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12th November 2014

Techstars Boston Demo Day 2014

I’m thrilled to present the 12 companies that are speaking today at my first Techstars Boston Demo Day as the Managing Director. It’s been an honor and a privilege working with these founders over the past few months, and I’m excited for them to show off all their progress.

One of the many awesome characteristics about this year’s Techstars Boston class will be that it is one of the most international classes out of Boston to date. With companies from Australia, Russia, France, Croatia, Hong Kong as well as Boston and San Francisco, this class brings a geographically diverse mix to the Boston startup scene. Techstars Boston is increasingly attracting international companies who are accelerating their success in this wonderful city.

Your Techstars Boston 2014 Demo Day Class:

Codeanywhere is a platform that enables developers to collaborate and run code together, no matter what editor they use. @codeanywhere
CoolChip has developed kinetic cooling technology that breaks through the thermal brick wall, allowing modern electronics to be cooled more effectively. @CoolChipTech
EdTrips consolidates the booking and payment of group trips online for educational venues, enhancing the lives of millions of students. @Ed_Trips
Fairwaves is a mobile network system that enables rural mobile operators to acquire another billion subscribers in developing countries. @fairwaves
Fortified Bicycle is building an urban bike brand that empowers city cyclists with invincible bike gear. @FORTIFIEDbike
Magnet is smart jewelry that brings digital touch to loved ones.
Helloblock is building a developer platform to simplify bitcoin transactions for merchants.
indico is building intelligent tools for data scientists, enabling a new generation of machine learning. @IndicoData
ROCKI develops products that allow you to stream the music you love to the speakers you already have. @MyRocki
Spitfire Athlete is building a movement of greatness and badassery for women, starting with a strength training app. @SpitfireAthlete 
mavrcklogo-no-background-black Mavrck (formerly Splashscore) powers premier brands with the most effective platform for converting sales on social media. @splashscore
Streamroot helps online broadcasters improve video streaming and cut bandwidth costs with peer-to-peer delivery technology. @StreamRoot

10th November 2014

Announcing the 10 Companies for the London Winter 2014 Class

Today Techstars London welcomes another exceptional group of entrepreneurs into our Winter 2014 Class.  From across a broad spectrum, companies come from a multiple of sectors including B2C and B2B, but also include for the first time hardware companies (IndyBo & Kynttan) and crypto-currency startups (Swarm).

As a demonstration of the growing maturity of the UK ecosystem, a greater number of teams come from the UK including London, but also Edinburgh, Cambridge and Norwich!!  However, as with other programmes we have also attracted overseas teams from United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

As with the previous Techstars London programmes, half of the companies include entrepreneurs who have participated in successful startups – but we also welcome two companies founded by younger single founders.  A full list of the companies participating in Techstars London Winter 2014 are listed below.

  • BidVine is a fast, free way to get competing quotes for local services from interested and available professionals.
  • Big Data for Humans brings analytics to everyday marketers so they can substantially increase ecommerce revenues and profit.
  • GeoSpock is a real-time geo-location database that allows for location based services to scale bigger, be faster & run cheaper.
  • Indybo is a revolutionary robotics toy that teaches kids the basics of programming and electronics in a fun and intuitive way.
  • Kimono is a new enterprise communication platform, enabling organised, productive messaging across teams, groups and between organisations.
  • Knyttan sits at the intersection of hardware, software and knitwear creating a platform for unique, custom clothing on an industrial scale.
  • Lystable is a beautifully simple tool that helps agencies manage their suppliers.
  • Rainbird allows you to structure package your expert knowledge creating a virtual ‘you’ others can consult with to solve problems.
  • Swarm is a Bitcoin-powered crowdfunding network with unique incentive structures for distributing risk and sharing rewards.
  • UB provides customers a single basket for the whole internet, save items from any site and checkout everything at once.

6th November 2014

Techstars Seattle Demo Day 2014

90 days have passed and the culmination of the Techstars Seattle program is here. Demo Day. 10 companies will be pitching their businesses in front of hundreds of investors. As Always, I’m excited. If you don’t have a ticket for the event you can follow Demo Day via Twitter: #TsDemoDay , #TsSeattle, and @Techstars.

There are still tickets left for the Launch Party that follows Demo Day. You can reserve your ticket here:  – The discount code: DDAY_25 will give you 25% off your ticket.

Here are the 10 Companies and their one-liners:

Garmentory A curated fashion marketplace to shop emerging designers while supporting independent boutiques. | @Garmentory (

LiveStories Data tools for non-data people. | @LiveStoriesCom (

Magicflix A safe, curated video service for kids that delivers worry free parenting and delighted kids. | @Magicflix (

TrueFacet The marketplace for authentic pre-owned designer jewelry. | @TrueFacet (

Colatris Taking mobile apps international. | @Colatris (

MightySignal The engineer’s approach to B2B lead generation. | @MightySignal (

Crowsnest Crash analytics for the Internet of Things. | @Crowsnestio (

Stand In We’re creating a design platform for every screen. | @StandinApp (

Touchbase Bridging the gap between content marketers and sales executives. | @TouchBaseInc (

Streamline We know where retail should expand to next. | @StreamlineSite (

4th November 2014

No Rest for FinTech – Applications Now Open for Cohort #2!

There is never a dull moment in FinTech these days, and applications opened this week for our second cohort of Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars. We are extremely proud of our alumni and are eager to get going again.

Our first cohort saw startups come from Canada, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and South Africa, along with a diverse range of British and international founders making up companies in the UK. They tackled issues all across financial services, ranging from credit scoring to crowdfunding mortgages to opportunities addressing the unbanked.

With application doors flying open again, we are looking at all aspects of financial technologies – payments, security & authentication, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management, and beyond.

We will be organising and attending a number of events over the next month, so please do come join us if you will be near one of the following:

November 11: Recruiting Tour in NYC

November 12-13: 1-on-1 Office Hours in NYC

November 20: FinTech Forum DACH in Frankfurt

November 21: CEE FinTechMatch in Budapest

December 1: Recruiting Tour in London

As we have not managed to clone ourselves yet, we will also schedule office hours on Google Hangout to reach the rest of the world. We’ll announce those on our FinTech blog. You can additionally see weekly videos produced throughout the program, offering a behind-the-scenes look at what founders were going through.

If you want to work with a world leading bank and be among the unparalleled network that is Techstars, we would love to hear from you.

Apply by January 9th, 2015. You can start working on your application now, and make sure you submit before the deadline. Applications now open here.

3rd November 2014

Web Summit Featuring Four Techstars Managing Directors

This week, four of our Managing Directors will be speaking at the Web Summit conference: Semyon Dukach, Managing Director of Techstars Boston; Jon Bradford, Managing Director of Techstars London; Cody Simms, Managing Director of the Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars; and Greg Rogers, Managing Director of the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars.

Web Summit is a world renowned tech conference where the tech world meets. It is all about celebrating and exploring how technology is changing all kinds of industries. Currently, 500 speakers and counting from Fortune 500 companies to revolutionary startups are signed up to participate in the event. Web Summit will take place on November 4-6th, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. If you’re going to Web Summit, please stop by and say hi!

28th October 2014

Where Are They Now?

Since Techstars began in 2007, 500 startups have gone through our accelerator programs. These companies are changing the face of entrepreneurship and many have made a significant impact on the world. 80% of these companies are still active, and we have seen 53 acquisitions to date.

Our new video series, “Where Are They Now?”, highlights the post-program adventures of some of these companies. Want more video? Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Rapt Media



24th October 2014

Come Join Us for the NewCo Session in Boulder!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the Techstars’ Boulder office? On Tuesday November 18th, we’ll be opening our office to the community as part of NewCo, a new kind of event experience: a mash up of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival.


In a single day, NewCo Boulder will take participants to Boulder’s most innovative companies for a true behind-the-scenes look at our world and what it means to work here. Although this is the first year that NewCo will be in Boulder, they have had extreme success in the past with events in London, New York, San Francisco, and Detroit. 


Companies involved are those that have helped build Boulder’s diverse business community. Whether you’re interested in technology, nonprofits, or beer, you now have a chance to learn about it all!


While at Techstars, participants will experience an intimate tour of our contemporary work setting, hear from one of our own Managing Partners, David Cohen, and learn what makes Techstars, well…Techstars!

We are thrilled for you to hear our story and observe where we explore and create every day!

Register to participate in this free exposition of Boulder’s innovation!

23rd October 2014

Techstars Twitterpitch Competition 2014

Tweet us your elevator pitch to get an interview! 

Techstars in Austin, TX opened applications and is holding a competition on Twitter this year.

Going over thousands of applications takes time, a long time.

Applicants who also give their 140-character pitch will get reviewed quicker.

The most qualified (read our FAQs) will be invited to an in-person interview for the Spring 2015 program. (see program details)

Summary of the rules:

1. Make sure you start with #tspitch

2. Then follow this format
For (who) we (what) to/by (why or how). In (time) we’ve (traction) by (how you sell) – link (product demo video).

3. To be considered, please also complete the full application at

The company selected will be announced through Twitter by New Year’s!

Full list of mentors:
Full list of companies:

22nd October 2014

Kaplan EdTech Accelerator Demo Day: 11 Companies at the Top of their Class

Today our 11 edtech startups will storm the stage here in New York City to celebrate their successes, present their educational solutions to investors and thought-leaders, and maybe even share some announcements they’ve been keeping up their sleeves for the big day.

The startups of the 2014 Class of the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, powered by Techstars, are tackling a broad set of challenges on the K12, higher education, career readiness, and consumer and lifelong learning fronts. They range from learning how to code or speak a new language, gaining STEM skills or data literacy, and getting into college to providing students with real-world, in-demand career skills, assessing children’s cognitive ability or funding their classrooms, increasing educational travel, and validating edtech’s impact on learning.

We are extremely grateful to our Kaplan and Techstars mentors for bringing their expertise, networks, advice, and support to our teams as they raced against the countdown clock to the finish line.

As we all know, Demo Day is just the beginning of what’s sure to be an amazing run for all of the companies involved. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Please join us in celebrating the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator Class of 2014:

BrM_logo Branching Minds: A web application that brings together learning scientists and learning specialists to help teachers and parents identify students’ learning challenges, match them with research-backed learning supports, and then track and report on students’ progress
logo ClassWallet: A single platform where administration, parents and vendors connect with teachers for peer-to-peer funding and purchasing for anything from supplies to technology to field trips
logo-1 Cognotion: Delivers immersive mobile training solutions for the entry-level millennial workforce on a user-configurable, industry specific, and cloud-based platform
logo-b0cc0e4008c1f7f1944effdcfdcfda3e CreatorBox: Delivers fun projects families build together that inspire kids to learn about STEM
search A Global Distribution System that aggregates school data and distributes to global educational travel agencies
learn-logo-cmyk_png-400x102 Lea(R)n: Improves how schools and districts try, buy and use education technology. Designed by and for educators, the online platform collects and quantifies up to five levels of data – including teacher insights and public data on every school – to save time, save money and avoid costly mistakes
logo-04b3e787e8ba505ac69d7dcb56f33ad9 reKode: Developed a proprietary curriculum and specially designed tech centers to spark interest with kids in the wonders of coding and technology
robotslab-logo RobotsLAB: Created award-winning and standards-aligned programs that utilize robots as teaching-aids. The programs help teachers engage students in hard-to-teach math and science subjects by making them tangible, helping students secure their career and college readiness
smarton-1 SmartOn: Online bootcamp for digital skills teaching specific technology tools in areas such as e-commerce and digital & social media marketing through project-based courses leading to certificates
Story To College: Puts students in charge of the admissions process by teaching their proprietary Moments Method® curriculum, leveraging a scalable online writing platform, and connecting students with a network of trained admissions experts.
imgres-3 TuvaLabs: Empowers students of all ages to learn critical data literacy skills around their favorite topics or desired careers