After finishing my Computer Science Degree at the University of Pittsburgh, I started my Career as a Software Engineer at McKesson Automation.  For two years I transitioned what I learned during my undergraduate studies to a production environment. Once I understood the difference between higher education and production-level code I decided it was time to take the next step in my career. I then started as an Associate Technical Consultant at Summa Technologies in Pittsburgh, PA. My goal was to be exposed to as many different industries as possible while learning how business and technology teams worked together. In my four-year tenure at Summa I worked for two Financial companies (Federated Investors and PNC Bank Treasure Management), one Non-Profit (United Way), and one Educational Technology company (Think Through Math).
It was at Think Through Math that I really found my passion for Educational Technology. So much so that after my contract was over, I decided to leave Summa in pursuit of a job that would bring me the same level of satisfaction in a full-time capacity.
Shortly after, I took on the role of a Senior Instructor at DevBootcamp in New York, NY. By becoming an Instructor my focus switched from learning a broad range of technologies to a deep-dive into Ruby and Javascript. While I've focused on becoming a more competent developer over the past two years, the biggest change I've experienced was that I've grown into a leader.
DevBootcamp helped launched one of my life long goals of moving to Colorado where I am now serving as a Senior Software Engineer at Techstars.