for Hotmail, and the MSN Today website which all MSN Messenger users access.
• Delivered three v1 through v2 product releases including three major releases of Speech Server.
• Extended an existing desktop sync product and turning it into a v1 server product (Server ActiveSync) while continuing development of the desktop product ActiveSync 3.5 to support the next release of the PocketPC and SmartPhone
• Shipped: IE 4, TaxSaver 99, TaxSaver UK, PocketPC 2002, ActiveSync 3.5, Server ActiveSync 1.0 in MIS 1.0, MSN 8.0 Homepage, MyMSN, MSN 9.0 Homepage, Speech Server 2004 and Speech Server 2004 R2.
• Ten+ years of Management experience at Microsoft with product development teams ranging from Program Managers to consultants and CPAs and Designers and most recently engineering and test management as well.
• Six years of direct customer facing consulting and delivery working with a broad range of Microsoft customers from Fortune 50, to large enterprises to small/medium businesses to government agencies and Telcos.
• Passion for creating great services and products that users will embrace and use whether these are Cloud-based, SaaS, desktop, server, web or custom solutions for corporate customers.

Specialties:Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Server software, Mobile devices, General Management, P&L responsibilities, sales, consulting, CDN, DNS, operating at Internet scale