Ecosystem Development

Join with Techstars to jumpstart your startup community. 

Real Impact in Real Cities

Local economies can experience real, rapid growth through organic company creation. 

Techstars can help you catalyze or grow your nascent startup community.

Fostering Community


“Startup communities are remarkable, world-changing networks, with literally limitless potential. But they need leaders who not only understand the power of founder-focused entrepreneurial ecosystems, but know how to build them from the ground up.” 

Chris Heivly, Techstars SVP of Ecosystem Development, discusses what it takes to grow and sustain a local driven by entrepreneurship.

Our Process

Working closely with government stakeholders and community leaders or influencers, Techstars supports startup communities from a holistic perspective, taking into account how all the factors that contribute to their entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

We start with a comprehensive assessment. We put a team in place, run some experiments, learn and adapt. Then we work the community to build a lasting infrastructure. It’s deep, important and highly collaborative work - work that makes a real difference.

We Wrote the Book on It


"The vast majority of net new job creation in the last 30 years has come from new startups."

Brad Feld
Techstars Co-Founder

Techstars' approach to building startup communities is informed by years of programs, pilot engagements, and hundreds of conversations in communities around the world. We follow the methodology outlined in Brad Feld's bestselling book, Startup Communities.

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