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Founder Catalyst is a pre-accelerator program providing early stage entrepreneurs with invaluable startup education and mentorship.

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Ten-Week Pre-Accelerator Filled with Invaluable Insights

Founder Catalyst is a ten-week pre-accelerator program that provides early-stage entrepreneurs (pre-funding or idea-stage) with the training, tools, mentorship, and network to prepare them for the next level. The program cultivates a community of innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs who are all highly motivated to support each other’s success. This part-time, primarily virtual experience is perfectly suited for founders looking to hone their entrepreneurial skills, better understand their target customers, and dig deeply into refining the solutions they are offering the world.

Note: there is no equity exchange in Founder Catalyst programs.

Founder Catalyst might be right for you if you have:

Domain expertise

You possess deep understanding or unique insight into the challenge your startup is addressing.

A clear problem to solve

You have identified a well-defined customer need, and have a lead on the solution.

Raised less than $1M

Founders of early- or idea-stage companies will receive the most benefit from the program structure and activities.

A collaborative spirit

Maximizing the program experience demands excellent communication skills for collaboration with your cohort, mentors, and program leaders.

Programs Currently Accepting Applications

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Jeddah and Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

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Techstars Founder Catalyst Jeddah and Al Ahsa supports early-stage founders across all industries.

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