Techstars++ offers companies from across the Techstars network the opportunity to extend their Techstars experience by spending time on site with relevant corporate partners. Sitting side-by-side and engaging deeply with larger corporations in a startup’s focus area opens doors to new business development opportunities and allows them to take advantage of other synergies that accelerate a business.

After completing a Techstars program, companies who participate in Techstars++ spend two weeks on site with the right corporate partner to receive hands-on mentorship and business development opportunities from the partner’s network of executives, employees, partners, the local community, and others.

How do corporations benefit? They’re exposed to some of the most innovative early-stage companies and technologies in their area. It also encourages entrepreneurial growth by building connective tissue that ties together the local startup community with the global Techstars network.

Each Techstars++ program has a full-time Techstars Program Director who resides on-site and works closely with the startups and the corporation to ensure both entities get the most out of their partnership. There is no charge to Techstars companies to participate in Techstars++.

We look at Techstars++ as one more way for us to extend our network by giving our portfolio companies an opportunity to do more faster. We currently run Techstars++ with the Mayo Clinic. If you’re a healthcare company who has gone through our program and is interested in Techstars++ Mayo Clinic, please fill out this short form and we’ll follow up with you soon: