Announcing Build in Tulsa Techstars Summer 2023 Class

May 08, 2023

The Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator is proud to announce our Summer Class of 2023 Companies. After a rigorous selection process, we chose 12 companies led by underrepresented founders who are committed to changing how we do life and business around the world. This class is diverse in origin and experience with companies leveraging technological innovation to conquer challenges in areas such as digital health, insurtech, future of work, professional education, fintech, blockchain and so much more. 

Over the next 13 weeks, our founders will go through an intense peer and mentor-driven learning journey as they rapidly scale their companies, and, according to Managing Director, Tré Baker, “we’ll focus primarily on dialing in product-market fit and attracting customers and capital.” 

In addition to our incredible Founders, our program team welcomes three phenomenal people to the Build in Tulsa Techstars program team. Leticia Calvillo as our exceptional new Program Manager, a powerhouse in James Lydiard as our Investment Associate and the incomparable Miles Dotson as our VC-in-Residence. Our team is built to ensure that our Founders have an unforgettable experience, even beyond the completion of this 13 week program. 

Today we begin the process of helping our Founders grow and scale their business and we are  excited to showcase their hard work at Demo Day, August 3rd. Details for that will be on our social media soon. 

The Build In Tulsa Techstars Accelerator program focuses on underrepresented founders that are spearheading marketplaces, providing platforms and creating management solutions to shift the dynamic of their industry verticals. Our program is made possible through our continued partnership with Build In Tulsa and the George Kaiser Family Foundation

Want to meet the cohort in person? Join us at our Founder Reveal at Inner Circle Vodka in Tulsa, OK, this Thursday, May 11th from 5:30-7:30pm. 

Here are the companies that make up the Build In Tulsa Techstars Summer Class of 2023: 

Brolly Africa | Accra, Ghana

For automobile users in Africa who cannot get insurance unless they pay annual premiums upfront in bulk ("No Premium, No Cover"), Brolly combines insurance and financing to enable them to pay "small-small".

Candidate Tools Inc | Denver, Colorado

For enterprise level companies who are overwhelmed by the volume and low quality of respondents to online ads, Candidate Tools provides automated pre-screening of job seekers who apply online and delivers the top 2% of the most qualified candidates.

CModel Data Inc | Vallejo, California

For business leaders in companies with annual revenues between 10M and 100M aligning strategy and resources is complex. CModel provides an easy way for leadership teams to keep their team, strategy and resources in sync while they grow. | Detroit, Michigan

For founders who are looking to hire and learn from skilled knowledge workers on a project basis, provides direct access to top industry experts through their digestible video content and livestream events.

Foresight Reporting | Kansas City, KS

For lenders that need to deploy capital, we make it easy to approve more borrowers without increasing risks. For founders who need to raise capital, Foresight Reporting transforms qualitative data into non-dilutive capital for growth.

GrantVEST | Denver, Colorado

For companies who struggle to win grants and tax credits, GrantVEST removes barriers to alternative capital. | Henderson, Nevada

For sales teams looking to improve the organization and centralization of information related to successful deals with specific buyer personas, offers a solution to streamline and simplify access to this crucial information.

Myri Health | Norman, Oklahoma

For employers who lack adequate postpartum benefits for their new parent employees, Myri Health provides personalized rehab based on delivery type, communities for parents to connect and tracking resources in a low cost, mobile app.

RekFix | San Francisco, California

RekFix assists all accident victims and service providers through the entirety of the auto-accident process using automation technology. RekFix is essentially a concierge and ecosystem for all constituents of the auto accident reconciliation process, centered on the accident victim.

SmartTracker | Orlanda, Florida 

For public health organizations who get saddled with arcane technology for patients, partners, and staff, SmartTracker reinvents health record and integration technology. For local and state public health organizations SmartTracker transforms the patient and staff experience into a meaningful and flexible use of data and mobility to improve population health outcomes.

Taro Finance | Seattle, Washington 

For private businesses that lack capital access or private asset owners that lack liquidity options, Taro Finance provides a platform that allows them to efficiently raise capital from a global audience of investors through the issuance of security tokens & enables access to any secondary trading venue.

Vendeee | West Orange, New Jersey 

For vending machine owners who are tired of the mundane task of working their vending route, Vendeee provides a management solution that provides a workforce for shopping, restocking, and pick up/drop off for your vending machine business.