With roots and primary focus in consumer and business strategy, the road I have traveled has allowed me to play senior roles on the agency and brand side as both an employee and entrepreneur. The purview of both sides has solidified my belief that:

– Marketing needs to have equal knowledge and respect for business and consumer insight. Currently the landscape leans too heavy to one direction or the other, giving a slanted view. 

– We are too stratified in our thinking due to competitive rifts. Sharing knowledge should not be threatening, but empowering (ironically I figured this out while owning an agency).

– Brand interaction is more than an event, a digital experience, or a TV commercial. Brand interaction is a feeling inspired by a strategic principal. A new distribution model is just as interactive and brand demonstrative as a website.

– Marketing is part of a larger team to move a business forward. Working with brand-side CEOs, Chief Distribution Officers, Chief Production Officers, et al should not be treated as “stakeholder interviews” or “sign-off requirements.” They should be mandatory teammates.

– We use both emotional and rational triggers to make a decision. How we use those triggers, and when we employ them, is the key to interpreting decisions. Specializing in just emotional or just rational messaging is disregarding consumer needs.

– The word “it” is the lazy person’s descriptor.