Zubin Chagpar engages with the Venture Capital community in Europe, Middle East, and Africa on behalf of Amazon. He also heads up Amazon's Lean Enterprise program in EMEA, a program that engages enterprises and startups.

Zubin has over fifteen years of experience working in technology and management for Silicon Valley based companies including Google, VeriSign and Exodus (now CenturyLink). At Google, Zubin was responsible for the deployment of their Global Content Distribution Network, the backbone of YouTube. Zubin started his career working on a virtualization solution, a precursor to cloud computing, for microprocessor design giant, Synopsys. Zubin also was the managing director of a Spanish government sponsored SME incubator in San Francisco.

In addition to his role at Amazon, Zubin is an adjunct professor at IE Business School where he teaches rapid prototyping and market validation using 3D printers. He is also a faculty advisor at Wharton Business School. Zubin sits on the board of ISACA, a 100,000 member professional association focused on IT Governance. He also curates the Startup Digest, a weekly recap of top blog articles with 60,000 subscribers.

Based in London, Zubin is an investor in and advisor to startups Bitext and Tyba.