Ecosystem Development

Join with Techstars to jumpstart your startup community. 

Real Impact in Real Cities

Local economies can experience real, rapid growth through organic company creation. 

Techstars can help you catalyze or grow your nascent startup community.

Fostering Community

“We believe that talent is equally distributed around the world, but the opportunity is not. It’s on us to continue to grow our network for the benefit of current and future generations of entrepreneurs around the world.”

- David Cohen, Techstars Managing Partner

Our Process

The Techstars Ecosystem Development program is your unique upper hand in cultivating an ecosystem that will produce, retain, and attract high-growth startups on a regular basis. We will assess your capabilities, roadmap a path to success, and deploy resources locally to bridge the gap between the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and one that allows you to achieve your full potential.

While most ecosystems primarily focus on activities and actors, we place emphasis on the importance of adjusting the culture with a #givefirst mindset to encourage cross-collaboration and long-term change. 

Together, we will develop local founders, build an investor network, tap into universities and corporations, and engage state and local government.  

We Wrote the Books on It


"The vast majority of net new job creation in the last 30 years has come from new startups."

Brad Feld
Techstars Co-Founder

Techstars' approach to building startup communities is informed by years of programs, pilot engagements, and hundreds of conversations in communities around the world. We follow the methodology outlined in Brad Feld's bestselling book, Startup Communities.


Our founders are thought leaders in ecosystem development:

  • 2012: Techstars co-founder Brad Feld publishes Startup Communities, the seminal book on building startup ecosystems

  • 2017: Techstars launches its Ecosystem Development practice, which many small cities have used as a blueprint for success.

  • 2020: Brad Feld and Techstars Ian Hathaway release The Startup Community Way, the long-anticipated sequel to Startup Communities.

For over 10 years, Techstars has worked with 1,000+ startup ecosystems around the world. Let us bring our expertise to your city

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