Announcing Techstars Sustainability Paris Class of September 2023

Sep 13, 2023

Techstars Sustainability Paris is excited to announce its September 2023 class of companies. The program kicked off on Monday, September 11th, and will end on December the 8th. In 2 years, this is the 4th programme we are running, counting nearly 50 companies in our portfolio.

The programme will be conducted in a hybrid format, allowing those founders that cannot always be in Paris not to miss anything. During the first and last week of the programme (which includes an in-person Investor Day), all the founders will be in person. Our first priority for them is to continue fostering their development throughout and after our 13-week programme.

We have received applications from many different countries and had a very competitive application pool making it very hard to select our candidates. 12 international companies with the aim of building a better tomorrow are ready for this amazing journey. The founders intend to help solve some of today’s world's sustainability issues. Responsible consumption & production, affordable & clean energy are among the goals the companies will pursue.

To give our founders a world class experience, Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator counts on a strong team: Raphaele Leyendecker, Managing Director, Rebecca Ravenni, Investment Analyst and Program Manager, Marta Valentini, Visiting Ops Associate, Matteo Goffredo, Associate, Anna Nikolova, Design Associate, Harshit Jain,  Lead Gen Associate. We also enrolled really close members of our community with 7 Mentors in Residence: Arnaud Weiss leading the sales practice, Caroline Woussen-Franczia expert in inbound marketing, Andrea Sasso giving the best financial frameworks, Sera Evcimen expert in hardware and manufacturing, Sanford Spivey guiding customer discovery, Abhinav Ramaria focusing on carbon and impact, Daniel Andor on Product Ux; and 1 Investor in Residence: Frederic Krebs (also in residence at Serena Capital). Over 90 Mentors will be joining us in two weeks to start what we call Mentor Madness and help our intakes take a step further.

Our Class of September 2023

Stackease Energy (France) - Stackease Energy is developing an ML-optimized battery trading for clean energy.

Propellane (France) - Propellane works on the optimisation of industrial heating processes.

EEVY (France) - Eevy is building a mobile app for businesses and individuals to share and monetise private chargers.

Mc Ledger (France) - Saas platform delivering digital transformation solutions for multimodal transport.

ARI CARE (Estonia) - Manufacturing personal care & cleaning products as organic powder-based formulas for the hospitality sector.

Canopey (UK) - Sustainable shopping marketplace to make customer choices easy.

Carbon Bright (UK) - Carbon Bright is a product-impact intelligence for CPG supply chains.

Illuminem (Italy) - The Bloomberg of Sustainability, leading source of corporate information on sustainability.

Greena World (UK) - Technology helping the hospitality industry analyze, improve and communicate their sustainability efforts.

We Make Change (UK) - Remote Volunteering Platform to drive change in organizations.

Greenfluidics (Mexico) - Pursuing urban sustainability by empowering developers to create and revitalize green buildings.

MinersAI (US) - Providing to mineral exploration companies an easy access to geological and geophysical data, worldwide, in an AI and analytics-ready format.

If you want to meet the Techstars Sustainability Paris companies, you can check them out here and reach out. 

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