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[+][-]Vetted$05Active★ Y ★ Y ★ Y 

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[+][-]27 Perry$118,0000Failed 1/2013Boulder, CO
 27 Perry

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27 Perry brings consignment stores online through a curated marketplace.

[+][-]AccelGolf$409,0000Failed 5/2013Cambridge, MA

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AccelGolf helps users with their stroke tracking, range-finding, and personalized improvement of their golf games. The company showed off their BlackBerry and iPhone applications and explained that the heart of their system is really the community of avid golfers who are now connecting and building their own social network. AccelGolf offers personalized improvement tips by analyzing strokes of golfers who are just slightly better than you, and presenting areas for improvement based on your past performance.

AccelGolf suggests which club to use, and where to place the shot, based on your past performance on a specific course. In one example the company showed the iPhone application calculating odds based on past performance for landing a risky shot over a sand trap on a dog leg left. AccelGolf already has 70% of all golf courses loaded in their system. They use the GPS on your phone to determine your position and calculate distance to the pin.


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Accountable is a cloud-based platform that helps companies maintain HIPAA compliance within their organization.

Through online training and tracking, Business Associate Agreement management, Policies and Procedures, as well as privacy breach reporting, Accountable makes HIPAA compliance easy.

[+][-]AdsNative$2,000,00010ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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AdsNative is the native ads platform that allows publishers to better monetize their websites and applications through contextualized and visually integrated native ads.

They are bringing sponsored stories, popularized by Facebook and Twitter, to the rest of the web and mobile.

Native ads are non-intrusive, content-driven, and perform 8x better than display ads. Publishers make 4x more revenue without compromising on user experience and keep their existing revenues from display ads.

[+][-]ADstruc$3,100,0009ActiveNew York City, NY

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ADstruc is the leading buying platform for the outdoor advertising industry, including both traditional and digital Out-of-Home media. With an emphasis on data-driven planning, we help agencies, national brands, and local businesses discover and efficiently purchase Out-of-Home media campaigns that deliver tangible and measurable results. Our cloud-based solution also allows outdoor advertising vendors to easily manage their inventory online and interact with new and existing clients in real-time.

[+][-]AdYapper$1,200,0005ActiveChicago, IL

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AdYapper tracks display and mobile ads, generating detailed verification data, consumer sentiment, and viewability monitoring on 95% of all ad impressions. We generate real-time analytics across the entire ad buying ecosystem and centralize the data into one platform to identify wasted ad spend and provide direction on how best to reallocate the recovered ad spend to make in-flight campaign decisions. In short, AdYapper makes advertising performance data actionable so advertisers can optimize, and increase the efficacy of, their ad buys.

[+][-]Ambassador$011ActiveRoyal Oak, MI
Grand Rapids, MI

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Ambassador provides referral, partner & affiliate tracking and management.

Ambassador is the best way to reward your customers for promoting your products online. Ambassador provides an end-to-end solution: you can create, track and manage all your custom referral programs from a single dashboard.

Build on the Ambassador API to seamlessly integrate into your own application, you can also integrate Ambassador into many popular 3rd party CRM, Email and Billing applications.

[+][-]AmpIdea$00Failed /2010

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AmpIdea provides a web-enabled baby monitoring as a platform for delivery of various services such as video monitoring, sleep tracking and analysis, statistical comparison, music streaming, and even an integrated baby encyclopedia (Baby 411) which suggests techniques to soothe sleeping babies based on age.

While they’re at it, they’re using wifi as the delivery mechanism for audio and video monitoring, which eliminates the static and range issues that plagues traditional baby monitors.

For new parents money is no issue when it comes to safety and a good night’s sleep. The sleep scheduling monitor keeps a record of when the baby is sleeping and waking up over time. This helps the parents schedule when to put the baby down for naps and night time sleep. AmpIdea sells the monitor hardware and charges for additional services.

[+][-]Application Experts$015ActiveBroomfield, CO
 Application Experts

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Application Experts (App-X) is the leading provider of flexible, web-based software solutions for Alternative Asset Fund Managers, Institutional Investors, and Impact Investors.

[+][-]Appsembler$118,0003ActiveCambridge, MA

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Appsembler lets you launch your own SaaS business in 5 minutes. With Appsembler, developers and software companies can quickly and cost effectively offer their software as a hosted service.

Appsembler provides all the backend infrastructure like hosting, billing and operational support so you can avoid these things and instead focus on building a great product.

[+][-]Apptentive$1,200,00010ActiveSeattle, WA

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Apptentive creates in-app feedback tools, enabling developers to easily engage customers for positive ratings, feedback and customer research.

The team, informed by their experiences at Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Apple, built their MVP in early 2011 and received enthusiastic feedback in its first few months from developers who were introduced to it at WWDC. Since that time, the team has grown, adding design and Android expertise and fleshing out capabilities that have measurably improved the ratings and reviews for apps using the service while creating one-to-one customer relationships.

Basic integration takes less than 15 minutes and client-side SDKs are currently available for iOS, Android and Mac OS X. Apptentive’s customers range from independent one-person development teams to large, multinational Internet brands with huge app install footprints.

[+][-]Atlas Wearables$03ActiveAustin, TX
 Atlas Wearables

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Atlas is the first fitness tracker in the world that automatically tracks everything. With the on-wrist display you can track every movement across your entire workout and get live feedback to improve form and make adjustments to get stronger, faster. Continuously measure heart rate, power, rest and more.

[+][-]Augur$05ActiveAtlanta, GA

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The Augur platform makes websites personal by intelligently tailoring the experience of each user.

[+][-]Baydin$375,0004ActiveMountain View, CA

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Baydin makes email management tools that help customers spend less time wrestling with email and more time doing meaningful work.

Products by Baydin

Boomerang for Gmail provides the same ability to receive a message when it is actually needed, as well as adding the ability to send an email at a scheduled time. Boomerang is also available for Outlook.

The Email Game is the fastest, most fun way to manage your email. http://emailga.me

Boomerang Calendar is a smart calendar assistant, built into Gmail and bridges the gap between Google Calendar and Gmail.

[+][-]Bench$3,000,00030ActiveNew York, NY
Vancouver, BC,

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Bench is a modern, online bookkeeping service for independent businesses.

With Bench, you work with a professional online bookkeeper, someone who learns your business and does your books for you. In addition, you get apps that simplify sending your documents and allow you to view interactive reports online.

Bench removes the need to search out a qualified bookkeeper or buy additional software, they provide both in a unified experience.

[+][-]BetterFit Technologies$428,0005ActiveCambridge, MA
 BetterFit Technologies

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BetterFit Technologies is committed to facilitating data-driven healthcare decisions for patients and providers. We’re different because we consider the unique complexities of the individual, not just what’s known about their drugs.

Our tools predict the side effects and overall efficacy of drugs on an individual level by comparing your profile of past drug reactions and medical conditions to other users in our database. By learning what methods people like you have had the most success on we can predict which methods are more likely to work for you.

[+][-]Birdbox$05ActiveBoulder, CO

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Group Photo Albums: From holidays and parties to vacations and topics of interest, Birdbox is the easiest way to share and collect photos with groups of people. Choose which photos to share and invite friends to contribute theirs, all in one place.


• Upload photos right from your phone. • Collect photos with groups of friends. • Share comments and add likes to photos. • Download photos your friends share. • Keep photos private between you and your friends.

[+][-]BISON$1,235,0008ActiveBoston, MA

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Bison lets investors make sense of countless, disparate, and unstructured Private Equity / Venture Capital data sources. It’s your daily market digest. We enable you to monitor portfolio, fundraising, and performance activity in the firms you care about.

[+][-]Bizible$2,530,00014ActiveSeattle, WA

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Bizible is the unified repository to link data from the disparate sales and marketing data stores, linking CRM, marketing, web site, ad network, and customer support information for a unified view of marketing ROI and customer LTV.

In the first release, Bizible has partnered with Salesforce.com to create an integrated marketing analytics platform that allows you to close the loop between online marketing and revenue.

[+][-]Bluebox Now!$00Failed /2011Seattle, WA
# Y 
 Bluebox Now!

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Bluebox Now! is a casual gaming network sponsored by brands. We increase brand engagement, customer retention and redemption of brand rewards, which means higher ROI for the brands. Our behavioral targeting technology matches right games and right rewards for the appropriate demographics.

[+][-]Bondsy$754,4664ActiveBrooklyn, NY

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Bondsy is a new way for friends to trade things you can’t put a price on.

Bondsy, founded by a long-haired, bearded, and Brazilian Diego Zambrano, lets users trade anything they own for anything their network has to offer.

Yet, unlike Zaarly, TaskRabbit, or other peer-to-peer marketplaces, Bondsy tries to take the focus away from money, and place the real value of the service on the experiences shared.

When you first sign up, you’re asked to give permissions to Twitter and Facebook and you instantly dive into a stream of your friends’ trade-worthy items. These can be things like tickets, an old bicycle, access to your home while you’re away for the week, herbs from your garden, or really anything you’re looking to get rid of.

[+][-]BookingMarkets (Dashbell)$3,474,5006ActiveCambridge, MA
 BookingMarkets (Dashbell)

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Building Travel Products for the Next Generation.

Their product, Dashbell, provides small hotels in emerging markets with a SaaS platform that allows them to both manage their reservations and availability as well as distribute through their global partners.

[+][-]Brandfolder$320,0005ActiveDenver, CO

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Brandfolder is pioneering a new standard in brand information management. The web-based SaaS application easily organizes, displays, and allows marketers the ability to share their most valuable brand assets with anyone who might need them.

Instead of wasting valuable time and energy moving through multiple folders to get the files they need to send to partners, distributors and retailers, marketers and creative professionals can now focus their attention on growing brand awareness, recall, and value. Where a brand guide might offer the rules and guidelines for the brand, and another storage solution offers the assets for use, Brandfolder allows them to live together so that anyone using the company brand knows how to properly, and consistently, use them. Brandfolder streamlines this process by offering a gold-standard for organizing and sharing brand assets.

[+][-]Brightkite$2,079,9205Acquired by Limbo, 4/2009Burlingame, CA

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Use Brightkite to meet people around you, keep up with your friends, explore and discover new places. Brightkite is the real time social discovery network. 1 Million people use Brightkite’s free services every week, which are available to anyone, anywhere, worldwide. All you need is a mobile phone or Web browser to bring your friends together in the real world, wherever you may be.

The award-winning company is headquartered in Burlingame, California. To learn more about using your phone as a social discovery tool, visit us at www.brightkite.com.

[+][-]BuyPlayWin$00Failed /2008# Y 

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BuyPlayWin combines online shopping with tournament games. Buy products, play games, win a refund for the product. Every shopper gets a chance to win full refunds for everything they purchase by playing fun games against other shoppers. For example, buy a $120 college text book. Compete with six other people who are also buying the book. Win the game and you get the book for free. They use the profit margin in the product to pay for the winners purchase. If a product has a 33% profit margin they need three players to break even. With 10 purchasers they make a very nice profit.

[+][-]Captimo$1,200,0006ActiveBoulder, CO

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Captimo fuels social video campaigns for brands and fans on mobile and Facebook.

Captimo’s mobile-video app helps users share their experiences socially with their favorite brands. With Captimo, brands can increase activity on their Facebook pages, and their fans can engage in a new, creative way. Users can shoot video via their mobile phones, tag their friends and location and even add in-video comments before automatically uploading the video to Facebook. Captimo’s innovative gaming mechanics make shooting, sharing and socializing video fun and rewarding.

Captimo’s mobile/social video apps are available for iPhone, Android and Facebook.

[+][-]CaptureProof$05ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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CaptureProof strives to set the standard for medical media: create and implement innovative technologies that allow patients and clinician to capture, share, search and analyze pertinent media. Our goal is to positively impact medicine: allowing clinician and patients to objectively compare data, make more informed decisions and take better care.

CaptureProof is a secure platform to share medically relevant photos and video with a care team. We are currently in cloud, your patience and feedback are appreciated.

[+][-]Careport Health$930,0005ActiveBoston, MA
 Careport Health

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Careport Health is a company dedicated to networking patients with helpful post-hospital treatment. The company helps direct patients and family to learn about what type of care they may need, and what to expect during recovery, after filling in basic patient information. Patients can then search for post-hospital care providers and book care through Careport Health’s software. Hospitals can link into Careport Health’s network to help evaluate and manage patients, and connect them with the post-hospital care they will need. Finally, post-hospital care providers can connect with Careport Health to make themselves available to the company’s network and bring in additional business. They can also track patient progress.

[+][-]CartCrunch$1,313,0008ActiveCambridge, MA

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Create your smart shopping list and start saving money on your groceries today! CartCrunch helps shoppers save time and money. It’s simple! create your shopping list manually or scan your grocery receipts and CartCrunch will auto populate the shopping list for you according to the items on your receipt. Easily manage your shopping list and once you are ready to go on to your shopping trip, CartCrunch will find the best local supermarket for you to shop in. We give you the best shopping offers, personalized local coupons and circulars based on your shopping list and previous groceries receipts.

[+][-]ChatID$8,078,18010ActiveNew York, NY

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ChatID is a universal platform that powers chat communication between brands and consumers anywhere around the web, and from any mobile device. For partners, ChatID enables communication to any business, on any chat system, through a single API.

The ChatID Network lets brands engage shoppers in chat where it matters most – the points where decisions are made and influenced.

  • $18,000 - TechStars on Jul 1 2011
  • $2,000,000 - SEC on Jan 1 2012
  • $1,250,000 - SEC on May 31 2013
  • $4,828,180 - SEC on Apr 8 2014
[+][-]CheckiO$748,00010ActiveLas Vegas, NV

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CheckiO is the game for coders.

For experienced developers CheckiO is a fun competition and a way to share their knowledge.

For novice coders it is a self tutoring community where code review and feedback are game elements.

For IT companies it’s a tool to find and prescreen coders or crowd source software on a challenge basis.

[+][-]ClassPass$2,000,00010ActiveNew York, NY
New York, NY

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ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible. Since launching in early 2013, ClassPass has facilitated over 100,000 reservations at 1,000+ different classes in the New York and Boston markets.

ClassPass members enjoy greater variety and engagement in their fitness regime, all at a lower price than if they were to book classes individually on their own. Participating studios benefit by attracting new students and profitably filling excess capacity in classes.

[+][-]Cloudability$9,800,00019ActivePortland, OR

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Cloudability is the first and only financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing every cloud expense across any organization. It brings transparency to how and where organizations spend money on cloud resources, giving them the power to reap the most value from cloud usage possible. It aggregates expenditures into accessible and comprehensive reports, helps identify new opportunities for reducing spend and increasing cloud efficiency, offers budget alerts and recommendations via SMS and email, provides APIs for connecting cloud billing and usage data to any business or financial system, and more.

[+][-]CloudOpt$1,215,00011ActiveSeattle, WA

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CloudOpt is a Cloud WAN Optimization and Cloud Network Acceleration company. CloudOptimizer securely accelerates applications and data movement into and around the cloud. CloudOpt is passionate about bringing the power of cloud computing to everyone by breaking the barriers facing cloud application access and data movement. With fewer obstacles, businesses everywhere can realize the cloud’s promise of low cost, elastic storage and compute.

  • $840,000 - on Jan 4 2010
  • $375,000 - on Aug 1 2012
[+][-]Cloudsnap$300,0004ActiveReno, NV

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Cloudsnap’s cloud-based infrastructure allows developers to build and extend their software applications with functionality from 3rd party services.

Sending leads to Salesforce.com or retrieving invoices from Freshbooks has never been so easy.

Our platform allows these companies to spend less time adding integrations or writing “glue code” and more time focusing on their own features and value they offer to their customers.

[+][-]CoachUp$9,400,00018ActiveBoston, MA

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CoachUp is a website that connects athletes with private coaches. We believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports + life. CoachUp is the nation’s leading private coaching company, with thousands of vetted private coaches across the country, in everything from basketball, soccer and football, to fitness, yoga and dance.

Benefits of CoachUp’s service include:

  • Search by city and sport to easily find coaches near you
  • Knowledgeable Athlete Advisors help you find your perfect coach
  • High-quality, vetted coaches
  • CoachUp coaches provide personalized feedback after every session
  • 100% money-back guarantee!

Private coaching is proven to be the best way to improve in sports. To find a great private coach in your area, to learn more about the benefits of private coaching, or to apply to become a coach, please visit CoachUp.com today.


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Codementor connects you with experienced mentors for instant help via screen sharing, video, and text chat. Get instant help from experts for topics including Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, iOS, and more. Codementor helps you overcome key challenges with timely advice and speeds up your development process.

Cambridge, MA

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Continuous integration and deployment as Software-as-a-Service. Don’t waste your time setting up your own Jenkins server.

[+][-]Condition One$2,350,0005ActivePalo Alto, CA
 Condition One

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Condition One is a technology company developing powerful immersive experiences for virtual reality.

[+][-]Conductrics$210,0003ActiveBrooklyn, NY

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Conductrics is intelligent Decisions as a Service. Combining ideas from web analytics, machine learning, and economics, Conductrics provides a simple API for improving the effectiveness of your site or digital app.

[+][-]Conspire$118,0002ActivePalo Alto, CA

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Understand your network. Get detailed analytics on each of your contacts. See exactly how you communicate with each other.

Unlock your extended network. Conspire knows who has strong ties to whom. Find the best path in your extended network to reach any person or company.

[+][-]Contently$12,325,01421ActiveNew York, NY

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Contently is a platform for brands to craft, maintain, and optimize a high quality content strategy with editorial tools and engagement tracking, plus career journalists and clever professional bloggers for hire.

[+][-]Continuum Fashion$05ActiveCambridge, MA
# Y 
 Continuum Fashion

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Part fashion label, part technology design lab, Continuum Fashion is at the cutting edge of creating personal objects with digital technologies. We are known for creating 3D printed textiles (the N12 bikini) and creating new methods of garment production (CONSTRVCT). We also are the makers of the D.dress and strvct shoes.

[+][-]coUrbanize$668,8063ActiveCambridge, MA

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coUrbanize is an online community management platform for urban developers to share project information with residents throughout the entire development process. coUrbanize helps urban developers creating real estate, infrastructure, or planning projects to solicit online public input. Such feedback helps developers address community concerns faster and minimize costly delays.

[+][-]Creative Brain Studios$03ActiveBoulder, CO
 Creative Brain Studios

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Based in Boulder, Colo., Creative Brain Studios is the game development engine that allows developers to create a game once and deploy it to more than a billion different smartphones, computers and other gaming devices. This easy-to-use yet highly customizable game engine offers true multi-platform support and is the only game engine on the market to provide a complete turn-key solution for game developers.

Creative Brain Studios’ founders Brian Booker, Gerald Wallner and Joe Sengir have collectively more than 50 years of video game development experience with companies like LEGO, SEGA, Bally, Disney Interactive, Gazillion Entertainment and more. Creative Brain Studios is a Microsoft BizSpark One and Boulder 2011 TechStars company.

[+][-]Crowdly$1,524,9979ActiveBoston, MA

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Crowdly (formerly Appswell) is the leading social advocate management platform that helps brands find, rank and more effectively engage their top advocates on Facebook.

Through its patent-pending technology, Crowdly provides brands with insight into the lifetime influence of their top fans and gives a complete history of fan interaction overtime. The platform helps brands build more buzz on Facebook by allowing top fans to create an identity and build an online presence within the community.

Crowdly is a TechStars Boston alum based in Boston, MA.

[+][-]CrowdTwist$7,176,00027ActiveNew York, NY
Austell, GA

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CrowdTwist provides the most comprehensive omni-channel loyalty & analytics solutions for industry leading brands such as Pepsi, Nestle, VIZIO, L’Oreal, Zumiez and others. Their software helps build more profitable and active relationships with customers, delivers a deeper understanding of how customers engage across channels and drives a measurable increase in high value behaviors and spend. Founded in 2009, CrowdTwist is based in New York City’s Silicon Alley.

CrowdTwist’s software is currently used to:

  • Inform and drive customer acquisition
  • Power the personalization of marketing messages
  • Increase measures of brand loyalty & retention
  • Encourage deeper and more frequent brand engagement
  • Increase overall customer value
  • Drive high value customer behaviors
  • Increase spend
[+][-]DailyBurn$525,00015Acquired by Mindspark Interactive Network, 5/2010New York, NY

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Dailyburn (formerly known as Gyminee) is a fitness social network for detailed tracking, online accountability, and motivation. DailyBurn motivates both health seekers and fitness enthusiasts to achieve better fitness results in less time.

DailyBurn’s “platform for fitness” includes a social web application for tracking exercise and nutrition, mobile tracking applications for iPhone and other mobile devices, and an API that allows third-party fitness sensors to push fitness data automatically.

[+][-]Dash Labs, Inc.$1,000,00010ActiveNew York, NY
 Dash Labs, Inc.

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Dash uses technology to make the road smarter, safer, cleaner and more affordable.

[+][-]DataRobot$3,300,00015ActiveBoston, MA

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Predictive analytics in the cloud.

[+][-]Deal Co-op$500,0006ActiveSeattle, WA
 Deal Co-op

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The best daily deal partner on the web.

Every local publisher and organization has the necessary tools to win at daily deal marketing. Do you have an e-mail list or large online audience? Do you have contacts in the business community? Start a Deal Co-op in your city, town or neighborhood to begin monetizing those assets.

Current Co-op members include Mom Groups, Dining Guides, Local Publishers, Local Bloggers, Restaurant Groups, Spa Groups, Marketing Companies and growing all the time.

[+][-]DealAngel$868,0008Acquired by OneTwoTrip, 8/2013San Francisco, CA

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DealAngel is the first hotel search engine to find hotels priced below their market value. We leverage big data to cut through the ‘Best Offer’ noise and rank by value-for-money. Not just based on how one particular hotel is priced. But based on what ALL hotels in the market are doing.

[+][-]Designlab$05ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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Learn design by doing: interactive lessons that teach you design theory + hands-on projects to develop & hone your design skills. Sent straight to your inbox.

[+][-]Devver$500,0000Failed 5/2010Boulder, CO
# Y 

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Devver takes the tools that developers already use on their desktops and turns them into cloud-based services.

The service is currently focused on Ruby tools and testing, with a strong emphasis on test suites.

They eventually plan on adding PHP, Python, and Java to the service, will release an open API so that developers can extend the service to other languages.

[+][-]DigitalOcean$40,205,80045ActiveNew York, NY

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DigitalOcean is a simple and fast cloud hosting service built for developers. Customers can create a cloud server in 55 seconds, and pricing plans start at only $5 per month for 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 CPU, and 1TB Transfer. Featuring a 99.99% Uptime SLA, DigitalOcean has servers located in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

The DigitalOcean control panel interface is simple and intuitive, which power users can replicate on a larger scale with the company’s API. DigitalOcean uses KVM virtualization and additionally hosts a library of helpful walkthroughs and tutorials that cover server configuration and optimization.

[+][-]Dispatch$965,0005Acquired by Meetup, 10/2013New York, NY

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Dispatches are intelligent group email addresses for your projects. No more noise. No more hassle.

The Simplicity of Email + The Power of a Project Management System.

Dispatch began at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon 2011. It was created by a team of three, including 17 year old Alex Godin, to solve organization problems with file sharing by consolidating files from different web pages.

[+][-]Distil$4,048,0004ActiveArlington, VA

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Distil, Inc. (www.distil.it | @distil) protects online content and data, improves SEO, increases site performance, and eliminates wasted resources from unwanted web scraping and content theft.

Cambridge, MA

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docTrackr is a data security company providing document control solutions for businesses.

docTrackr’s advanced software provides businesses with real-time visibility into document usage, wherever they are stored, and whomever they are sent to. They are provided with advanced document intelligence and control technologies that help managers to control permissions, track usage, and remotely destroy documents via an easy-to-use dashboard.

docTrackr was named as the number one startup accelerator in the world by TechStars.

With offices in France and Romania, docTrackr is headquartered in Cambridge, United States.

[+][-]Drifty$1,118,0009ActiveMadison, WI

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Drifty is the creator of the popular and growing cross-platform mobile development framework Ionic (http://ionicframework.com/). Ionic is making it easy for developers to build rich, interactive mobile apps that run across multiple mobile platforms and are powered by Google’s AngularJS.

Drifty is also the creator of the successful web and mobile development tools Codiqa (http://codiqa.com/) and Jetstrap (http://jetstrap.com/).

Drifty products serve over 250k developers all over the world.

[+][-]Elihuu$245,0008ActiveOakland, CA

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Elihuu helps connect production ready designers with the right manufacturers.

When designers submit a project on Elihuu, we notify the manufacturers in our community who can best work with the materials, processes and specifications needed for the project. Once they are matched, our workflow tools streamline communication and the exchange of files, quotes, images and legal documents.

Meet Elihuu, where manufacturers get pre-qualified leads, designers manage their production runs and ideas have a future.

[+][-]Embrace$05ActiveAustin, TX

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For the average retailer, 50% of revenues and 80% of profits come from just 10% of the customer base. And this 10% values service and experience over anything else.

We help retailers build authentic, long-term relationships with their most valuable customers by telling them when, why, and how to proactively reach out for personal conversations.

[+][-]Emergent One$430,0000Failed 12/2013
 Emergent One

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Emergent One generates a complete and customized REST API for an existing application.

Once the API is created they tailor a personal developer portal, detailed analytics, custom client bindings, and automatically generated documentation.

They’re the complete API solution, right out of the box!

[+][-]Epic Playground$585,0007ActiveBoulder, CO
 Epic Playground

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Epic Playground provides real-time audience engagement products to media creators, distributors, and advertisers.

MediaGauge, our real-time analytics product tells them who’s watching and for how long, no matter which device, platform, or service is used. The data can be used to improve content, make story changes, and provide previously unknown insights across 17+ web based players. MediaGauge also supports iOS and Android apps with our mobile SDKs.

MediaGauge Messages utilizes MediaGauge analytics to deliver real-time, publisher controlled Messages to the audience’s browser. It’s an all new unit, that catches users attention as they’re engaged in audio and video content. Messages are delivered in an attractive, Growl like display, and are not tied to the audio or video content itself, but to the fact that a user is highly engaged in the content.

[+][-]EventVue$440,0000Failed 2/2010Boulder, CO
# Y 

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EventVue builds online communities for conferences in order to improve conference networking amongst individuals. EventVue lets you see other attendees, search for others based on mutual interests, and also connect before the conference. EventVue is a TechStars company.

  • $15,000 - TechStars on Aug 1 2007
  • $440,000 - on Sep 1 2007
[+][-]Everlater$750,0005Acquired by MapQuest, 11/2012Boulder, CO

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Everlater is a site in which users can record travel experiences, share them with friends and family, and discover new travel ideas from social network & other travelers like you.

Users can upload stories, experiences, photos, and more directly to Everlater or the site can pull items in from external services such as Flickr. There is an iPhone app that enables offline recording of travel experiences which can be synchronized and shared later.

Each user and trip has a unique URL for easy sharing with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Everlater was a TechStars 2009 company.

[+][-]EverTrue$6,550,00031ActiveBoston, MA

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EverTrue’s mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world. EverTrue creates SaaS mobile solutions for institutional advancement that are geared to strengthen relationships through the intersection of institutional knowledge and insights from social media.

[+][-]EveryMove$6,100,00020ActiveSeattle, WA

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EveryMove gives you rewards for the things already doing for your physical activity. Go the gym, run, bike or mow the lawn, earn points on EveryMove and get rewarded and recognized by your health plan, your employer and brands.

[+][-]FaithStreet$1,100,00010ActiveNew York, NY

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FaithStreet helps people find meaning in community.

FaithStreet helps people find and connect with faith communities around them, and helps faith communities raise money.

[+][-]Fancred$2,118,00010ActiveBoston, MA

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Fancred is the first social platform that lets fans build their sports credibility. It was founded in August 2012 by Hossein Kash Razzaghi, Jeremy Merle, and Craig Johnson, and Michael Pan.

Fancred is changing sports news and opinion through the verification and credibility of the source. Fancred provides a personalized way for sports fans to communicate, discover, and consume their favorite sports content.

Fancred is a part of the 2013 Spring class at TechStars Boston.

[+][-]Fashion Project$1,800,0005ActiveBoston, MA
 Fashion Project

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Fashion Project is the first designer shopping experience featuring exclusive apparel, shoes and accessories that are generously donated by style icons, celebrities and philanthropists from around the world. The majority of each sale is donated to charity.

[+][-]Fetchnotes$425,0006ActiveCambridge, MA

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Fetchnotes makes productivity as easy as writing a tweet. Check it out at www.fetchnotes.com — it doesn’t look like your typical to do list!

We’re on a mission to help people forget less, do more and feel in control. There are a billion different systems about how you’re supposed to stay organized and get things done, but we hold the belief that everyone works differently and there is no one-size-fits-all for staying organized and getting things done. That’s why we built a product that works the way YOU do, because you decide how Fetchnotes works as you use it. Categorize your thoughts and to do’s on the fly with hashtags, and everything goes to its proper place with no extra work. Need something to go to another person? It’s as easy as dropping an @ sign in front of their name.

We are a TechStars Boston (Fall 2012) company, and we’re based in Cambridge, MA. The company was founded by University of Michigan students that left school early to pursue the startup.

[+][-]Filament Labs$100,0005ActiveAustin, TX
 Filament Labs

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Filament Labs came together in December of 2012 to revolutionize digital health.

From their software labs in Austin TX and Minneapolis MN, the Patient IO platform was designed to give healthcare providers the tools to manage patient health conditions whenever patients are away from the clinic.

[+][-]Filtrbox$1,900,00014Acquired by Jive Software, 1/2010Palo Alto, CA

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Filtrbox offers a content monitoring service that lets you define and “filtr” web content that is relevant to you or your business. Since Flitrbox is web-based, it can be integrated not only into web applications, but also into e-mail and mobile text messaging. Filtrbox is a TechStars company.

[+][-]FlexMinder$2,770,00012ActiveSeattle, WA

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FlexMinder is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by changing the way third party administrators (TPAs) handle claims, and helping consumers fall in love with their flexible spending arrangements and healthcare reimbursement accounts.

FlexMinder automates the claims submission process for participants and helps TPAs dramatically reduce manual processing time and costs.

Based in Seattle, Washington, FlexMinder was selected in 2011 to participate in the prestigious TechStars incubator program, and announced $1.4 million in Series AA financing to fund future growth in January 2013.

[+][-]Flextrip$350,0004Acquired by Nor1, 9/2013Boulder, CO

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Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Flextrip is the world’s largest tours & activities distribution network. Leveraging our unique distribution technology, OTA’s, Airlines, Hotels & Car Rental chains now have access to an unparalleled selection of electronically bookable content with some of the highest commissions in the industry.

[+][-]Flomio$525,0002ActiveMiami Beach, FL

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Flomio enables developers to build and deploy web apps around NFC and other RFiD technologies. We provide the key resources to create rich connected experiences in no time and with little cash. By appealing to the endless applications of RFiD, we employ an Infrastructure-As-A-Service model that monetizes on analytics, web services, and hardware.

[+][-]Foodzie$1,000,00010Acquired by Joyus, 6/2012San Francisco, CA

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Foodzie is an online marketplace where consumers can discover and buy food directly from small artisan producers. The Foodzie technology makes it simple for small producers to sell their products online and aggregate all these products within a marketplace that makes it easy for “foodies” to discover the very best food. They focus on gourmet foods and organic health foods.


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Fosbury creates mobile promotions that help drive repeat business using mobile wallets. Building campaigns like coupons, loyalty card, and gift cards on Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, Fosbury can reach a majority of mobile devices to grow your business. From push messages, to geo-location, retargeting and campaign analytics, Fosbury is the smarter way to engage your customer.

Founded in December 2012, Fosbury is a privately held company based in The Netherlands.

[+][-]Freight Farms$1,200,0005ActiveBoston, MA
 Freight Farms

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Freight Farms create access to food in areas of the world where the climate cannot support traditional farming methods. The Freight Farms’ system brings a high volume of fresh, quality and affordable food within reach of everyone along the food supply chain. By enabling high-yield crop production in any climate, Freight Farms offer an immediate foundation to grow a local food economy and sustainable food system.

Freight Farms decrease the production costs and environmental impact of fresh produce by locating production much closer to the end consumer. Freight farms use less water than traditional agriculture and eliminate the need for pesticides or herbicides.

[+][-]FullContact$8,850,00041ActiveDenver, CO

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FullContact’s mission is to solve the world’s contact information problem.

FullContact provides a suite of cloud-based contact management solutions for businesses, developers, and individuals.

The company’s Card Reader application is focused on getting information from business cards and into any CRM system. Its cloud-based Address Book allows users to pull in contacts from anywhere, enrich them, remove duplicates and synchronize back to the contact list of their choice. The Address Book allows for in-depth search functions and a continuous backup which is constantly updated.

[+][-]Ginger.io$8,200,0005ActiveCambridge, MA
San Francisco, CA

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Ginger.io is a behavior analytics company, and spinoff of the MIT Media Lab. We use big data from mobile phones to model user behavior, and make inferences about health and wellness.

[+][-]Given Goods$588,00010ActiveBoulder, CO
 Given Goods

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Given Goods Company is the marketplace for beautiful, high-quality products that give back. By curating thousands of products that all make a tangible social impact, from tote bags and jewelry to home décor, Given Goods is redefining the consumer retail experience.

Brands both established and emerging are feeling massive upward consumer demand for products that create meaningful social impact. Given Goods is already working with 115 brands and offering over 1,200 products and 4,500 SKUs in order to connect mainstream consumers to high-quality products that give back.

Buying social impact products today is the equivalent of buying natural and organic foods 10 years ago—consumers wanted them but they were incredibly difficult to find. Whole Foods changed that. They captured an emerging yet fragmented market to create an enduring movement. Given Goods is driving the next large scale shift in consumer behavior.

[+][-]Glider$1,350,0005ActivePortland, OR

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Business intelligence and shorter sales cycles for the contract process.

Glider takes the pain out of managing sales contracts and brings visibility to the “last mile” of the sales funnel.

Glider provides finance and executive leadership with objective insight into which contracts will actually be signed by quarter-end, how many contracts are waiting on legal, how many are stuck in negotiations, and how many are out for final customer signatures. Glider reduces close times for reps by taking the focus away from process and putting it back on prospects. Companies can quickly create customizable workflows, setup contract approvals, collaborate on clause negotiations, and ultimately get e-signatures.

Primary benefits include: • Shorter sales cycles • Better tracking and reporting for Finance • Objective KPIs for Sales, Finance, and Legal

The company is backed by True Ventures, CrunchFund, TechStars, Portland Seed Fund, and a handful of first-class angel investors.

[+][-]GoChime$1,048,5005ActiveNew York, NY

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GoChime allows brands to leverage their first-party data to run smarter and more effective social media advertising campaigns. Brands sync their email marketing and CRM services to GoChime to extend those strategies into the social sphere, primarily Facebook.

This approach allows brands to automatically move customers through a specified journey or conversion funnel, reach customers who do not open or otherwise engage in email marketing, and then easily create lookalike audiences of their best customers to find more great customers outside of their own lists.

GoChime customers have used the service to increase the average reach and engagement on their email lists by 3x, decrease their cost to acquire new customers by 30%, and finally reach customers on their mobile devices through GoChime’s cookie-less targeting.

[+][-]GoMiles$05Acquired by Traxo, 9/2012Seattle, WA
# Y 

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GoMiles helps you unlock the value in your frequent flyer miles and other points programs, to get things you really care about - like free travel! GoMiles aggregates all your loyalty program data into one place, and then overlays intelligence and analysis onto this data to deliver insight and to enable action.

[+][-]Gone!$875,0005ActiveAustin, TX

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We get rid of the things you don’t need

The consumer-facing side of our app allows individuals to submit any items they want to sell, recycle, or have trashed. The Gone! app does the rest of the work by creating the listing at a price the user agrees to and pushes it to the right marketplaces online. As soon as its sold we ship the box and label and the seller completes the process by simply packaging the sold items. If the item is to be recycled or trashed, the user will agree to a pickup and see the item picked up.

As a company, we deal with all of the pains related to reselling, recycling, and disposing of items and the reverse logistics in the secondary market by providing easy to use tools and efficient operations that covers the pains of inventorying, pricing, listing, reselling, distribution, and local pickup of individual items.

The Gone! app helps you get rid of the things you use, no matter what it is.

[+][-]Good.Co$3,018,0007ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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Good.Co is fixing hiring and retention using a scientific, people-first approach to personal strengths identification as a way to quantify workplace culture fit.

Roughly 50% of new hires won’t last more than 18 months due to a bad culture fit, costing companies on average $50,000 and 6 months of time. Good.Co is fixing hiring and retention using a scientific, people-first approach to personal strengths identification as a way to quantify workplace culture fit.

Employing research-driven psychometrics with provocative design mapped to the social graph, Good.Co aims to help employees thrive in their careers and help employers develop better workplaces. In Oct 2013, Good.Co will launch the first version of the employer product with an initial pool of 15 enterprise to mid-sized companies.

[+][-]GoodApril$118,0005Acquired by Intuit, 8/2013San Francisco, CA

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GoodApril provides online tax planning and advice to consumers.

Unlike TurboTax, H&R Block, or other tax filing solutions, GoodApril provides in-year tax guidance to everyday American taxpayers.

GoodApril’s “tax checkup” provides consumers with an analysis of their tax situation, measures how much they are likely to owe in the coming year as a result of new tax rules, and identifies potential tax savings opportunities.

[+][-]GoSpotCheck$2,968,0009ActiveDenver, CO

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GoSpotCheck is enterprise software for field-based teams. Our web and mobile apps enable businesses to leverage its own employees to gather real-time retail intelligence. This data is displayed on our web dashboard, allowing managers to spot trends and view urgent issues from the field, in order to make better business decisions.

[+][-]GrabCAD$13,506,00016ActiveCambridge, MA

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GrabCAD is a mechanical engineering community for sharing talent, expand knowledge and collaborate, including free CAD model library and engineering competitions platform.

The founders Hardi Meybaum and Indrek Narusk previously ran a product development company.

GrabCAD was founded in 2009. The company’s headquarters is based in Boston, USA with development team in Estonia.

[+][-]Graphicly$10,006,04915ActivePalo Alto, CA

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The Graphicly platform offers automated self-publishing by converting, distributing and promoting image-based digital content across the most popular consumer mobile and eBook marketplaces including the Apple iOS Newsstand and iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, Amazon Kindle store, Facebook and many others, while streamlining the work flow, reducing production costs significantly and providing authors and publishers detailed real-time analytics. As the only platform that optimizes image-based content, Graphicly is uniquely poised to take advantage of the $23 billion publishing market, including the more than 300,000 self-published authors expected to produce a graphical work this year.

[+][-]GroupTalent$1,000,0006ActiveSeattle, WA

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GroupTalent is the marketplace for high-end software projects. Our marketplace attracts and vets only the highest paid developers and designers and only the best paying projects.

[+][-]Haiku Deck$3,900,00015ActiveSeattle, WA
 Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement. Featured on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” lists, Haiku Deck makes it fast and fun to create beautifully designed slideshows you’ll be proud to share. The app has been the top ranked productivity app on iTunes in more than 36 markets around the world.

“A smart app that makes beautiful slide shows in no time and makes your iPad a more productive tool” – Wall Street Journal

“Makes creating beautiful presentations a cinch and a joy, whether you have design skills or not” – Lifehacker

“The easiest-to-use presentation tool out there” – Robert Scoble

“Insanely cool” – Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons Founder

Headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Haiku Deck is a privately held company with the backing of prominent investors including Trilogy Partnership, Madrona Venture Group, Founder’s Co-op, and Techstars. The Seattle-based startup was founded by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway.

[+][-]HaveMyShift$03ActiveChicago, IL

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HaveMyShift is a tool that allows hourly shift workers to trade shifts online. The company is using a grassroots approach and encourages employees to sign up and trade shifts with or without the blessing of the company itself.

HaveMyShift is seeing strong viral adoption in the Chicago area market where, for example, 80% of Starbucks stores there already use the application. Many of the listings offer “bonus money” to tempt others who work for the same employer to pick up a shift, and last-minute shift changes can be filled with paid emergency promotional placement.

HaveMyShift makes money by taking a percentage of the bonuses offered to other workers to cover a shift. Absenteeism costs US employers more than $200M every day.

[+][-]Help Scout$800,00010ActiveBoston, MA
 Help Scout

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Help Scout is a simple help desk designed for small businesses. The team was part of TechStars Boston’s 2011 class and currently resides in Boston’s South End.

[+][-]Highlighter$730,0005ActiveSeattle, WA
# Y 

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Highlighter aims to dramatically reduce the cost of textbooks while dramatically increasing student engagement on any online content. Highlighter’s HTML5 reader allows professors/teachers to publish PDF and ePUB documents for free, accessible on any device, with unprecedented engagement by highlighting, annotating, commenting, sharing and saving over snippets of text.

[+][-]RightPlay$05Active★ Y 

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Boulder, CO

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Today, developers waste a lot of time building common features such as user login, comments, list of friends or activity feeds, integrating with services (Sendgrid, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio etc.), and hosting, maintaining and scaling their applications

In 3 years, Most of the code for web applications will be done in the browser, in javascript Web Components will accelerate this shift. Chrome & Firefox are making them 
an official standard

Hull makes it easy to build apps on the client-side, by letting developers find and consume Web Components, making them reusable by providing common features, data and external services, through a unified API

Hull is the glue for the web of tomorrow

[+][-]ImpulseSave$50,0005Acquired by Betterment, 10/2013Cambridge, MA
Cambridge, MA

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Our world has become an increasingly optimized web of sales and marketing funnels aimed at extracting every possible dollar from people at every possible opportunity - creating an un-level playing field for the consumer. At ImpulseSave our web and mobile products enable people to level that playing field by both enabling and rewarding impulsive savings and investment from anywhere, at any time. Instead of trying to change people to have more discipline, we’re leveraging those same hard-wired human instincts, technologies and tactics marketers have relied on for so long, for financial gain rather than loss. In doing so we’ve developed an entirely new breed of personal financial product with which people love engaging and through which people reach dramatic and rapid results.

[+][-]IMRSV$2,978,96910ActiveNew York, NY

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IMRSV creates emotion recognition and face detection software. With IMRSV, creators can for the first time measure scalably and accurately how people respond when they look at products, watch movies and ads on their phone, tablet or TV. Using computer vision for real-world, real-time data analysis, IMRSV’s Cara software is a breakthrough in perceptive computing. Cara turns any webcam into an intelligent sensor enabling new methods of interacting with objects and real world spaces. Based in New York City with offices in Singapore, the company is privately backed by various investors.

[+][-]InboxFever$00Failed 6/2012# Y 

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At InboxFever we realized that email is the universal remote control of the web and we will fundamentally change how email is used today.

With InboxFever, users interact with email-powered applications by simply sending an email. Imagine retrieving reports and documents, managing your social media accounts, supporting your field engineers and sales team, ordering flowers for your sweetie and more, all from the convenience of your inbox.

[+][-]Inside Social$2,245,0006ActiveSeattle, WA
 Inside Social

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Inside Social is an early-stage technology company located in Seattle, WA. We help digital properties quantify and increase their on-site social ROI. Our mission is to define and create the socially optimized web. Come join us, we’re hiring software engineers!

[+][-]IntenseDebate$500,0004Acquired by Automattic, 9/2008Boulder, CO

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Intense Debate is a blog commenting system that supports Typepad, Blogger and Wordpress blogs. The system allows blog owners to track and moderate comments from one place with features like threading, comment analytics, user reputation and comment aggregation.

Intense Debate offers blog readers a powerful networking system to establish reputations, link their profiles, make friends and syndicate their comments. It will create a “mini-blogging platform” that will hold commenters responsible for their comments across various blogs. I’m sure the service will help jumpstart a couple superstar commenter careers.

The company is currently in private beta mode. It is also an incubating startup for TechStars. Competitors include CoComment, JS-Kit, SezWho and Tangler.

[+][-]InvitedHome$325,00025ActiveBoulder, CO

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InvitedHome is creating the next historic hospitality company by combining the service and consistency of high end hotels with beautiful private homes in amazing destinations. Through a combination of rollup acquisitions and organic growth we are aggregating the best portfolio of homes in luxury resort destinations then overlaying our systems to drive revenue and increase guest loyalty.

[+][-]TVbeat$2,120,0005ActiveLondon, CA
Palo Alto, CA

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Iptvbeat is delivering advanced TV audience analytics by turning millions of customer interactions into actionable insights. With intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports, you can sift, sort and share real-time information to provide insights you can use to optimize your TV show, TV programming and Ad campaigns.


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Javelin is a lean startup software for enterprise product teams to launch new products and improve existing ones.

[+][-]Jebbit$2,250,00016ActiveBoston, MA

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Jebbit is a pay-per-performance platform based on guaranteed engagement.

Simply put, Jebbit is focused on creating a new space within digital advertising called “Post-Click Engagement”. It’s not what happens before the click that matters for marketers, it’s afterwards. Thus, brands use the Jebbit platform to create “gamified experiences” that keep users on site longer, convert more, and purchase more once someone has clicked on an ad.

Jebbit is headquartered in Boston, MA.

[+][-]J Squared Media$018ActivePhiladelphia, PA
 J Squared Media

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J-Squared Media builds social games that are distributed across popular social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo.

J-Squared Media is a TechStars company.

  • $15,000 - on Aug 1 2007
[+][-]Jukely$800,0007ActiveNew York, NY

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Matchmaker for concerts and friends.

Jukely matches you with concerts and friends to go with based on your collective music tastes. It allows you to buy and win tickets right in the app, using money or points you can earn.

  • $300,000 - on Jul 10 2013
  • $500,000 - on Nov 10 2013
[+][-]Kapost$8,700,00020ActiveBoulder, CO

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Kapost is the leading provider of Content Marketing software that enables companies to manage their content marketing as a structured business process. Through its platform that manages the ideation, production, distribution, audience development and analytics of content marketing, Kapost empowers marketers to generate more content, more traffic and more leads. Kapost customers include brands like Eloqua, Marketo, AT&T, Intel and more. Kapost also produces The Content Marketeer, a blog providing content and education for marketers.

[+][-]Karma Mobility$1,200,00010ActiveNew York, NY
 Karma Mobility

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Karma began with one simple idea: everyone should be able to get online, everywhere they go. The Karma Hotspot introduces the first peer-to-peer WiFi device that allows you to share access to the Internet, but pay for your own data. It’s WiFi Made for sharing.

With Karma, you pay-as-you-go, with no contacts or subscriptions, and earn free data when you share. The more you share your Karma connection, the more free data you earn. You’re generous, we’re generous, and soon the whole world is feeling better about WiFi.

[+][-]Kato$1,878,0002ActiveOakland, CA

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Kato is the messaging platform that provides real time and asynchronous communication on desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can search all history across text, voice, and video as well as run in-depth analytics over the resulting organizational memory.

[+][-]KB Labs$00Failed /2007# Y 

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Simply put, KB Labs “specializes in building successful Facebook applications.” The company plans to earn revenue from targeted advertising and high page views. KB Labs has experienced success with their Facebook application development thus far: all their recent Facebook apps gained thousands of users within days of launch. KB Labs is a TechStars company.

[+][-]Keen IO$3,218,0005ActiveSan Francisco, CA
 Keen IO

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The custom analytics backend for modern developers.

We’re doing for analytics what SendGrid did for transactional email, Twilio did for telephony, and AWS did for the datacenter: reduce upfront cost to zero, put it behind an API, and make it pay-as-you-go.

Super useful for developers making web, mobile, and especially Internet of Things applications requiring highly custom analytics.

[+][-]Kinvey$7,000,00022ActiveBoston, MA

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Kinvey is the first Backend as a Service that makes it ridiculously easy for developers and enterprises to setup and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet and web apps.

Our service lets app developers spend 100% of their time on their mobile application. They don’t have to worry about connecting to various cloud services or enterprise backend systems, setting up servers for their backend, or maintaining and scaling them.

With Kinvey, developers just model their cloud backend needs and we auto-generate all the APIs they would need to access their data from any mobile, web or computing platform. Developers then grab their APIs, and connect to them directly or through native iOS, Android, JavaScript, etc., libraries that we provide.

We call it Backend as a Service.

Kinvey is based in Boston, MA

[+][-]Klooff$1,496,5003ActiveNew York, NY

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KLOOFF gives people daily bursts of happiness through the best pet content.

Klooff is a TechStars NYC 2013 Company.

[+][-]LangoLab$00Failed /2011Berlin,
# Y 

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LangoLab is a foreign language education program that by instructs students by letting them watch popular TV shows and videos with subtitles. LangoLab leverages the American media machine that is constantly churning out entertaining content and then provides an engaging “watch and learn” experience complete with translations, definitions, user generated language notes, and self testing.

Many people have learned English just by watching TV with subtitles, and this is the online equivalent. English as a second language is the largest market.

[+][-]Canary Calendar$04ActiveCambridge, MA
 Canary Calendar

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Canary is a calendar app for the iPhone that helps Google Calendar users efficiently schedule meetings. People often check their mobile calendars to find time to schedule meetings, but are forced to wait until they reach their computer to actually send their guest an invitation. From Canary’s unique calendar interface, users can send their availability to anyone in seconds, allowing guests to select a time and automatically schedule a meeting on both calendars—with just one click. Canary puts an end to the back-and-forth of scheduling via email, resulting in quicker turnaround times and higher response rates. Canary lets you plan faster, to do more.

[+][-]Leanplum$825,0005ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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Leanplum is a platform for optimizing mission-critical metrics of your mobile app. We make it easy for product managers to conduct on-the-fly optimization tests and see immediate results with powerful analytics.

[+][-]Libboo$1,400,0007ActiveBoston, MA

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Libboo connects buzzers (readers who love to share and talk about books) with books they’ll enjoy, to create the next digital bestseller and help talented authors get discovered. Buzzers get rewards such as free ebooks, and increase their influence by sharing great writing with their friends and followers via social media, email, and other online channels.

[+][-]LikeBright$1,640,00010ActiveSeattle, WA

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LikeBright helps you meet trusted friends of friends.

[+][-]LinkCycle$05ActiveCambridge, MA
# Y 

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LinkCycle, founded at MIT, helps reduce manufacturing costs without having us step foot onto the plant floor—no more hardware, no more audits.

The plant manager can walk through the plant with his iPad and identify how energy is flowing through the machines in his facility, and see opportunities to reduce production costs.

[+][-]Linksy$100,0002ActiveSeattle, WA

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Linksy helps busy marketers tap their employees, customers, and fans to spread their message on social sites.

  • $100,000 - SEC on Jul 31 2012
[+][-]Localytics$24,750,00075ActiveBoston, MA

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Localytics provides the most powerful analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps. It is used in more than 20,000 apps on more than 1.4 billion devices, helping companies such as ESPN, eBay, Fox, and the New York Times drive user engagement, loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

The platform allows organizations to gain deep, actionable insights into app user behaviors, and to create automated marketing programs that drive efficient user acquisition, targeted push and in-app messaging, and a personalized in-app experience.

Localytics is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in San Francisco and London. Investors include Foundation Capital and Polaris Partners.

[+][-]Lore$12,105,8375Acquired by Noodle Education, 3/2013New York, NY

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Lore (formerly Coursekit) is reshaping education for the Internet age.

Lore is a community of curious people, spanning every discipline, campus, country, and age. It’s a platform for learning: a new venue for education that allows you to explore.

[+][-]Loudcaster$35,0000Failed /2012Somerville, MA

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Loudcaster enables anyone to create an interactive online radio station.

Loudcaster is a Techstars Boston 2010 company.

Everyone is an expert in the sound of something. With Loudcaster anyone can get on the virtual airwaves and broadcast 24x7 with their own online radio station.

Stations run in two modes: 1) An unattended DJ Bot that keeps things rolling 24x7. 2) Live mode, which the human DJ can use at their convenience.

A variety of DJ’s use Loudcaster. You’ll find geographically based local music radio, main-stream radio, and even very specific niche’s like accordion only radio.

Loudcaster generates revenue three ways. 1) We sell services and tools to DJ’s. 2) Advertising. There are 80M online radio listeners now, and that’s projected to be 200M by 2015. 3) Affiliate sales of music, tickets, clothing and the like.

The future of radio is online, not tied up in satellites or towers. Long term, Loudcaster will provide DJ’s and listeners with a whole new level of interactive radio, enabled only by our imagination, determination, execution and our friend, the Internet.

Loudcaster was Founded by Brandon Casci, and inspired by his previous, and still operational, Internet radio startup LoudCity. LoudCity is cash flow positive, well above ramen-noodle profitable, and peaks at 10% of Pandora’s daytime audience.

  • $35,000 - on Aug 1 2009
  • $18,000 - on Mar 1 2010
[+][-]Lua Technologies$2,500,00012ActiveNew York, NY
 Lua Technologies

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Lua keeps mobile workforces connected. It’s the simplest way for teams to communicate, coordinate, and stay accountable.

In the office or on the go, Lua gives organizations access to people, quick and reliable communication, and easy file distribution.

[+][-]Lumatic$800,0000Failed 8/2013

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Lumatic provides landmark and photo driven navigation software for mobile devices.

Lumatic makes the mobile experience more human, starting with location. Six of the seven billion people on the planet have never used a streetmap. Now that a billion people have smartphones, either Google is going to teach a whole lot of people to read maps or a new UI will be introduced. Lumatic is that new UI. Lumatic is introducing a photo-driven interface for pedestrian navigation and offering the underlying location service to other mobile developers.

[+][-]madKast$300,0005Acquired by ShareThis, 9/2008Boulder, CO
# Y 

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Recently founded madKast makes it easy for people to share news and blog posts with others via a single click. Users just have to enter their e-mail address to get a madKast widget, which once installed, lets you share the story’s URL with your contacts through e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, or social bookmarking sites. madKast is free, and there is no registration or downloading required to get their widget. The company’s founders were also involved in the creation of Zemble.com, a free text messaging service, and consider madKast to be a “brainchild” of Zemble. madKast is an incubating startup for TechStars.

[+][-]Mailana$00Failed 12/2011# Y 

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Mailana analyzes communication patterns from email, Twitter, and social networks to determine your inner circle. It then allows you to share your inner circle with the inner circles of your close connections. The idea here is that existing social graphs are too inclusive to be used to efficiently discover connections and expertise.

Mailana aims to simplify this by generating only your “inner circle” based on communication patterns, then exposing that only to your most frequent and trusted connections.

[+][-]Maptia$140,0003ActiveSeattle, WA

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Maptia is a beautiful way to tell stories about places. It’s a new platform designed for thoughtful, inspiring stories that make us want to get out there and explore the world, and each story has its own unique map.

The Maptia team took part in the TechStars Seattle accelerator in Fall 2012, and were previously in the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurial program.

[+][-]Marginize$2,259,9945ActiveCambridge, MA

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Marginize augments every page on the web with an independent space owned by the visitors where they can meet each other and interact freely.

Marginize pre-populates that space with existing Twitter content about each page, and allows visitors to “check in” to the page and comment. The most active community member becomes the “curator” for that site, and other recently active users are shown after they check in.

Browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox are available on www.marginize.com, and a bookmarklet can be used with other browsers.

[+][-]MarketVibe$010ActiveAustin, TX

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This company provide hassle-free marketing optimization tools. Located in downtown Austin, TX, our team has built a suite of powerful, easy-to-use marketing optimization tools - to help you acquire more traffic, leads, and sales from your website. We take pride in making our customers happy & include them actively in our feature refinement process and future feature consideration.

[+][-]Marquee$05ActiveNew York, NY

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Marquee is an easy to use, flexible platform that’s perfect for telling stories.

At the heart of Marquee is an easy to use authoring tool that makes adding content as simple as dragging and dropping files onto a page. The content is fully responsive, and optimized to look great on any device.

The platform is designed to be flexible to scale to meet the needs of content producers of any size - from individuals up to large organizations.

Content is stored as structured data, rather than templates, to ensure that content will always work on any device. In essence, content published on Marquee is future-proof.

Marquee is a 2012 TechStars NYC company.

[+][-]Meal Ticket$1,700,00012ActiveBoise, ID
 Meal Ticket

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Meal Ticket’s software platform provides actionable business intelligence and enables a direct marketing channel to the restaurant operator. This software allows manufacturers in the $600B food service industry to more effectively target and reach the independent operator segment. It is the industry’s only software solution focused on the food service supply chain, giving vendors a way to increase their promotion sales rates, sales of time sensitive product, and client loyalty.


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Memrise is an online learning platform that combines the best insights from the art and science of memory to provide extraordinarily effective, game-like learning experiences.

Memrise was founded by Greg Detre, who recently completed his PhD in the neuroscience of forgetting at Princeton; and Ed Cooke, a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a 1000 digit number in an hour.

Together, we want to transform the speed and ease with which anybody can learn. We started at the deep end with Chinese characters, one of the hardest and most critical learning problems around. With the help of our users, we’ve since begun to cover dozens of languages from around the world.

[+][-]MobileDevHQ$1,050,0005ActiveSeattle, WA

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MobileDevHQ is marketing SaaS for mobile app publishers. We help app marketers increase organic downloads by analyzing and optimizing their unpaid app marketing channels.

[+][-]mobintent$00Failed 3/2012New York, NY
# Y 

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MobIntent is building tools to simplify the process of creating, managing and optimizing mobile ad campaigns.

[+][-]Mocavo$5,100,00031ActiveBoulder, CO

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Mocavo is the world’s largest genealogy search engine with more than 6 Billion names in the index. On , users can search across millions of family history resources, from one centralized website.

To make the search experience more engaging, Mocavo connects researchers through similar searches and family trees. With a paid Mocavo Plus account, users are given advanced search options and automated results for new content coming online. This allows for users, both new and experienced in genealogy, to take full advantage of the Mocavo search engine.

[+][-]Modabound$120,0005ActiveNew York City, NY

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Modabound is a social fashion marketplace where students come together to shop from each other’s closets. Upon joining, users can browse through items that fellow college-goers have uploaded for sale in their school or city. To buy on Modabound members can shop one-on-one by connecting online on the app and meeting in person to purchase items OR host Moda Pop-Up shops where multiple sellers can sell many items at the same time to those attending the pop-up shop.

Modabound brings accessible fashion to students’ doorsteps. Its fun, its, easy and its safe because transactions happen within the college community.

Modabound is a mobile only platform, download the iPhone app here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/modabound/id768237816?mt=8

For more information please visit www.modabound.com.

[+][-]Mogotest$02ActiveCambridge, MA

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Mogotest is a front-end testing and verification tool designed to help companies ensure that their web sites render properly across various web browsers and platforms. Mogotest can spider your web site or test individual pages to help you spot browser inconsistencies and areas in need of optimization. We take the pain out of web testing so you can focus on building the features that make your product truly unique.

[+][-]Moni Technologies$120,0009ActiveLondon,
 Moni Technologies

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Moni is a person-to-person mobile money transfer platform designed to simplify how people send money to their families and friends abroad.

Moni is at the intersection of mobile and the remittance industry. We are re-architecting remittance from the ground up with mobility at its core.

Moni customers can set up an account and initiate money transfers from a mobile device or tablet within minutes. Our app enables them to transfer of funds from their bank account directly into a recipient’s bank account abroad or to mobile wallet.

By combining an intuitive interface with tracking and advanced account management features, we bring transparency and convenience to the way millions of people send money home.

[+][-]Monkey Analytics$00Failed /2010Scituate, MA
# Y 
 Monkey Analytics

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Monkey Analytics powered mathematics and data analysis in the cloud by providing on-demand computing resources, analysis tools, and a socially driven marketplace for analysts, algorithms, and data.

[+][-]Mortar Data$3,150,00010ActiveNew York, NY
 Mortar Data

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We’re the creators of Mortar, a Rails-inspired open source framework for big data processing using Hadoop (Pig). We host and execute Mortar jobs on our Hadoop-as-a-Service platform, which is built on AWS’ Elastic MapReduce.

You’re doing data science at scale. You have a team that needs to collaborate and build on prior art. You use multiple tools to munge data, process logs, do ML, maybe build recommender systems. We made Mortar to help you.

Effortless infrastructure: We manage infrastructure for you - provisioning, to installation, to teardown.

Start instantly: You can create, test, and run jobs from our in-browser IDE. Casual but powerful.

Use your own tools: Use the open source mortar framework on your workstation and optionally call Mortar’s remote service through the command-line.

Never lose track: Know what you did, and how you did it. Mortar snapshots everything you run. Even share it across your team.

See data as you work with it: Get instant feedback on every step of every line of your code, while you work. That means fewer bugs, and lets you stays constantly in flow, even when working with Hadoop.

[+][-]Moveline$4,944,37245ActiveLas Vegas, NV

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Moveline is a web startup that makes it easy for people who are preparing for a long-distance move to quickly gather the information they need to save money and make smart moving decisions. We’re building a web application that makes it simple for people to learn about their options for moving their stuff and answer important questions like “how much will it cost to hire a moving company?” and “what size truck do I need?”

[+][-]Murfie$2,290,0015ActiveMadison, WI

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Murfie is an online music service for your CD collection; a throwback to your neighborhood record store with a digital update. We offer a buying, selling and trading community for music lovers who want traditional ownership with the convenience of remote storage and digital access. Our HQ is located in Madison, WI, but Murfie is everywhere.

[+][-]NBD Nanotechnologies Inc$2,208,0008ActiveBoston, MA
 NBD Nanotechnologies Inc

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NBD uses polymer chemistry to create surface coatings that improve heat transfer and anti-wetting properties. The company’s platform technologies can be used to improve steam condensers, create stain repellant textiles, deicing of outdoor materials, and bio-fouling prevention.

  • $1,000,000 - on Jan 24 2013
  • $1,208,000 - SEC on Aug 23 2012
[+][-]Nestio$2,305,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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We offer landlords, brokers, and renters the ability to manage and communicate information in real-time and all in one place.

[+][-]Neurala$010ActiveCambridge, MA

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Neurala builds brains for bots.

Neurala creates software that enables robots to move, work and learn among people. Its patent-pending Neurala Intelligence Engine (NIE) is based on the scientific research done by the founders on biological intelligence, fundamental computational principles of perception, motivation, decision making, navigation, and motor control, and bio-inspired robots and processors.

The Neurala Intelligence Engine is a massively parallel computational engine that is more than just your average artificial intelligence. We build actual models of how neurons interact in specific brain regions, then mimic this behavior in software aboard robotic hardware. Our neural models run in real-time in changing environments so that robots can adapt to working with humans in an unscripted world. We have worked hard to ensure our engine and neural “secret sauce” of brain-based learning and parallel processing is robustly and efficiently integrated into Neurala’s applications.

The result is autonomous robotic behavior that eliminates the need to drive the robot by remote control. The robot-human interaction is fluid and simple. Neurala is dedicated to making sure user experience for a new breed of robots is seamlessly tied into the underlying architecture.

Neurala was founded in 2006 and is part of the TechStars Boston start-up accelerator for the Spring 2013 class.

[+][-]Nexercise$1,328,5585ActiveSilver Spring, MD

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Nexercise motivates people to lose weight and stay in shape because for 78% of them, their own motivation is not enough.

No one WANTS to be out of shape or unhealthy, yet 68% of Americans are overweight or obese. The harsh reality is that in the midst of busy, adult life, there are numerous work, family, and leisure priorities competing for our time.

For the average person, internal motivation is not sufficient in creating sustained changes in exercise behaviors. At Nexercise we help you by providing positive reinforcement before your body does. We focus on making the path to a healthy life fun and rewarding and not just on the “goal” of weight loss or better health. For the average person, goals do not actually change behavior. Through meaningful rewards, a supportive community, and data-informed notifications, we get and keep you off the couch.

[+][-]Next Big Sound$7,949,99722ActiveNew York, NY
 Next Big Sound

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Launched in 2009, Next Big Sound is the leading provider of online music analytics and insights, tracking hundreds of thousands of artists across all major web properties (YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Last.fm etc.).

For the first time, people can track and artist’s .com traffic, unit sales and radio data along side social media networks to measure results and gain actionable insight from activity, both online and off. The Next Big Sound Premier platform allows the measurement and granular visualization of fan density, sales and site traffic in powerful graphs, by geographic region, as well as weekly email reports to help inform decisions. Next Big Sound works with a variety of businesses ranging from individual artists and managers to the biggest record labels in the world.

[+][-]Nveloped$05ActiveArlington, VA
# Y 

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Nveloped is committed to developing technology solutions that make secure, simple communications accessible to everyone. We believe that the future of communications is in electronic information that is delivered securely in seconds, not in paper-based delivery services. We are building technology solutions that make that future a reality for individuals and businesses.

[+][-]Occipital$8,000,0009ActiveBoulder, CO

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Occipital is creating world-class computer vision products for mobile platforms.Mobile computer vision.

Occipital develops state-of-the-art mobile computer vision applications with natural user interfaces. Located in downtown Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA, Occipital is venture-funded, was backed by Techstars in 2008 and is also known for developing RedLaser, a barcode-scanning application that was acquired by eBay Inc. In 2010, the company reinvented panoramas with 360 Panorama, an app which makes 360-degree image capture as simple and fast as recording a video clip. Occipital’s latest product is the Structure Sensor, the world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices.

Current: 360 Panorama Past: RedLaser - Sold to eBay Inc.

Job Opportunities: http://occipital.com/jobs

Find us:
http://occipital.com http://structure.io http://360verse.com http://twitter.com/occipital http://twitter.com/360panorama

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Specialties Mobile Computer Vision, Awesomery

[+][-]oneforty$2,345,0005Acquired by HubSpot, 8/2011Cambridge, MA

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oneforty is the Social Business Hub. We’re a buyers’ guide for businesses who want to invest wisely in doing social right.

Social business is shaping up to be a huge market opportunity plagued by massive complexity and uncertainty about how to invest in tools, training and expertise. We’re serve as the “buyers’ guide” for social strategists, marketers and other corporate buyers.

  • B2B platform for figuring out what to do in social business and how to invest your budget in tools, experts and other services
  • access to your peers - find out what others are doing and how you measure up
  • Business content helping buyers understand what to do, how to do it and which tools and experts can help
  • Listings/ratings & reviews of: tools and social business pros (agencies and consultants)
  • Discovery & comparisons engine (and marketing platform) for serious business tools
[+][-]OnSwipe$6,000,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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Onswipe is a platform that provides a way for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch-enabled devices via Web browser. With Onswipe, media content and advertising will appear and function as they do on native websites and applications, providing a magazine-like experience on touch devices. Onswipe addresses a growing industry need with tablet use on the rise.


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OP3Nvoice makes what was said, searchable.

As the world records more and more of its interactions, in more and more ways, it needs a new generation of tools to filter, manage, and process the raw data.

OP3Nvoice’s API, SDKs and plugins enable developers and entrepreneurs to add audio and video search to any application.

OP3Nvoice is already being used by disruptors and innovators, as well as some of the world’s largest institutions.

[+][-]Orbotix$15,165,54435ActiveBoulder, CO

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Orbotix is focused on bringing a new concept of fun through robotics and phone-controlled open devices. Their first product, Sphero, uses Orbotix’s API to create the first robotic ball gaming device controlled by your smartphone. Founded by passionate lifelong robotic engineers, Orbotix is working to bring the real world to your smartphone. Based in Boulder Colorado, the Orbotix team takes fun very seriously, for more information visit GoSphero.com.

[+][-]Ordr.in$1,480,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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Backed by Google Ventures, 500Startups and TechStars, Ordr.in is open platform for restaurant ecommerce. We are experts in the field of acquiring, normalizing and distributing restaurant data via APIs for transactional purposes. This data and the services we provide with it are used by 3rd parties including Microsoft, Choice Hotels, Disrupt finalists and individual developers to build new food ordering applications.

More than 20,000 restaurant locations have joined the Ordr.in platform to receive orders from our clients, making us in three years the second largest and fastest growing restaurant food ordering network in the U.S.

Our mission is to unlock local merchant transactional data and make it freely available, changing the way local business uses the web.


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Osper is building a bank with the goal of empowering young people to manage their own money.

They participated in TechStars London 2013.

[+][-]Outline$850,0004ActiveBerkeley, CA
Cambridge, MA

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Outline builds public policy simulators for city and state governments.

Formerly Politify

[+][-]Overtime Media$249,9994ActiveBrooklyn, NY
New York, NY
 Overtime Media

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Overtime Media builds simple web solutions for athletics.

[+][-]Ovuline$2,500,00014ActiveCambridge, MA

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Ovuline helps couples conceive faster and have healthier pregnancies. Going way beyond fertility calendars and period trackers, Ovuline tells couples when they are fertile and exactly what to do each day to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. Ovuline can also be used to avoid pregnancy or track menstrual cycles.

We are passionate about helping couples understand their reproductive health and using technology to make it easier for them to do so. We are proud to have helped thousands of couples across the globe realize their dream of pregnancy including two of our co-founders who have successfully used Ovuline to start their families.

[+][-]Pact Fitness$2,558,00010ActiveSan Francisco, CA
 Pact Fitness

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Pact (formerly GymPact) is a check-in app that uses cash incentives to get you to the gym!

Members make a pact of how many days a week they want to exercise, and how much they will put on the line to pay if they DO NOT get to the gym. If they meet their pact by checking in at their gym with our Smartphone app, they receive cash rewards, paid for by those who did not exercise! Members get a double incentive to get to the gym, and Pact takes a cut when we pay out to members who successfully met their Pact.

Pact is the only fitness technology to use both positive and negative incentives, and that has allowed us to be 90% effective at getting people in our pilots to the gym and to give real rewards using the money paid by non-exercisers.

[+][-]Pansieve$118,0005ActiveRedmond, WA

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Pansieve is the maker of cuecard, a tool which brings together the power of mobile devices and web services to gather data on customized digital forms and consume the information on them. It transforms the field data gathering and processing activity into a powerful tool to keep a pulse on the business.

[+][-]ParLevel Systems$998,3135ActiveSan Antonio, TX
 ParLevel Systems

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ParLevel develops hardware and software to provide intelligent solutions to the vending industry. The company’s first product, ParLevel Box, retrofits both dinosaur-old vending machines as well as newer machines, and gives them a voice. This device, can connect almost any vending machine in the U.S. This has never been possible before. All of the vending machines’ activity is reported to a cloud-based, easy-to-use, and real-time vending management system where vendors can get full insight into their business, reduce operational costs, and maximize profits.


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Pathful automatically identifies conversion improvements for websites with the context to understand why they’ll grow the business. Pathful’s Conversion Insights product has uncovered up to 22% conversion rate lifts in complex signup funnels with dedicated optimization teams. Pathful’s Competitive Diagnostic product shows marketing decision makers precisely how their website conversion funnel performs against their competitors and provides a sales entry for Conversion Insights. Both these subscription knowledge products are purchased by Chief Marketing Officers or Marketing Revenue Managers.

With proprietary data capture and analysis software, Pathful captures all visitor interactions on a website, including mobile gestures like touch, pinch & zoom. Tested on over 100 sites, this scalable data collection system feeds into custom analysis that summarizes this rich data into actionable marketing insights through machine learning blended with domain expertise.


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PayMins provides an easy way to accept mobile phone payments. Backed by Telefonica.


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Peerby is a Dutch startup that operates a peer-to-peer sharing service for products. Users can share or request items from people in their neighborhood online, via their mobile or via social media channels. The product was launched (beta) for Amsterdam in August 2012, but the team is rapidly expanding to other areas too.

[+][-]Peoplematics$118,0005ActiveBoston, MA

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Peoplematics helps you search across your Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts at the same time.

[+][-]People's Software Company$00Failed /2008# Y 

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People’s Software Company created WhozAround? a new messaging and scheduling framework that gives you a better way to plan and schedule on the go. WhozAround? works across your social networks, contact lists, and delivery formats to allow you message in whatever environment you prefer–email, SocNet, phone directory–and then turn your events into a nice clean feed you can output.

PSCo launched at TechStars Boulder 2008 but failed to gain traction and subsequently shut down.

[+][-]Pickie$1,000,0003Acquired by RetailMeNot, Inc., 4/2014New York, NY

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Designed for the iPad, Pickie is re-imagining the catalog shopping experience. Your Pickie catalog is curated by the sources you trust, actionable, and enriched with content.

Pickie is a top 25 app, and has been selected as one of ‘10 Essential Apps’ in the catalogs category of the app store.

Pickie is available in the iPad app store or check us out on the web at http://www.pickie.com/.

[+][-]Piictu$1,730,0006Acquired by betaworks, 5/2013New York, NY

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Piictu is a powerful, fun and simple way to talk and play with your friends from your mobile phone using pictures. You simply snap a piic, post it to Piictu and your social networks, and watch it get live picture responses from your friends and community at large.

In other words, Piictu is an influence-based photo gaming tool and community. Another way to look at it is as a powerful“interactive social picture-stream generator.

As a game Piictu is an awesome tool for brands to engage with their customers.

As an application it is the easiest, funnest way to play, share and interact through pictures with the world, from your mobile phone.

[+][-]PillPack$4,100,00011ActiveCambridge, MA

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PillPack™ is pharmacy simplified. We fill, sort, and deliver all your medications in personalized packets based on when you need to take them. Our service helps you take the right meds at the right time, every time.

At PillPack, our vision is to make managing medications simple. We want to ensure that everyone is on the optimal set of medications, that it’s easy to organize and take those medications, and that you have access to the information you want about those medications. To achieve this vision we combine world-class customer service with design and technology to create an experience with you, our customer, at the center of it, so that medicine can become a source of health rather than a source of stress. PillPack is reinventing pharmacy.

[+][-]PivotDesk$6,625,00013ActiveBoulder, CO

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PivotDesk is an office-sharing marketplace that transforms the way we think about office space from a liability into a growing business asset.

By providing the tools businesses need to market, manage and monetize excess office space, and the search and match tools that startups need to find a suitable host, PivotDesk helps:

Startups and small businesses find flexible, affordable, room to grow.

Growing businesses profit from their dynamic space situations

Build entrepreneurial density and economic development in desirable, downtown locations

PivotDesk: Room for growing businesses

[+][-]Placemeter$1,700,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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Placemeter is a platform that senses and unlocks massive amounts of data about activity in physical places.

Through the use of proprietary and crowdsourced sensors combined with large real time data feeds and computer vision algorithms, Placemeter indexes the physical world in real time and make it accessible to users, businesses and cities.

[+][-]Placester$11,596,98916ActiveCambridge, MA

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Placester makes real estate marketing simple, effective, and affordable. Our platform allows agents to quickly create and launch beautiful real estate websites for both desktop and mobile, complete with fully-integrated MLS listing data. We’re dedicated to providing massive distribution, premium listing services, and deep analytics to help real estate companies and professionals stay competitive and grow their businesses online.

[+][-]Plated$6,400,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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Plated is redefining weeknight dinner. Through weekly chef-designed menus, we’re helping America to eat and live better.


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PlayCanvas was founded in London, UK in 2011 and is bringing game development into the 21st century by creating cloud-hosted game development and publishing tools. Our vision is for a social game development platform with a focus on collaboration and accessibility.

[+][-]Poptip$2,410,0009ActiveNew York, NY

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Poptip is a conversation analysis platform that helps brands and media fully understand public opinion in real-time and make decisions quickly based on that opinion. The platform simultaneously empowers the public’s voice and turns their opinions into actionable data. Poptip’s clients include L’Oreal, NBA, ESPN, NFL, Spotify, Budweiser and Yoplait. The New York-based company was founded in 2012 by Kelsey Falter. Poptip has raised $2.4 million to date in funding notably from Lerer Ventures, SoftBank Capital and RSE Ventures. For more information, please visit www.poptip.com.

  • $472,000 - on Jun 5 2012
  • $638,000 - SEC on Feb 29 2012
  • $1,300,000 - on May 31 2013
[+][-]Postmaster$718,0002ActiveAustin, TX

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Postmaster is a simple API for integrating shipping into your software stack.

Postmaster saves businesses money on shipping by simplifying carrier integration, optimizing shipments in real time, and providing historical analytics to improve the logistics pipeline.

[+][-]Precog$2,750,00015Acquired by RichRelevance, 8/2013Boulder, CO

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Precog is a data analysis platform that helps companies productize their data assets. Precog allows companies to store, integrate, and analyze large volumes of measured data. Featuring the industry-leading implementation of Quirrel, the “R for big data” statistical language, the Precog platform allows companies to create analytics or predictive models that can be deployed as new products or features inside existing products.

Companies use Precog to build analytics and reporting into their applications, to turn existing data assets into new data products that can then be resold, and to build advanced analytical features like recommendations and personalizations.

Precog is the next-generation technology that spawned out of ReportGrid, a 2011 TechStars company. Founded by veteran technologist and entrepreneur John A. De Goes, Precog is tackling the big data productization problem head-on through a combination of innovative technology and obsessive attention to usability.

Precog is funded by RTP Ventures, Resonant Ventures, David G. Cohen, and other seasoned angels. Its board of directors includes SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin, and serial entrepreneur Kirill Sheynkman.

[+][-]Prediculous$05ActiveBoulder, CO

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Prediculous builds social games for the real world.

The Prediculous portfolio of social experiences includes:

  • Aikman Fantasy QB
  • Allstate Challenge - 2012 BCS College Football National Championship
  • BET Awards - 2 Big 2 Picks
  • Prediculous.com
  • Sporting News Bracket Insanity
[+][-]Project Fixup$05ActiveChicago, IL
# Y 
 Project Fixup

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Project Fixup is a better approach to dating that fixes up interesting people on fun one-on-one dates. We do all the work to find a person we think you’d like to meet and organize a date that’s in line with your schedule and interests. We’re like a combination of your best friend and your personal assistant.

[+][-]Promoboxx$2,775,00015ActiveBoston, MA

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Promoboxx is a brand-to-retail marketing platform that allows brands to launch co-branded, customized online campaigns with their retailers in order to strengthen relationships, localize national content, and reach more consumers.

[+][-]ProtoExchange$118,0003ActiveHoboken, NJ
Austin, TX

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ProtoExchange is a professional, 3D Printing network. We enable Engineers, Architects, and Designers to access professional-grade 3D Printing equipment on-demand.

The network can scale with customer demand, minimize turnaround time, maximize productivity, instantly adopt the latest 3D printing technologies, and work together to fulfill complex orders.


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Psykopaint is software which allows users to create amazing paintings with no skills.

It works by sampling the colors of an image and applying it automatically to your brush, so you don’t need to worry about it and focus on a style you like.

Psykopaint could be described as a mix of Corel Painter and Photoshop on LSD, or maybe the first creative entertainment software or a i’m-a-DIY-awesome-artist-in-5-minutes software, but it is so new and cool that we find it ourselves too difficult to describe on our own.


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QuanTemplate is a revolutionary marketplace, communications and enterprise workflow technology that offers a secure web-based platform for trading risk, regulatory reporting and creating financial models for use across the (re)insurance market. Through QuanTemplate, underwriters and brokers can conduct all operational activities required to trade in the $4.6tn insurance market (6.7% of global GDP), while optimising their risk in real-time, all the time.

Boston, MA

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Qunb is an award winning data visualization startup with offices in Paris, France and Boston, Massachusetts. Qunb aims to make data visualization processes in particular, and business intelligence in general, quick and simple. The Qunb one-click data visualization tool generates comprehensive, shareable reports in seconds. Qunb technology is built around use-cases wherein Qunb assembles interactive reports of charts and graphs about business processes through software that businesses use daily e.g. Google Analytics and SalesForce.

Qunb’s landmark service i.e. The Qunb Google Analytics service is the beginning of a revolution in data visualization and report writing wherein standard reports are not painstakingly written by analysts over long period, but instead are done for free within the click of a button, which stands to make companies more efficient and managers more informed in making decisions concerning their operations.

[+][-]Rallyware$418,00011ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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Rallyware enables companies to achieve goals through engaging loosely-coupled groups such as independent direct sales distributors, franchisees, and volunteers. Incentivized engagement leads to more meaningful things getting done, faster growth, and higher revenues.

Current enterprise software assumes management can get people to do things because they work for the company. It fails when those people are non-employees and have no obligation to perform the work. Rallyware addresses this failure by applying the best learnings from consumer community engagement to change the way our customers motivate and manage those people (essentially “herding cats”).

Users benefit from earning meaningful/real/offline rewards and peer recognition through a consumer-friendly community platform. Companies achieve their meaningful/real/offline goals and get all crucial analytics and tracking in the process.

[+][-]Rapt Media$2,288,80312ActiveBoulder, CO
 Rapt Media

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Rapt Media is the singular, scalable, in-house creative platform driving the evolution of interactive enterprise video for companies wanting to achieve measurable business objectives using online video. Rapt Media makes online video an interactive experience, allowing creative professionals to produce content at scale that is highly engaging, converts interaction into action and provides significant ROI.

Based in Boulder, CO and a graduate of the highly acclaimed TechStars program, Rapt Media’s cloud-based technology enhances enterprise videos with the click-through power of the web and creates viewer-engaging and revenue-producing assets for retailers, technology vendors, media companies and other organizations.

[+][-]Red Rover$418,0007ActiveNew York, NY
 Red Rover

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Red Rover is platform for discovering and sharing business processes that work.

Want your business to run better? Try processes that work for people like you, in companies like yours. Launching is free and takes just a few minutes.

Red Rover delivers effective processes like: goal tracking, weekly updates, employee onboarding, client onboarding, peer to peer learning, and many many more.

The platform gives your company elegant, proven processes, with the flexibility to experiment for yourself.

[+][-]Remitly$10,500,00024ActiveSeattle, WA

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Remitly is a mobile payments service that enables consumers to conveniently make person-to-person international money transfers from the United States. Its online service is disrupting the $528 billion a year industry by using the latest technology and mobile devices to eliminate unnecessary forms, codes, agents, extra time and fees tied to the traditional money transfer process. As a licensed money transmitter, Remitly currently operates in 21 states and sends millions of dollars to thousands of customers each month. The company is funded by Trilogy Partnership, Founders Co-Op, Bezos Expeditions, and TomorrowVentures. Remitly is headquartered in Seattle, WA with additional offices in the Philippines.

[+][-]RentMatch$05ActiveSeattle, WA

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Finding a place to rent sucks, but finding out after moving in that you don’t like living at the place you rented sucks even more.

RentMatch is a new apartment ratings and review service to help renters avoid buyer’s remorse and choose the best place to rent.

RentMatch combines user generated content and data from publicly available resources like city and county government to provide prospective tenants with everything they should know about a property before they sign a lease.

The company does not compete with existing rental listing sites (Craigslist, Rent.com, MyNewPlace, etc.) and does not provide availability information on properties. The company models itself after TripAdvisor and how TripAdvisor passes leads to sites like Expedia or Priceline.

[+][-]RentMonitor$05ActiveBoulder, CO
# Y 

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RentMonitor makes it easy to be a landlord. We are the one property management solution landlords need to fill vacancies, collect rent and maximize profits.


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We are making a texting app where messages are grouped into conversations that are public to everyone else on Rep. Anytime someone texts you, you get rep, and the more rep you have, the “louder” you are on the feed when you say things. If you don’t want specific text on the feed for other people to see, you can use //. Messages aren’t sorted by person, but by conversation bins so you can easily drop in and out of group conversations.

[+][-]ReplySend$118,0005ActiveBoulder, CO
# Y 

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ReplySend is a TechStars ‘12 (Boulder) company.

[+][-]ResolutionTube$1,618,0005ActiveBerkeley, CA

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ResolutionTube is a patented mobile augmented reality collaboration platform for the customer service industry, initially targeting the field service industry. We connect the engineers on the field with the experts using our patent pending video platform. Connect to the right person at the right time. Get answers not only from your colleagues but from everyone within the organization. Video chat with them right away. The video chats are recorded and vetted before they become part of a tutorial. The knowledge center gets richer and more useful with time.

[+][-]ReTel Technologies$1,000,0005Acquired by ShopperTrak, 9/2012San Francisco, CA
 ReTel Technologies

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Based in San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL, ReTel Technologies develops advanced analytics that help businesses optimize their security, operations and consumer experience through ongoing analysis of surveillance video. ReTel’s unique system seamlessly augments computer vision with human auditing to uncover actionable insights previously unavailable at scale or low cost. ReTel was founded in 2007, and is also a 2009 TechStars company.

[+][-]Revolv$7,318,00022ActiveBoulder, CO

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Revolv unifies your smart home on your smartphone and tablet. The Revolv Smart Home Solution is a smart phone app and hub that easily connects and unifies brand named wireless home electronics being developed for the next generation connected home, including Nest Thermostats, Philips Hue lights, Yale and Kwikset locks, Sonos Hi-Fi speakers, Insteon and GE products, and many other lights, outlets, shade controls, and sensors. Revolv enables consumers to easily add wireless connected home products made from different manufactures into a single mobile application, and provide easy automation actions around daily routines using preset device function, motion and occupancy sensors, recurring schedules and time, and proximity based automation via GPS location services on smart devices.

Revolv is available direct from store.revolv.com, Amazon.com, and in select Home Depot stores beginning February 2014.

Revolv is a TechStars Boulder 2012 graduate (formerly Mobiplug) and is funded by The Foundry Group, a top-10 national investor, as well as American Family Insurance, and Liberty Global.

[+][-]RewardsForce$200,0004ActiveSeattle, WA

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RewardsForce provides SAAS solutions for loyalty and rewards to underserved markets using our dynamic web-based platform.

RewardsForce products include AnteUpdates, an iPad application for casinos and card rooms that assists floor managers and pit bosses with managing their rewards club. AnteUpdates transforms the iPad into a mobile customer service device and is praised by casinos as the easiest way to manage a loyalty program.

  • $18,000 - Techcrunch on Nov 1 2010
  • $200,000 - on Jan 1 2011
[+][-]Rewind Me$800,0000Failed 1/2014New York, NY
 Rewind Me

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Rewind.Me is a New York City based startup working to change the way consumers and marketers benefit from personal data.

People today generate and control a great deal of personal data – from the apps on our smartphones to the services we use online, the personal or sports tracking devices we use, as well as our credit card and electronic transactions and more.

There’s a lot of value in all of this data. We believe that people should have control over how their data is used and benefit directly from the value it contains. We’re building apps and services to deliver this control and unlock this value.

[+][-]Rezora$010ActiveBoulder, CO

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Rezora provides a collaborative, multi-channel marketing platform for large sales and marketing organizations.

Their unique approach lets marketing organizations decide which of their sales agents have access to what materials by dividing agents and marketing materials into groups and campaigns and applying proper restrictions to either or both.

Role-specific reporting is then provided on the individual, group or campaign level. In addition, the company can create and schedule marketing pieces to be sent on behalf of the sales agents, allowing the company to ensure agents are properly marketing to their clients in a timely manner.

[+][-]RollSale$150,0003ActiveSaint Louis, MO

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RollSale helps car owners quickly find a local dealer that will pay them the most for their car, so they can drive in and pick up a check.

For car dealers, RollSale is a single portal that gives dealers direct access to consumer-owned vehicles, rental and off-lease cars, and even cars from other dealers.

[+][-]Romotive$11,614,79616ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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We’re Romotive, a team of nerds obsessed with building an affordable, fun personal robot. By combining smartphones with a mobile base, we create robots that do awesome things (telepresence, autonomous navigation, machine vision).

Our first product, Romo, is an iDevice-powered robot that lets you video chat with anyone, anywhere in the world. You can customize Romo’s behavior through a graphical programming interface that’s n00b-friendly. Teaching our bot new behaviors is easy - just update the app.

Our investors believe we’ll change the world by putting a robot in every home in America. We’re well funded by SV Angel/Ron Conway, Mike Arrington, Chris Dixon, and Stanford University. Last summer we started in TechStars Seattle.

Our mission is simple: build awesome robots that make normal peoples’ lives better.

[+][-]RoundPegg$4,300,33617ActiveBoulder, CO

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RoundPegg unleashes your business potential using real-time culture science.

Culture science brings measurement to how things really get done within each unique organization. By aggregating the personal values of everyone in the company, RoundPegg is able to provide customized tactical plans to hire, develop and engage employees in ways that are consistent with each organization’s culture.

Your key business objectives cannot be achieved without the focused and synchronized work of your team members. RoundPegg unleashes the true business potential in your organization using the science of culture to galvanize your organization around your business objectives. We help you identify what’s working, what’s not working in the culture, engage the team around the most highly held values and track to achieving your business objectives.

[+][-]ROXIMITY$2,122,89910ActiveDenver, CO

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ROXIMITY is a location based mobile platform. ROXIMITY enables merchants to send targeted messages to potential customers as they pass by their stores.

ROXIMITY is the leader in the emerging iBeacon and indoor location space.

The ROXIMITY Platform provides everything needed to create, manage and optimize mobile-marketing campaigns that both respect customers’ privacy and give brands/retailers full control of the indoor, mobile experience.

[+][-]SalesLoft$09ActiveAtlanta, GA
Boulder, CO

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SalesLoft connects w/ web-based CRM systems & mines out the companies & people reps care about. It then goes out on the web to capture the following intelligence:

  • Contact job changes
  • Categorized news
  • Internal blog & news RSS feeds
  • Technology used
  • Job postings
  • Social profiles & feeds

All this is delivered through a customizable & actionable stream of information. This allows reps to find opportunities they wouldn’t have heard about & to save time traditionally wasted in research.


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Sandglaz creates project & task management software to help busy, productive teams get more work done.

[+][-]ScriptPad$420,0003ActiveBoulder, CO

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ScriptPad transforms the iPad and iPhone into a digital prescription pad allowing doctors to write prescriptions faster and safer than their current paper process. ScriptPad eliminates deadly prescription writing mistakes that contribute to over 7000 deaths each year and sends the prescription directly to the pharmacy where it will be waiting for the patient to pick up.

[+][-]Search to Phone$250,0000Failed /2010Boulder, CO
# Y 
 Search to Phone

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Search-to-Phone offers an interesting twist in the search for products and services over the phone. An improvement on the traditional 411 directory assistance, Search-to-Phone records your call like a voicemail and broadcasts your message to a number of relevant local businesses at once. You then receive a call from someone whose product or services you are likely seeking. Search-to-Phone is a TechStars company.

  • $15,000 - on Aug 1 2007
  • $250,000 - TechStars on Oct 29 2007

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SeedFuse makes youSitter, a product which helps parents easily exchange babysitting with other parents they trust. youSitter eliminates babysitting costs and makes finding an available sitter much simpler. Everything is conveniently tracked for quick lookup and to ensure fairness.

You can access youSitter at youSitter.com. Mobile apps coming soon!

  • $118,000 - SEC on Aug 30 2013
[+][-]SendGrid$27,350,000195ActiveBoulder, CA
Anaheim, CA

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SendGrid is a cloud-based email infrastructure and delivery service. We help companies communicate with their customers, through transactional and marketing email channels.

As an email infrastructure provider, we deliver value through increased email deliverability, low-cost and efficient scalability, business intelligence (advanced email analytics), and APIs for flexible and customizable implementation.

The company was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Denver, CO; Anaheim, CA; and Providence, RI.

[+][-]Senexx$250,0008ActiveCambridge, MA
Tel Aviv,

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Senexx is an internal Question and Answers platform that helps corporate identify and manage expertise within their organization, using a patent pending technology.

Senexx enhances cross-team collaboration by identifying experts – or individuals with a certain skill set - in an enterprise to employees needing that expertise.

Using Senexx’s advanced parsing and knowledge-routing algorithms, organizations can realize the full benefit of their current collaboration systems (email, instant messaging and internal social networks).

Senexx is a private cloud-based service conceived to improve productivity by integrating seamlessly into an organization’s existing enterprise networking platform.

Senexx enables an organization to identify individuals with specific knowledge or experience in a particular subject - or in cataloging past solutions to certain events or situations - to channel in- house expertise in dealing with a problem or opportunity.

Senexx is a TechStars Boston 2011 graduate.

[+][-]Sensobi$05Acquired by GroupMe, 5/2011

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Sensobi is a personal relationship manager. It’s like CRM, but for the rest of us.

Sensobi helps you record notes, set follow up reminders, see who is falling off your radar, and manage your relationships right from your email inbox and mobile phone.

[+][-]Shelby.tv$3,925,00010ActiveNew York, NY

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Shelby.tv is the best way to discover and enjoy web video. Now available in the App Store, the Shelby.tv app delivers you a personalized channel of videos from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Blip, and DailyMotion, as well as video shared by your friends on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Over time, Shelby.tv gets smart about what you like and don’t like and improves recommendations to give you that perfect daily dose of video entertainment.

[+][-]Shippable$2,050,0007ActiveBellevue, WA

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Shippable helps teams ship software faster by giving them an virtual build, test, and deployment environment in the cloud. It takes just a minute to set up and comes with the following cool features - GitHub signin, support for multiple languages/platforms, cross-platform and matrix builds, build history and artifacts, granular permission model, and integrated code quality tools like code coverage and job health graphs.

[+][-]Shopsy$100,0005ActiveSan Francisco, CA

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Shopsy is the place to shop for products discovered on Instagram.

From big brands to small boutiques, there are tens of thousands of retailers on Instagram. There are also thousands of fashion bloggers on Instagram who promote products from these retailers, but are unable to monetize from doing so.

When Instagram users want to purchase a product posted by a retailer or fashion blogger on Instagram, they are forced to the retailer’s web-based application only to encounter a tedious and usually-abandoned search for that product.

There is currently no efficient process that lets Instagram users purchase products that they come across on Instagram, resulting in retailers losing out on revenue opportunities.

Shopsy is the only platform that lets Instagram users purchase products that they see on Instagram. By building into Instagram’s API, Shopsy will provide the 150+ million Instagram users with a simple product discovery and purchase process.

Shopsy lets anyone create content by posting an Instagram photo of a product with a website URL of where the product can be purchased. Shopsy pulls the user’s Instagram social content, including followers, following, likes, and comments. Put simply, Shopsy allows anyone to convert a retailer’s Instagram followers into sales.

Shopsy will also offer its users the ability to search for products or shops. Content creators will also be able to share their products to Facebook and Twitter, as well as promote their shops to Instagram.

  • $100,000 - on Mar 27 2013
[+][-]Shopventory$2,030,0005ActiveSan Diego, CA
Englewood, CO

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Shopventory provides inventory management and sales analytics for retailers using Square and PayPal Here for payment processing. Shopventory partners with a user’s Square or PayPal Here account and provides inventory management functionality so businesses know stock levels and inventory usage at any given time along with the ability to analyze sales patterns to help increase sales.

New York, NY

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ShuttleCloud provides cloud-based data migration software.

ShuttleCloud makes your cloud data portable, by facilitating the easy transfer of data between services such as email, contacts, calendars and online documents.

[+][-]SideTour$4,000,0007Acquired by Groupon, 9/2013New York, NY

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SideTour provides a community marketplace where people can discover, book, and host amazing experiences and activities. Whether it’s getting a group together to dine at a chef’s home, going backstage at a Broadway Show, or watching the sunset from a private sailboat, SideTour’s mission is to connect people with vibrant and creative hosts who want to share their talents and passion with others. The company was founded in June 2011 and is headquartered in New York City.

[+][-]Simple Energy$8,916,50027ActiveBoulder, CO
 Simple Energy

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Simple Energy uses social game mechanics to change how people save energy and how utilities engage customers. They make saving energy “social, fun and simple.”

By engaging people on the platforms they already use, including email, Facebook, web, and mobile applications, and making energy use data into a simple scoring system that allows people to compete with their friends and neighbors online, Simple Energy encourages people to become interested in their own energy use and take action to reduce consumption. The system is based on leading behavioral economics and game mechanics research by scientific advisor Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality. Results from a recent pilot program show that the platform can produce an average energy savings of 20% with up to 50% in savings for top performers.

[+][-]SimpleRelevance$1,268,0005ActiveChicago, IL

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SimpleRelevance is the only big data platform that leverages your existing tools and workflow to personalize digital marketing.

Its clients (B2C companies sending email) see conversion increases of 30% to 300% and typically generate $20 of incremental revenue for every dollar in fees.

SimpleRelevance is the only email optimization platform that uses internal and external data to automatically execute smarter, individualized email campaigns. SimpleRelevance combines customers’ demographic data, social data, and previous purchase data with patent-pending technology to create emails that are individually personalized down to the time of day the email is sent, subject line, and the product recommendations shown. The result? Higher conversions, sales, and ROI.

[+][-]Simply Good Technologies$010ActiveToronto,
Cambridge, MA
 Simply Good Technologies

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Founded in Kitchener, Ontario in 2008, Simply Good’s first dive into technology development was in image recognition for mobile devices. Branded ‘Capturefy’, this technology was used to point-and-shoot for more information about art exhibits at Nuit Blanche, Toronto. From there Simply Good explored retail applications and partnered with one of Canada’s largest retailers. With mobile technology reaching the hands of more consumers, our technology powered features such as product barcode scanning, innovative flyer browsing and mobile promotional offerings.

At Simply Good, we continue to develop best in class technologies solution to meet clients needs.

New York, NY

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Sketchfab is a web service to publish and embed interactive 3D models on any web page, and display them in real-time without a plugin. There are major web platforms for each media format: YouTube for videos, Slideshare for slides or Soundcloud for music… Sketchfab’s vision is to become the online home for 3D files.

Sketchfab support 27 native 3D formats, and integrates with major 3D softwares allowing users to publish 3D models from their working tools to the web in 1 click.

Sketchfab is a TechStars company (NYC 2013), alumni of Le Camping & WebFWD accelerators, and winner of several startup competitions, including best lightweight startup of the Europas Awards 2013.

[+][-]Skilljar$1,100,0005ActiveSeattle, WA

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Skilljar (formerly Everpath) is empowering online instructors with the tools they need to be successful, starting with professional skills training.

Our SaaS platform enables instructors to create and deliver courses from their own branded websites. Unlike other solutions, instructors can drive traffic to their own site, retain ownership over their content, and develop direct relationships with their customers.

Our product handles course creation, student registration, payments, and course delivery. Instructors can easily customize their own logo, styling, and domain.

[+][-]SkyGlue$05Active# Y 

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SkyGlue is a powerful Google Analytics extension that enables people tracking and actions tracking in the simplest way. It helps GA users to optimize conversion funnel, customer retention and user experience. SkyGlue automatically tracks links, downloads, form interaction activities, buttons and many more within your Google Analytics reports and empowers web marketers and web analysts to collect in-depth visitor behavior data in Google Analytics without IT people.

[+][-]Smallknot$04ActiveBrooklyn, NY

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Smallknot is the best way to fund and connect with the local businesses that make your neighborhood special.

Our mission is to help you invest where you live, while building relationships in your community and providing simple, uncomplicated capital to small businesses.

With Smallknot, you can fund your favorite local restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, pickle maker (it started in Brooklyn, after all), and more. In exchange, you’ll get it back in perks & love.

And we don’t just mean free coffee or a discount – how about a private party just for the supporters who funded a new backyard at the cafe down the block? Or a cupcake making lesson at that awesome bakery up the street?

[+][-]Smore$425,0005ActivePalo Alto, CA

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Smore makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, effective online flyers — highly designed single-page websites with a clear purpose, like marketing an app, promoting an event or selling a product.

  • Our drag-and-drop editor is fun to use — and impossible to screw up.
  • Every page comes with easy-to-use promotion tools like dead-simple email marketing and ad buying on Google and Facebook.
  • Built-in analytics create clickable infographics to help you understand your page’s performance at a glance.

Smore is now in public beta (since April 2012).

[+][-]SnowShoe Stamp$1,199,0008ActiveMadison, WI
 SnowShoe Stamp

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Based in Madison, WI, SnowShoe develops innovative technology solutions for mobile platforms. The SnowShoe Stamp is their simple, intuitive hardware solution that interacts with the multitouch sensors on mobile devices, and, in so doing, proves an app user is conducting an action with a real-world space, person or embedded system.

[+][-]SocialCrunch$05ActiveChicago, IL
# Y 

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SocialCrunch is a behavior graph of people on the Internet. It is the new way to unlock the most provocative human insights for brands and their agencies.

[+][-]SocialEngine$011Acquired by Room 214, 12/2013Los Angeles, CA

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SocialEngine is a platform that helps people and brands build vibrant online communities. Thousands of social websites are powered by the SocialEngine platform, and millions of end-users enjoy these sites every day.

Customers include Shell, MasterCard, Apple, Kaplan University, SurfAir, Electronic Arts, Startup Revolution, and thousands of local organizations and affinity groups.

SocialEngine PHP is a self-hosted platform that gives community builders full source code access and unlimited freedom to create their own custom social experiences. Hundreds of third-party developers have created and sell thousands of their own addons for the platform. SocialEngine PHP is sold on a per-license basis.

SocialEngine Cloud is a SaaS platform that makes it incredibly easy to create a social website with no hosting, installation, or programming experience needed.

Based in Los Angeles, SocialEngine is a TechStars Boulder 2011 company.

[+][-]SocialSci$500,0005ActiveCambridge, MA

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SocialSci is an online survey platform designed to meet all the requirements of scientific researchers.

SocialSci lets researchers design surveys using a simple drag-and-drop interface, and comes with a built-in recruiting system that uses a point system to reward users for participating while screening out repeat visitors.

[+][-]Socialthing$400,0005Acquired by AOL, 8/2008Boulder, CO

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Simplifying the management of sites and services that you already use like blogs and social networks, socialthing! synchronizes your personal information, content, and friendships so that you can post this information across the social web, as opposed to just having it contained in a single site.

Socialthing is a 2007 TechStars company.

Socialthing went into private alpha on January 15th, 2008 and launched their private beta at SXSW in March 2008.

Socialthing was acquired by AOL. While the price is unconfirmed, the acquisition value is rumored to be between $5M - $10M.

[+][-]Sparkcloud$00Failed /2010Cambridge, MA

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Sparkcloud introduces you to awesome people who are around you, in real time. They provide tools that allow developers to more easily create their own “real world” social apps, ranging from urban gaming to location-based dating.

[+][-]Spill Inc$1,070,0003ActiveSan Francisco, CA
 Spill Inc

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Spill is a confidential network for sharing life advice.

People “spill” their guts confidentially at SpillNow.com and get advice from other people who have been through similar situations. Advice-givers share wisdom, empathy, and support while they earn points toward becoming the next Dear Abby, Dan Savage, or Ann Landers. Popular among college students–particularly females–Spill has expanded to 150 colleges in the US and 13 countries worldwide. The site recently added groups for high school students, adults, military veterans, and entrepreneurs.

A TechStars 2011 company and the 2012 winner of the Global Social Venture Competition, Spill crowd-sources peer support in an effort to bring empathy to the masses.

[+][-]Spontaneously$00Failed 2/2013New York, NY

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Spontaneously is a new way to make plans with friends. Whether you have free time to fill or plans to share, our service helps you see your favorite people more often.

[+][-]Spot Influence$340,9694Acquired by SpotRight, 7/2012Boulder, CO
 Spot Influence

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Spot Influence is a social data provider, making it easy to find the best people on any topic.

The Spot Influence API identifies topical Influencers on any search term, across all of social media, ranking every content creator on their topical Reach Relevance and Impact. In addition, the API can provide outlet, interest, and topical Influence data for any person creating content.

The API is capable of handling millions of calls per day.

[+][-]Spry$00Failed /2010# Y 

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Spry provides insight into software development projects by monitoring all the tools and services used by a project team. Spry analyzes the data in real-time, generates progress reports, and enables clear and consistent communication throughout the team. This helps managers and developers make better decisions throughout the process thereby reducing the likelihood of failure and delay.

[+][-]Sqord$03ActiveDurham, NC

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Sqord is a social health company that uses proprietary hardware-software to make physical activity fun for kids. The company has developed a low cost, easy-to-use platform that not only tracks a user’s activity, but also provides them with a highly social experience. User’s real-world activities are connected to Sqord’s interactive website via a wrist-worn accelerometer that tracks activity for points and rewards.

[+][-]StarStreet$2,100,0004ActiveCambridge, MA

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Sports fan? Want to make real money off that knowledge? How about compete for $75,000 at the Playboy Mansion in LA? StarStreet’s the place for you…

Play in our salary cap daily fantasy games (starstreet.com/daily), our super quick and simple player pick’em game (starstreet.com/pickfive) and compete in the Playboy Fantasy Baseball Championship (starstreet.com/pfbc) for your chance to win $75,000 at the Playboy Mansion surrounded by press, celebrities, TVs showing all the games, an open bar, unlimited food and of course Playmates. What else could you want as a sports fan?

[+][-]StatsMix$03Acquired by Copper.io, 4/2013

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StatsMix makes it easy to track and chart all of your important metrics.

StatsMix allows customers to quickly track internal metrics with a REST-based API or automatically monitor social media, analytics, support systems, and many more popular services.

[+][-]StepOut$1,347,000100Acquired by Massive Media, 9/2013

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Stepout is a social discovery platform to find and like new people nearby, relaunching in late 2013.

The original platform was purchased by the online media group Massive Media in September 2013. The company is based in Ghent and London and runs, among others, Netlog and Twoo.

Originally, Stepout (formerly Ignighter) was an Indian social discovery service, that connected users based upon common interests and location.

The original Stepout community was successfully integrated with Twoo.com, Massive Media’s social discovery site with 11m monthly unique visitors, in September 2013.

In late 2013, Massive Media launched the Stepout app for Android.

[+][-]StockTouch$500,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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StockTouch creates beautiful mobile data visualization apps for finance.

Every day trillions of dollars change hands in our financial markets. Our apps deconstruct this massive amount of data in groundbreaking ways that change how users understand stocks and companies. Our goal is to humanize how financial information is delivered.

  • $500,000 - SEC on Jan 4 2012
[+][-]Storytime Studios$05ActiveBoston, MA
 Storytime Studios

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Tell your story, continue the story, or retell the story, with Skit!, by Storytime Studios.

With Instagram and Vine, we are limited to only capturing photos/videos of what is around us. Skit! lets us bring to life what’s on our mind and share it to friends, family, and the world. Then watch while others remix, continue, or respond to your story - something that was never before possible!

How? Import photos, tap record and bring your story to life with your finger and your voice. Then share it to our story cloud - an ever growing library of constantly evolving stories – like YouTube, but one in which others can edit anyone and anything in the video of the story you shared to continue the story (“…and then this happens next…”), or retell the story (“That’s not what happened, this is how it happened…”).

Tell your story, continue the story, or retell the story, with Skit!

[+][-]Student Launcher$05Active
 Student Launcher

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Student Launcher, previously known as AlumniChoose, is an online fundraising and sponsorship platform for student projects.

[+][-]Synack$1,500,00015ActiveMenlo Park, CA

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Synack is a platform that connects the global white hat hacker community and security minded organizations.

Synack makes vulnerability testing more effective and mimics real-world adversarial environments by crowdsourcing to an expert community of security researchers around the world. Synack’s platform formalizes successful vulnerability disclosure programs in place by some of the world’s largest tech corporations.

[+][-]TempMine$00Failed /2010# Y 

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TempMine is bringing the temporary staffing industry online. The company believes that they’ve found a way to make the temps, employers, and agencies happier with a single solution.

Temp workers create a profile on TempMine that is automatically updated as placements occur, providing more transparency and traceability to the process. Employers can search directly for temps across the inventory of multiple agencies, finding the right fit.

Agencies retain control over placements of their best temps. The temp agency only gets involved after the employer finds the exact temp they want. There is no cost to employers or temps to use TempMine, but they do take a 1% commission from the agencies.

[+][-]TempoDB$4,068,00010ActiveChicago, IL

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TempoDB is the first database service for time series data (ex: measuring thermostat temperatures, network latencies, heart rates). Time series is a unique Big Data problem that breaks traditional databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc). Today, businesses spend months and millions attempting to build solutions to manage all this data and yet still fail to store as much as they need or analyze it effectively. TempoDB is a purpose-built database service that enables businesses to store and analyze massive streams of time series data, so they can learn from the past, understand the present, and predict the future.

[+][-]Testive$500,0006ActiveCambridge, MA
Durham, NC

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Testive is at the forefront of developing education products that blend teachers and technology. Our private tutoring products use technology to deliver one-on-one instruction at lower cost than any other private instruction model.

Over 30K students and teachers have used our test preparation technologies to help them to help them on their preparation journey. Our core platform and approach was developed at MIT to speed up the learning feedback cycle.

Testive is based in Cambridge, MA with offices in Durham, NC and is an alumnus of the TechStars Boston accelerator program.

[+][-]Testlio$02ActiveAustin, TX

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Testlio offers testing services for mobile applications. The company is based in London, United Kingdom. Testlio opens a trusted network of proficient mobile testers to developers needing every last bug uncovered. They have created tools for software testing that allow business owners to not think about bugs and issues in their mobile product. They can use realtime chat, integrate issue reports into their existing systems, and do daily/weekly testing based on their own release schedule.

[+][-]The Highway Girl$05ActiveAtlanta, GA
# Y 
 The Highway Girl

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The Highway Girl helps travelers discover great music, venues and unique products. We bring together handmade goods that make your journey more comfortable.

[+][-]The Shared Web$350,0003Acquired by Sailthru, 5/2012New York, NY
 The Shared Web

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A Better Way to Discover and Share the Web.

Discover. There’s a lot of stuff on the web. We, like you, only want to see the best stuff, personalized for what you like.

Share. Each day we all see so many interesting things on the intertubes. There should be a place to effortlessly blast out all the interesting things you’re seeing so others can check them out too! This is that place.

[+][-]The Tap Lab$1,550,00010ActiveCambridge, MA
 The Tap Lab

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The Tap Lab is a social mobile gaming company based in Cambridge, MA. We make ambitious mobile games for a new generation of gamers! Our games explore new ways for players to interact with the world around them, sparking the imagination and seamlessly integrating with the real world.

[+][-]Thinkfuse$520,0005Acquired by Salesforce, 6/2012Seattle, WA

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Thinkfuse is an enterprise SaaS provider that integrates closely with email to streamline scheduled communications like status reports and project updates without changing the way people work. It helps helps teams collaborate while building intelligence about work done across an organization.

[+][-]ThinkNear$1,630,00010Acquired by Telenav, 10/2012New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA

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ThinkNear helps you target mobile display ads to consumers at precise locations. With access to billions of mobile impressions, cutting-edge location technology, and robust reporting and optimization, we make sure that your message reaches customers ready to buy what you sell.

ThinkNear helps advertisers unlock the value and improve performance up to 16 times the industry average by targeting ads based on where and what people are doing. Each consumer who sees one of our ads is in a place, at a time, and in a situation that signals that they are more interested in our advertisers than the typical consumer.

With ThinkNear, advertisers can access billions of impressions targeted to within 100 meters of targeted points, from multiple inventory sources. We provide sophisticated targeting and optimization tools to localize and enhance campaign performance. And ThinkNear offers a real-time reporting dashboard so that advertisers can actually see on a map where people are seeing and clicking on ads.

[+][-]Threat Stack$3,989,4977ActiveCambridge, MA
 Threat Stack

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Threat Stack, Inc is the maker of Cloud Sight™, which is a simple and intuitive way for businesses to protect, detect and respond to computer compromises in an intuitive interface we provide for you in the cloud.

We provide customers with a lightweight agent that can be rapidly deployed to their internal or cloud infrastructure. Our agent detects active intrusions and actively records attacker activity and other changes made to the system.

We’re the first advanced security monitoring platform which can be deployed in minutes.

[+][-]Timehop$4,100,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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Timehop aggregates Foursquare checkins, Facebook status updates, photos, Twitter updates, and Instagram photos from one year ago and sends them to you in a daily email.

[+][-]TimZon$06Acquired by Felix Fund, 4/2012Boulder, CO

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TimZon is the maker of SnapEngage.

Sell better using live chat support. SnapEngage can easily be installed on any website and seamlessly integrates with your CRM or Help Desk.

SnapEngage is a powerful Live Chat solution. Without installing any software, your Sales and Support teams can chat with your website visitors while they browse. Agents are using their preferred instant messaging solution and don’t need to learn yet another system.

SnapEngage real time integration with the leading CRMS and Help Desk automatically creates new leads or support cases when your visitors request help from your website. Chat transcripts are automatically added to support cases and leads, without the need for you to change your workflow.

SnapEngage integrates with:

  • Salesforce
  • Highrise
  • Zendesk
  • and many more…

Give it a try today, for free and convert your visitors into customers.

[+][-]ToVieFor$75,0000Failed 9/2011New York, NY

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At ToVieFor we sell the hottest handbags and accessories through a unique type of sale which allows a member to choose the price she wants to pay.

[+][-]TradingView$620,00024ActiveChicago, IL

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TradingView is the premier cloud charting and social network for traders.

  • Financial analysis on easy infographics
  • Learn from published ideas to maximize profit
  • Publish ideas to build a name in the trading community
  • Free HTML5 charts and quotes for any browser
  • Free chart widget for your blog/site
[+][-]Tred$1,800,0005ActiveSeattle, WA
New York, NY
# Y 

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Tred lets car shoppers test drive from their doorsteps. We deliver through impartial product experts, so shoppers feel no pressure to disengage from a test drive, and can compare finalists side by side in their driveways.

[+][-]TriggerMail$1,219,4525ActiveNew York, NY

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TriggerMail is a service that allows marketing managers at e-commerce companies to send personalized triggered emails based on customer behavior, providing incremental revenue and improving customer engagement.

TriggerMail directly integrates with e-commerce websites and automatically sends customers personalized and relevant email messages based on key signals, such as search terms, product browsing, and cart activities. We provide real-time analytics and allow marketing managers to freely edit email templates. Integration can be completed in a single day with only one line of code.

Our goal is to provide e-commerce companies Amazon-like email capability out-of-the-box.

[+][-]TruantToday$00Failed 4/2013Los Angeles, CA
# Y 

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TruantToday brings students — and funding — back to classrooms by instantly sending out text and email messages to parents when students cut class.

[+][-]TrueAbility$2,750,0005ActiveSan Antonio, TX

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TrueAbility™ is a cloud-based technical assessment tool. Today, recruiters and hiring managers rely on resume key words and written tests to qualify a job candidate. Resumes are often embellished, and written tests do not accurately capture a candidate’s TRUE ability, only their theoretical knowledge of the technology. TrueAbility has built a platform to solve this problem by validating a techs skills on a real server–allowing them to demonstrate their abilities in technologies relevant to the job they are applying for. Results can be used by companies to rank job applicants, reducing their cost per hire and accelerating the recruitment process.

[+][-]TutorialTab$00Failed /2010# Y 

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TutorialTab lets companies make their website more learnable. Using their platform you can add hands-on, interactive tutorials to a website that can guide users.

[+][-]Plum (Formerly Ube)$1,068,25011ActiveAustin, TX
 Plum (Formerly Ube)

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Ube is your single platform for controlling all of your home electronics. Ube provides unique intelligence by relating multiple substems.

Ube has 3 devices.

Smart Dimmer

The ube Smart Dimmer is an electronic dimmer that replaces the light switch in your wall. In addition to its full electronic dimming capability, it’s got a 32-bit high performance ARM microprocessor running the Android OS. It runs a full IP stack and communicates over WiFi by connecting to your local SSID.

Smart Plug

Don’t want to change your electrical outlet? Just plug the ube smart plug into any existing electrical outlet and control that plug from your smartphone. Plug any appliance into the smart plug and turn it on and off remotely from your smartphone. The smart plug also lets you measure how much energy is being used by whatever you’ve got plugged into it. It’s got the same specs as the smart outlet, plus it allows dimming so you can remotely dim your table lamps. It’s 110/220V compatible and will handle loads up to 500W

Smart Outlet

We know you want to control more than just lights. So we created the ube Smart Outlet. It’s got the same technical specs as the light switch. You replace your existing outlet with this smart one and turn anything plugged into this outlet on or off. The Smart Outlet also has an energy meter so you can know how much energy is being used by each device plugged into the outlet.It’s 110/220V compatible and will handle loads up to 1000W.

[+][-]Ubersense$1,150,00010ActiveBoston, MA

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Founded in 2011 by avid golfer Krishna Ramchandran, Ubersense produces mobile video analysis applications that enhance athletic performance across 20 different sports. Available free-of-charge through the Apple App Store, Ubersense apps are compatible over the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Ubersense’s video coaching mobile applications have been adopted by more than one million amateur and professional athletes and coaches worldwide as a vital instruction tool. Additionally, Ubersense apps are utilized by eight U.S. Olympic teams and more than 100 U.S. university sports teams.

[+][-]Ubooly$2,500,00014ActiveBoulder, CO

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Ubooly is an educational Smart Toy® that is powered by mobile devices. Ubooly talks and listens to kids while encouraging creative and active play!

[+][-]Urtak$500,0000Failed 9/2013New York City, NY

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Urtak brings simplicity and structure to any online conversation by allowing users to ask each other yes or no questions.

Urtak is the simplest way for an online publisher to increase understanding of and engagement with their audience.

Urtak is in use by great online publishers like Mashable, The Blaze, The Daily Beast, CBC, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Women’s Health, and Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish.

[+][-]UserMojo$00Failed 10/2010# Y 

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UserMojo is a User Experience Analytics platform that takes the largely fuzzy world of User Experience and distills it down into a quantitative perspective that is actionable and easily understood.

[+][-]UsingMiles$3,250,00015ActiveDenver, CO

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UsingMiles allows you to aggregate frequent flyer miles and hotel points from family members and keep track of all the various rewards programs. They help you keep track of when miles expire, or when there are special promotional programs for your miles.

[+][-]Vanilla Forums$1,000,00015ActiveMontreal,
 Vanilla Forums

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Vanilla provides a hosted community forum solution.

Vanilla helps publishers turn their audience into an engaged community, grow traffic and increase revenue. We believe that your community should uniquely reflect your brand and culture, be welcoming and reward members for positive participation.

[+][-]VerbalizeIt$1,618,0008ActiveNew York, NY

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With thousand of translators and interpreters globally, VerbalizeIt provides comprehensive language and technology solutions to help companies and individuals embrace the global economy. Supported by four-layers of quality assurance and partnerships with Skype, American Airlines, Desk.com and Rosetta Stone®, VerbalizeIt enables businesses and consumers to access a global network of professional human language translators.

By offering live interpretation, website and mobile localization document translation, and recorded voice transcription through its cloud-based platform, VerbalizeIt empowers companies to seize international business opportunities and deepen their engagement with an increasingly diverse customer base. Put simply, VerbalizeIt delivers fast, reliable, scalable and high quality translation solutions to meet the growing needs of international businesses, consumers and travelers worldwide. Learn more about VerbalizeIt at http://www.verbalizeit.com.

[+][-]Memoir$05Active★ Y 

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Animal Healthcare SaaS that uses pet medical data to grow veterinary business

  • €25.000 - on May 1 2013
  • €150.000 - on Jun 2 2013
  • $120,000 - on Sep 1 2013
  • €35.000 - on Jan 1 2013
[+][-]Vidmaker$668,0003ActiveMadison, WI

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Vidmaker is a social video platform where anyone can create video and share it everywhere.

Vidmaker provides powerful browser-based video editing tools and a mobile app for video uploads.

Vidmaker lets people easily share video privately with their friends or publicly to blogs, sites, social networks, YouTube and Vimeo.

Vidmaker offers free accounts to those who share their content publicly under creative commons licenses, and paid accounts that feature private storage.

[+][-]Localcents, Inc. (Villij.com)$195,0005Acquired by Villij, 10/2012# Y 
 Localcents, Inc. (Villij.com)

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A self-proclaimed “recommendation engine,” Villij is a service that essentially matches people with similar interests. The site recommends individuals to one another based on the content people have themselves created on the Internet (i.e. blogs, social networking and bookmarking sites, etc.) Villij is a TechStars company.

  • $15,000 - on Aug 1 2007
  • $80,000 - on Nov 1 2006
  • $115,000 - on Jan 1 2007
[+][-]Vizify$1,492,0007Acquired by Yahoo!, 3/2014Portland, OR

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SteamFunk Labs Inc., doing business as Vizify, operates an online portal that provides users to create their interactive profile. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

[+][-]Wander$1,200,0004Acquired by Yahoo!, 2/2014New York, NY

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Wander is a beautiful way to share and experience the world.

Founded by Jeremy Fisher, previously founder of Dinevore, and Keenan Cummings.

Wander is a TechStars NYC Summer 2012 company.

[+][-]Wantworthy$1,000,0000Failed 12/2013New York, NY

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Wantworthy lets you save the products you want from any site as you’re shopping online and gives you a place to organize, compare and get feedback from friends.

[+][-]WebCurfew$895,0006ActiveChicago, IL

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WebCurfew is a cloud-based platform to enable home automation by managing the routers (gateway) that people already have at home… and a simple dashboard to control the experience.

The first application is an “Internet Parental Control” service that allows parents to take back control over when and how their children access the internet from any connected device. It replaces the antiquated device-centric model of managing parental controls on individual devices, and provides a simple solution by managing the central point of all WiFi internet access in the home – the router.

[+][-]weeSpring$700,0005ActiveNew York, NY

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weeSpring is a social shopping platform for new and expecting parents, offering them a quick window into the baby gear their friends love, have, regret buying, or want. Compare products within a single category to see what your friends love, or browse a trusted friend’s favorites.

[+][-]Wire$2,250,0005ActiveSeattle, WA

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Wire Labs is a startup founded by ex-Amazon engineers Piragash Velummylum and Jordan Timmermann creating a mobile messaging application called “Wire.” The app, currently in a private beta release, is targeting the teen audience with photo and video messaging features and promise of real-time feedback.

[+][-]World Blender$00Failed 2/2011Seattle, WA
 World Blender

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World Blender’s mission is bringing the fun and fantastic to your daily routine through social, location-based games. This mission begins with releasing great games and sharing the power to create these games with enthusiast gamers and the game developer community.

[+][-]Wymsee$2,500,00010ActiveBoston, MA
Los Angeles, CA

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Wymsee, Inc. is an entertainment technology company: We build products that revolutionize how films & TV shows are created.

Our first product, Sync OnSet, is the industry’s most advanced software for creative design departments during pre-production and production. Sync OnSet enables the crew to use cutting-edge technology throughout their creative process. This saves valuable production time, but more importantly, it will elevate the quality of your work.

Wymsee is backed by TechStars, the #1 start-up accelerator in the world. Our team has experience developing & implementing software at some of the largest corporate and public organizations, including: global financial institutions, global pharmaceutical companies, the United States Federal Government, and top technology consulting firms.

[+][-]Zagster$1,363,00010ActiveBoston, MA

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Zagster is bike sharing for everyone. We design, build, and operate private bike sharing programs for universities, corporate campuses, hotels, and residential communities across the United States. Zagster provides customers a complete bike sharing solution - including system design, installation, sharing technology, maintenance, rider support, and marketing services.

At Zagster, our vision is to make access to bicycle transportation easy access for any community. We are currently deployed at locations in 13 states, with partners including Yale University, Quicken Loans, Hyatt Hotels, The Related Companies, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Our founding team has consulted in the bike sharing industry since 2007 and our Director of Operations was the original architect of Zipcar’s operational model.

[+][-]Zeppelin$118,0006ActiveSan Francisco, CA
Boston, MA

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Inbox for your Business Data.

Zeppelin is a mobile application that brings Business Data to your fingertips. It connects to various business applications, pulls out important data and presents it in a simple and concise way. This gives executives the ability to get important business insights without having to log into multiple applications or search through their email inboxes.

Most BI products are still built to run on desktops of company analysts and not executives on the road. We believe simplicity, ease of use, and a way to help them understand the data, is key for such applications to become adopted by executives.

Zeppelin is a TechStars company, currently located in Boston (MA).

[+][-]ZeroVM$1,538,0005Acquired by Rackspace, 11/2013San Antonio, TX

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ZeroVM is the first hypervisor designed specifically for the cloud. It is open-source and free to use.

The current architecture of the cloud is fundamentally broken, because it relies on hypervisors that were designed for a world that doesn’t exist any more. That world was one where servers lived in-house and heavy client-server applications ruled the enterprise.

So, we built ZeroVM.

ZeroVM is an open-source lightweight virtualization platform, based on the Google Native Client project. It offers three major benefits:

Speed: The fastest virtual servers in the market today take at least 2 minutes to create. ZeroVM takes less than 5 milliseconds, or about 1/20000th of that time. This huge speedup makes it possible to separate every single task into its own container. Isolation: ZeroVM is the first hypervisor to isolate each individual user of an application. Old fashioned hypervisors require sharing of one virtual server between multiple users, making app development much harder. Efficiency: ZeroVM only virtualizes the server parts that do the actual work. Existing clouds are giant server farms that are spending precious resources virtualizing unneeded things.

[+][-]Ziptask$118,0005ActiveAnaheim, CA

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Ziptask is a ‘fully managed’ work platform that operates as a layer on top of crowd labor marketplaces such as oDesk and Elance. It is the first outsourcing platform built around a network of expert project managers who reduce the risk and cost for small businesses.

Ziptask uses its network of project managers and proprietary software platform of collaboration tools to on-board, assess, and outsource small and medium projects ($1K-$10K), and ensure they are delivered in pre-agreed timeframe and cost. The tech-savvy project managers insulate the customer from the friction and headaches of the outsourcing process. The project managers use the collaboration, communication, screening, billing and project execution tools to empower teams and run projects efficiently in one place. It’s a drag & drop, one-click solution for a cumbersome and complex process.

  $588,822,807 2571      
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