Techstars Boulder Accelerator Announces Winter Class of 2023

Jan 09, 2023

BOULDER, CO  (January 9, 2023)

Grit, Passion, EQ, Humility.

The unquantifiable characteristics we look for in founders - Grit, Passion, EQ, and Humility. The Boulder 2023 Winter cohort embodies these characteristics beyond measure. We looked at more companies for this cohort than ever before, eventually had over 200 interviews, and found a group of founders that we are incredibly proud to introduce to you today. 

We broadened our thesis this cohort to not only include Fintech, but Marketplaces and Supply Chain as well. As a result, we’ve got Marketplace and SaaS companies spanning several categories from infant nutrition related care to retail. Our founders span from New York to San Francisco, with some local Colorado representation as well. And ten of our twelve teams have diverse CEOs leading the way. 

For the next thirteen weeks our founders will focus on customer discovery, selling, and fundraising. They will be exposed to 110 of the highest caliber mentors, many investors, and will be guided in workshops by our Subject Matter Experts. 

We are energized to continue our mission at Techstars Boulder: Be of service to our founders, so they will succeed. On behalf of Kallie Beebe, Sylvia Bouloutas, Sayles Day, and myself, we would like to introduce you to the Techstars Boulder Winter 2023 cohort. 

3D Continuum (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

For asset-heavy companies who are struggling with asset utilization data, 3D Continuum provides predictive insights that optimize asset utilization and increase uptime.

Foliolens (Carlsbad, CA, USA)

For Real Estate Investors who are tired of managing properties, Foliolens makes it simple for everyday landlords to automate property management.

FundMiner (El Paso, TX, USA) 

For fundraising organizations, FundMiner offers a SaaS product that automates and streamlines gift administration processes, maximizes staff productivity, increases net fundraising revenue, and most importantly, enhances their social impact.

HandsDown (Burlington, VT, USA)

For consumers who don’t trust the current commerce experience due to paid reviews and posts, HandsDown is a shopping platform built for communities and friends to curate and share their favorite things, discover, shop and earn together.

Homebase (New York, NY, USA)

For people priced out of homeownership, Homebase makes it easy to invest in residential real estate and become a property owner.

Humine (Toronto, Ontario, CA) 

For clinical trials that experience non-adherence and poor enrollment, Humine provides a privacy and participant centric platform that leads with equitable collaboration through immediate crypto/cash incentives to participants allowing researchers to generate a remarkably high yield of reliable data in studies of any scale across several therapeutic areas.

Maxwell (Omaha, NE, USA) 

For small to midsize employers, Maxwell makes it easy to offer personalized benefits and rewards to their teams.

Mother of Fact (Langdon, NH, USA)

For physicians who take care of high risk moms and babies, we offer a made-to-use referral system connecting patients with registered dietitian care.

Parker (Boston, MA, USA)

For people striving for financial freedom through passive income, Parker is an easy way to invest in the high-yielding, recession-resistant mobile home park asset class.

Ride iQ (New York, NY, USA)

For equestrians, Ride iQ improves every ride by providing structure and guidance through listen-while-you-train audio lessons.

Share Farm (Spokane, WA, USA)

For institutional food buyers who lack access to minority producers at volume, Share Farm’s aggregate procurement platform pairs farm to institution.

Skilbi (Chicago, IL, USA)

For companies seeking top early talent from diverse and untapped pipelines, Skilbi connects you to vetted candidates and showcases their skill development journeys.

About the Author
Elle Bruno

Managing Director Elle Bruno spent 20 years building venture backed start-ups and has since invested in 39 pre-seed and seed companies. She is passionate about supporting founders as they navigate their way to success. She has an affinity for investing in Fintech and products that make meaningful impact in solving real world problems.