Founder Catalyst


Founder Catalyst programs offer organizations
opportunities to engage and support early-stage
founders as they begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

Maximize local impact

Our ten-week Founder Catalyst programs help cultivate a local community of innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs and increase their chances of success.

Leverage ecosystem expertise

Since 2006, Techstars has worked with startups of varying shapes and sizes, across a wide range of verticals, sectors, and ecosystems.

Enable entrepreneur success

During the ten-week program, founders will have access to mentorship, education, and resources they need to take their company to the next level.

Build an innovative reputation

Peers, competitors, employees, and potential hires will all see that your commitment to innovation and community development isn’t just talk—it’s real.

Benefit from a proven process

Founder Catalyst programs have resulted in hundreds of business and investor connections and fostered countless relationships between participants and mentors.

Gain access to the Techstars network

Program participants will have access to Techstars’ vast network of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners.

Develop your local startup community

Founder Catalyst participants go on to build great companies that provide a foundation for future growth in their community, city, and broader region.

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Why Founder Catalyst?

Founder Catalyst partners and companies will benefit from curated Techstars best practices and early-stage methodologies, access to our one-of-a-kind global network of mentors, investors, and corporates, and data capture to ensure accurate reporting and clear insight into program performance.

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“We see such strong value in working with Techstars, and we are excited to continue our partnership focusing on supporting women founders who are solving the big problems that we think are going to be so beneficial to women and our communities.”

Samantha Saperstein

Managing Director and Head of Women on the Move

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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