Unleash Your Internal Innovators

The Techstars Innovation Bootcamp empowers your employees to become the innovators that drive your company forward.

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Empower Internal Teams to Advance New Ideas

This 3-day, 54-hour event surrounds internal teams with the frameworks, mentorship, and resources necessary to rapidly identify and validate solutions for critical business problems.

Cultivate Leadership

Empower natural entrepreneurs and innovators on your internal teams while providing new tools and frameworks that can become catalysts for cultural transformation.

Accelerate Innovation

Generate a multitude of valuable new business and product ideas by introducing startup and lean business approaches to product development.

Retain & Develop Talent

Boost retention and keep entrepreneurial employees engaged within a creative, innovative, startup-like work environment.

How It Works

Form Teams

Your brightest employees pitch concepts and form teams to rapidly validate innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Build Solutions

Teams learn, practice, and apply lean and startup methodologies to identify problems and to validate their proposed solutions. Expert Techstars facilitators, as well as internal and external mentors, lead targeted sessions.

Present Concepts

Internal and external mentors provide teams with guidance and feedback, and a Techstars Innovation Coach collaborates with teams to finalize their pitches.

Demo Day

The final day culminates with a demo day: teams pitch their solutions to a panel of judges comprised of experts from the Techstars worldwide network and your business.

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“In addition to partnering on the Techstars Energy Accelerator, Equinor has also been working with Techstars on the creation of an Innovation Bootcamp program targeted at Equinor employees. As part of our innovation strategy, it is important for us to also drive innovation from within and to provide Equinor employees with new skills, similar to those being taught through the Accelerator program."
— Ragnhild Ulvik, VP Corporate Innovation at Equinor

Start Innovating Today

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A few of our amazing corporate partners