Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend: Meet the Winners From 54 Countries

May 07, 2020

Over the month of April, thousands of people from around the world joined an online Startup Weekend: Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend. In this unique moment of pandemic and lockdown, we saw inventors, innovators, developers, and anyone with a passion to tackle COVID-19 in their country come together to create solutions to their local and national problems, collaborate with mentors, investors, and sponsors, and learn about entrepreneurship.

Before we get to the winners for each country, a few fun facts: Indonesia had over 1400 participants from over 29 provinces across the island nation. In Singapore, a pair of 10 year old twins wowed the judges with their heartwarming idea and won the Impact Prize. One mentor in Romania was a former Health Minister. Another pair of twins made the finals in India. In Taiwan — where social distancing restrictions are much less stringent — one team pitched from a dog park. Brazil had over a thousand participants from all over the country, and nearly a hundred organizers making everything work behind the scenes. 

It was a remarkable event that showed the cumulative power of a truly global community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Coming next: from this long list of winners, we will select the top 20 companies to participate in an Innovation Bootcamp. After the Innovation Bootcamp, five teams will be selected to each receive a $10,000 grant; these grants will be offered in partnership with Differential Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm from New York City.

The Winners of Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend


Italy: Desklean/SaniTach

The solution to the problem is to adapt existing keyboards with a system that guarantees a reduction in the viral load of viruses and bacteria. We had direct personal contacts with two people who work in the elevator industry, they validated our problem and gave positive feedback on both applicability and scalability at least to the European market. The UVP is having a quick to deploy solution, adaptable to a broad range of lifts, that require minimum intervention and can be mass-produced in bulk. Moreover, the external design can be tailored to the customer needs (stainless steel, bakelite, plastic, or wood). 

France: B-Clean

Antibacterial gel supplied in biodegradable capsules.

Germany: Captain Bear

A digital kindergarten — one app that structures your kid's day and streams only the best content, combining it with offline activities providing also quiet time for your work.

Greece: A safe summer in GreeceI

A simple and easy way to keep your certificate on you and make sure you’re always safe. We are on a mission to save lives and bring income to the economy, rather than building a venture and profiting from that.

Ireland: Fever Finder

Long term lasting protection against bacteria and viruses.

Macedonia: Ways2Help

We noticed that a lot of volunteering activities were not catered towards young people demanding long-term commitment and were not digitally-friendly. We decided to change the volunteering experience and make it more appealing for the younger generation with #Ways2Help.

Moldova: Respiro

Offering free of charge online psychological support during pandemic in native language (Romanian and Russian) for Moldovans abroad.

Netherlands: Learning Buddy

Learning Buddy - Platform to connect students with professionals to make learning more interactive and personal.

Poland: Therapify

Book visits to a psychotherapist with one click! In Therapify we have developed the tool for remote collaboration between psychotherapist and a patient — now we want to introduce a visits booking module which will enable psychotherapist to automate their pipeline on each step of their work. It will be first solution of this kind.

Romania: Virtual Medical Congress | VirMed

Medical conferences offline will have may limitations now, we are building a platform to organize medical conferences offline.

Russia: Halitus

In order to decrease and stop COVID-19 cases all over the world, we developed an innovative AI product, that allows to check the respiratory tract infections instantly and accurately.

Spain: Last Virus

Reduce la carga viral en los hospitales e todos contextos inmobiliarios. Responde a una necesidad urgente presente y futura. (It reduces the viral load in hospitals and all real estate contexts. Responds to an urgent present and future need.)

United Kingdom: uMore

uMore is the AI-mood-tracker that helps you build positive habits, change behaviours and share progress with your friends and family.


Algeria: All about esuction

An e-learning one-to-one: so that will be easy to both parent and kid to follow the program with a customized teacher and the teacher in his part as well he will benefit this quarantine.

Azerbaijan: Crisis Heroes

Crisis Heroes helps vulnerable people get standard tasks done, such as shopping or walking a dog. It also helps small and medium-size companies that are struggling to sell their products and individuals who recently lost their job or some portion of income.

Iraq: kids campus

An interactive platform targeting the student group in primary schools, found to solve the problem of education and facilitate their access to this category in a simplified and easily way, through an interactive application that depends on converting the curriculum into an interactive environment and in different patterns.

Jordan: Smart Detect

An intelligent device that can be linked with the shops' cameras in general, for these functions, the most important of which is to raise awareness of the need to leave spaces between people, and we are working to enter the feature of measuring temperature. One of the most important points of the audience is educating people to conserve energy, for example, not leaving the refrigerator door open or returning products to their places.

Madagascar: ILO

A startup which produces bulk essential oils from Malagasy endemic flora, which have effects against COVID-19 symptoms. It aims to produce perfume pebbles for homes and people, with Ravintsara Essential Oil ( eucalyptus) and Kininina (quinine) Essential Oil: 100% natural. Antiviral products, bringing an enormous virtue for this pandemic. Their vision is to transform the essential oil by creating value from local resources, and thus it will be accessible and affordable to the main target, more specifically those of the middle classes who cannot obtain essential oils from high-end stores.

Oman: Wareed

Web app letting people who are in need of Primary Health Care get it in virtual space with #stayhome, reduction of inflection threats to medical staff and people, digitized the service of booking appointments to accurate under Omani regulations.

Tunisia: Co'suivi

Via Co'suivi (app and bracelet) we will provide daily monitoring and tracking of infected and suspected to be infected people with consideration of mental health, added to that the dashboard will allow our ministry have a clearer overview of the situation during this crisis.

Turkey: Isolation Cabinet

Create small, affordable cabinets (like a phone booth) to disinfect and/or test a person on COVID-19.

Uganda: Family Aid

Low financial productivity in low income earners; designing systems that help the low income earners in planning, saving and investment while remaining with enough to take of their present needs.

United Arab Emirates: Mahali (Pick N Drop)

Helping local business get back into business who don't have access to a digital platform to sell their goods.

Zambia: CZL - Zanga

Our solution addresses business activity disruption brought on by public gathering bans due to COVID-19.

Zimbabwe: Asany

Asany works by utilizing WhatsApp’s Official API to be inclusive to those who may not have reliable internet connections whilst experiencing lockdown and social distancing. Businesses such as brick and mortar stores spend costly amounts on impractical online shopping websites/apps or worse have no solution for remote/online sales to customers at all.


Bolivia: Talks

Talks is a platform that provides a collaborative space between teachers and educators to create virtual educational content.

Brazil: Keep Safe

The team created a platform that connects health professionals with available hotels in their cities. The solution helps health professionals isolate from their families, while also helping hotels reduce their revenue losses.

Canada: Rest Assured

Rest Assured is a website and mobile app where users can easily access updates about loved ones who have been admitted into the hospital.

Chile: Werkenbot

WerkenBot is an auction platform where consumers can find local Chilean businesses where they can purchase products and services at a fair price.

Colombia: AportApp

AportApp is a mobile app that connects grocers with individuals who want to donate food and supplies to families in need securely and quickly.

Costa Rica: Reach

Reach bridges the communication gap between victims of domestic abuse and the support available through enabling new contact points and support channels.

Ecuador: Golden Garbage

Golden Garbage creates the first virtual waste market in the country that promotes the circular economy and generates benefits for those who recycle.

Honduras: Medico en Casa

Medico En Casa is a platform that unites doctors and patients, a kind of Uber for health that allows the doctor to digitize their service and the patient to find a doctor in a more timely and personalized way.

Mexico: Help-19

Help-19 is a web platform in which donors can adopt a family of scarce resources to provide them with a pantry with basic necessities for a period determined by themselves.

Nicaragua: Casa de los Profesores

Casa de los Profesores provides remote tutoring, private 1 to 1 classes with the expert instructor of your choice.

Panama: iMuni App

iMuni App is an immunization data planning, management and administration platform.

Peru: CoBot

Cobot is a chatbot with collaborative memory to bridge the gap between theory and practice among health professionals.

Puerto Rico: Coqui Learn

Coqui Learn is an educational platform that remotely validates levels of knowledge (such as high school) with official diplomas. The first focus will be special education.

United States: Varna Health

Varna Health is redefining health care worker protection by preventing the spread of coronavirus among health care workers and patients with an AI sensor platform that detects early elevated body temperatures.

Uruguay: Tour Me

Tour Me is a platform that seeks to reactivate the economy in a sustained way via virtual tours.


Afghanistan: NOBAT

Web-based and mobile app platform for easy doctor appointments/reservations and to see the profile of doctors to book appointment with them.

Australia: Data Detectors

A public tool reducing the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 and other important issues using data analytics.

Cambodia: Papa Deliver

Delivery app for B2B

China: Spicy Girl

Female fitness and health community that help females to gain confidence.

India: Quick Solutions

Mass COVID-19 testing through region wide sewage surveillance, helping increase tests per million.

Indonesia: Medikatalog

Medikatalog is a trading and automate inventory platform for hospital PPE that can help stabilize PPE stock: from production all the way to actual usage of medical personnel.

Japan: Edible Construction

Providing a sweets house kit for parents and children to enjoy their time at home, and operating a platform to post photos of the sweets house they created.

Kazakhstan: TourBox

The system is similar to Uber taxi, where the tourist constructs a trip for himself, indicating the date of arrival at the place and he is automatically invited to choose a transport from the airport, place of residence (hostel, hotel, room), destination, guide. In each of these points there will be a mini exchange with an offer from different performers and classes of service.

Macao: Online Travel

In COVID-19 epidemic, we all wanted to travel, but couldn't. Now, the VR live travel will become our new experience.

Malaysia: SafeQ

Digital waiting room app to make it safer for people who still need to go the doctor that prioritize the health & safety of your business.

Philippines: Saliksik.ph

A platform democratizing research in any field by efficiently providing seed or supplementary funds.

Singapore: The Mind Hyve

The Mind Hyve seeks to redefine the culture of work by rethinking access to mental care. Through a highly customized platform developed with our network of mental health experts, we offer affordable & easy access to personalized virtual therapy.

Sri Lanka: DPD

Plasma therapy holds a significant recovery rate globally so we created a digital platform to encourage and build a database of plasma donors who are willing to donate.

Taiwan: NEO

NEO is an at-home COVID-19 self-monitoring solution built for families that also aids in research.

Thailand: RodGubKao

Convert normal car to be mobile fresh food car to your home.