Meet the 12 Companies Selected for the 2023 Techstars Miami Accelerator

Feb 13, 2023

After sorting through thousands of applicants and conducting hundreds of interviews, the 12 companies were selected based on their strong understanding of customer pain, demonstrated ability to execute quickly, and their targeting of fast-growing markets. 

The Techstars Miami Accelerator program aims to help these companies achieve product-market fit, secure funding, and grow their businesses to the next level.

The companies selected span across multiple verticals, including healthcare, fintech, edtech, B2B SaaS, and Supply Chain.

The selected companies are:

  1. BeeCuick - A reverse B2B marketplace for hotel purchasing departments to transact with SMEs on credit.

  2. Cuentologia - It offers audio stories for kids to help parents connect with their children and improve their social-emotional skills.

  3. Fairsplit - Offers tailored severance employee benefits insurance to make severance packages available to every employee.

  4. Kuadra - Provides micro and small-sized businesses in Latin America with a platform to grow their businesses and access financing.

  5. KredFeed - Enables underserved SMEs in Mexico to unlock their cash flow by turning their receivables into instant cash.

  6. Lizit - A tech enabler and growth catalyst for asset rental companies, offering SaaS for asset management and operating processes.

  7. MedThread - Automatically gathers and curates patient histories for provider offices to reduce time spent calling and faxing.

  8. Modet - A fully digital operating system for apparel brands to seamlessly and quickly deliver ethically-manufactured products.

  9. NestedFunds - Provides tools to automate administrative tasks, simplify logistics, and streamline family collaboration for adult children supporting their parents.

  10. Sirius College - An accredited master program that transforms non-technical managers in LatAm into AI and data science professionals.

  11. Trez - An all-in-one solution for underserved Latino businesses, providing Payroll, Benefits, and Finance.

  12. Watermelon - An IDE extension for remote and distributed engineering teams to understand code context at depth.

For the next three months, the selected companies will participate in the Techstars Miami Accelerator program, where they will receive mentorship and support from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. 

We are thrilled to welcome these 12 companies to the Techstars Miami program. Each company has a unique vision for the future, and we are honored to be part of their journey to make it a reality.