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To illustrate the types of companies we fund and their outcomes, see our Startup Stories and founder testimonials below.

Techstars helped us take a great idea and a great team and turn it into a great business. SendGrid would be a fraction of what it is today without Techstars.”

- Isaac Saldana, Co-Founder of SendGrid (Techstars 2009, $27M+ in venture capital raised to date)

Techstars helped us focus our passion in a meaningful way. They introduced us to all the right players. Many of my mentors have become lifelong friends. To call Techstars a life-changing experience is a gross understatement of the benefit.”

- Matt Galligan, Co-Founder of Socialthing (Techstars 2007, acquired by AOL), and Co-Founder of SimpleGeo

It’s like network building on steroids. It would take 5 years to meet the people I did during the summer, if it could ever be done. If you are worried about the equity you’re giving up, don’t. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

- Andy Smith, Co-Founder of DailyBurn (Techstars 2008, acquired by IAC)

Techstars accelerated Onswipe greatly even though we had already raised a $1M seed round as we entered the program.  We were able to be ingrained into a growing community, be dead focused on product, and execute on the right concepts.  Techstars was beyond valuable in letting Onswipe get to the next step. Being later stage actually makes the Techstars program even more valuable.”

- Jason Baptiste, Co-Founder of OnSwipe (Techstars 2011, $6M in venture capital raised to date)

We are getting a nice post Demo Day bump and we are being contacted from potential employees and clients from all over the world.  Pretty amazing.  My co-founder Felix almost fell out of his chair this morning. A 5-year engineer from a top Internet company emailed us asking if we were hiring.  Uh…yes please.”

-David Bloom, Co-Founder of (Techstars 2011, funded by Google Ventures)

When we first found out about Techstars, we considered that maybe we were too advanced and ahead of the curve to spend a summer there. With the benefit of hindsight, that would’ve been the biggest mistake in our company’s lifetime. Going to Techstars was the singular most positively impactful decision we made.”

-Adam Sachs, Founder and CEO of Ignighter (Techstars 2008, $4.22M in venture capital raised to date)