Announcing 12 startups in the Techstars Farm to Fork Class of 2022

Jul 11, 2022

By Brett Brohl, Managing Director of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce a total of 12 companies comprising the 2022 Techstars Farm to Fork class, which makes it our largest ever! We are looking forward to working with these fantastic founders in what is our fifth program partnering with Cargill and Ecolab.  

Every year we run this program, the spotlight seems to get brighter and brighter on the state of the food system. These founders are working to solve global problems, from labor issues to pests and animal feed to international trade and sustainability.  This class has founders from all over the world (and some that basically live on planes!). From San Francisco to Ghana, the world is well represented.   

The idea of a Techstars food tech Accelerator began back in 2016 and was formally launched in 2018. Like any entrepreneurial path, this one has had surprises, highs, and lows, but we only get stronger as the Techstars Farm to Fork family grows. It is amazing to watch our alumni founders, mentors, and investors come back to support new founders year after year. We have high expectations for this class of 12 and can't wait for you to get to know them. 


Accelerating financial inclusion for rural smallholder farmers.


Availyst is a custom search engine for food and beverages. We help users find more local food options and compare across their offerings based on their preference, not the ad budgets of businesses.


Rapid AI systems with a no-code ML Operation for the next AI frontier - supporting industrial plants increasing quality while reducing labor and waste.


Extracting fertilizer, clean water, and green energy from dairy waste, going all the way to green hydrogen.


Clockout is a platform for restaurant employees to have the option to cash-out their daily earnings after every shift. 


CropConex is a supply chain management platform streamlining the sales and export process of specialty crops from emerging markets. 


Digiphy is a self-serve, QR-enabled contextual marketing and verification platform. With a scan of a QR code, Digiphy takes consumers beyond the physical label and into the digital space to learn a product's story, provenance & journey, brand values, sustainable practices, and engage directly with a brand, building trust and enabling commerce. 


EcoBloc uses ultrasonic sound to sustainably protect assets from rodent destruction.


Kadeya eliminates the need for disposable packaging through our network of smart bottling stations and reusable, digitally identifiable bottles. 

Organicin Scientific: 

Developing antibiotic alternatives for the food production sector. This is accomplished through our bacteriocin-based drug discovery platform. 


SRVE democratizes the source of food by putting the power back in the hands of chefs. They are the oracles and the source of truth of where our food comes from and its impact, when we free their work we break the cycle of supply chain. 


Automated freight forwarding for international shipments of full container loads of perishable goods.