The Key to Corporate Innovation

The Techstars Network Engagement Program connects you with the most promising startups to future-proof your business.

A few of our amazing corporate partners

Partner With the World’s Most Promising Startups

Gain unparalleled access to the Techstars worldwide network of entrepreneurs with a dedicated Network Engagement Manager who can help you research, engage, and invest in the world's most promising startups.

Build Muscle

Integrate best practices to successfully engage with Techstars startups the right way, every time. Ready yourself for Proof of Concept , investment, or M&A opportunities.

Identify Challenges

Identify internal business unit challenges, then develop a strategic plan for how to work with startups to address those challenges and fuel your innovation strategy.

Engage Entrepreneurs

Gain access to the Techstars worldwide network of startups, founders, mentors, and investors. Build strategic relationships that support your business and innovation goals.

How It Works

Align on Business Needs and Strategy

Your dedicated network engagement manager will align with your strategic goals to create internal innovation benchmarks and develop KPIs that will define your success.

Curated Introductions to Techstars Companies

Upon identifying your innovation needs, your dedicated resource will leverage a structured methodology to enable you to engage with our Techstars alumni network of 1,600+ companies, as well as others within the Techstars worldwide network.

Internal Trainings to Build Partnerships

Your Network Engagement Manager will share best practices for preparing for Proof of Concept engagements with startups. The Network Engagement Manager will also help broker trust on both sides of the relationship to ensure strong and lasting partnerships.

Successful Outcomes

Successful program outcomes may include new open innovation initiatives, business and product development relationships, and new M&A opportunities.

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"By partnering with Techstars, we’re able to take advantage of their proven ability to source and support the world’s most promising startup founders and help them achieve lift-off through initial investment, business development, and mentoring.

Through local engagement with QBE subject-matter expertise and leaders, we hope to provide a strong network of mentors and supporters to help Techstars entrepreneurs succeed — at every stage of their journey."

Ted Stuckey, Managing Director

"The reality is that companies like ours need external influences to successfully reimagine and remake ourselves. Otherwise, we remain stuck in old patterns of working, which results in iteration, not innovation.

Techstars puts us in a community with partners – big and small – who think and pursue emerging business opportunities differently. We value this and realize it is a must-have within our broader digitalization strategy."

Tom Rausch, Head of Digital Innovation

Start Innovating Today

Connect with the Techstars team to find out more about the Network Engagement Program and how it can transform your business.

A few of our amazing corporate partners