Announcing Techstars SportsTech Melbourne 2022 - Our 10 New Companies

Mar 21, 2022

By Todd Deacon, Managing Director of Techstars SportsTech Melbourne

I set out last year on a global search for the next sports-tech unicorn, and I have absolute confidence that all 10 companies we are announcing today have the founding teams and opportunity in front of them to reach those dizzy heights. 

Sport for many people is like a global religion, and reflecting this, we received hundreds of applications representing startups from over 40 countries worldwide. 

Deciding to invest in the final 10 companies with 100% conviction, is no easy feat. However, common to all 10 startups are talented founders with big visions, proven track records with early traction and the ability to attract top talent to solve significant issues in the sports, health and entertainment industries. 

All startups in this year's class are building software-led businesses that can rapidly scale. We have teams riding the powerful wave of Web3 in sport, Sports Fintech and Fan Engagement. In the Fitness space, we have teams taking advantage of the legacy impact covid has had on how we exercise, while in Health, we have teams leveraging AI to change how we access better health outcomes.

Today, 10 founding teams from the USA, UK, Australia, Mexico and Norway are coming together for the very first time and the next 13 weeks of Techstars. With our partners Tennis Australia, Victoria University and LaunchVic and over 150 mentors from across the globe, we are setting out to rapidly accelerate every team to success in 2022 and beyond.

With that said, I introduce you to the Techstars SportsTech Melbourne class of 2022.


Simbull (USA)

The Stock Market for Sports Teams on Blockchain

Sports FinTech

Played (UK)

Payments solution for sports facilities, sessions and courses via an online storefront.

GetDuck (Australia)

QR code menu, ordering and payments solution for sporting venues.

Fan Engagement

Xpand (USA)

Social media and monetization platform for the gaming world.

Stready (Norway)

Supercharging loyalty by enabling e-tailers to leverage workout data.

Herd (USA)

A messaging and photo-sharing social platform designed for digital wellness.


inStryde (USA)

Making any shoe custom fit.

Hormonious Flo (UK)

AI-powered menstrual wellness coach helping women naturally eliminate period pain.


MyArc (UK)

Fitness app for content creators and their fans.

RookMotion (Mexico)

The one-stop fitness ecosystem for digital and hybrid coaches.

Todd Deacon, Managing Director of Techstars SportsTech Melbourne
Todd Deacon