Announcing Techstars Tel Aviv 2020: Our 10 New Companies

Mar 30, 2020

By Hilla Ovil Brenner, Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv

The Israel tech industry, also known as ״Startup Nation״, is considered one of the more exciting ecosystems for entrepreneurs around the world.  $39.1 billion was raised by Israeli tech companies in the past decade, with $8.3 billion raised in 522 deals in 2019 alone. VC-backed deals are at an all time high with over 30 Israeli unicorns. All multinational companies come to Israel to scout for startups and technologies. These are all reasons why Techstars launched the new, prestigious Tel Aviv Accelerator! 

Early 2020 has brought entrepreneurs, and the world, a lot of uncertainty, confusion and instability. During this current global climate,  Techstars’ top priority is our network’s health and safety. We are doing all we can to minimize the risks of COVID-19, and to help us all get through this crisis. We are actively adjusting how our organization is operating, and working hard to minimize disruption to our programming and events. As part of these adjustments, we’ve decided to take the necessary and responsible measure to ensure the safety of our founders and mentors by delaying the official start of Techstars Tel Aviv to June 7th. 

We believe there are a couple of different ways to look at our current global situation, and we are even more excited to launch this program! This could turn out to be the greatest opportunity in a company's lifetime — or at least lead them in the right direction - great entrepreneurs always surface.This strong and established hi-tech industry with seasoned VCs, MNCs and mentors serves as the right kind of support to help startups through this time.

While we have pushed our program to start later in the year, we have already selected the 10 companies who will be joining us for the unique and inaugural class of Techstars Tel Aviv 2020. We couldn’t be more excited for, and proud of, our exceptional founders! 10 incredibly innovative, adaptable and durable startups will be joining us on June 7th, 2020 for our 13-week mentorship-driven accelerator program. Over the 13 weeks we will focus on helping companies deeply understand their customer and their problem, develop an internal understanding that fosters progress over motion, use metrics to drive decision making, and tap into the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed to open doors and scale rapidly. 

Spotlight on the Tel Aviv Startup Ecosystem

Tel Aviv is located at the heart of the Israeli Startup Nation, an innovation ecosystem home to more than 6,000 startups. Tel Aviv’s unique environment creates a platform for startups to flourish and thrive, attracting founders from all over the world to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent,  supportive community andreat place to live. Furthermore, multinationals and investors from all over the world are traveling to Tel Aviv to learn from its innovation ecosystem, partner with talented founders and invest here. 

Our mentor pool is as strong as ever and continues to be the key ingredient to our founders success in, and after, the program. We’re very grateful to have so many successful entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts share their expertise and wisdom with the companies. 

Please join us in welcoming the following companies into Techstars!

Albo Systems

Albo System’s deep learning algorithms analyze images from various sensors on drones/satellites allowing unprecedented identification of mosquitoes breeding sites under extreme conditions.


Bridgify provides hotel chains and OTAs (online travel agencies) a personalized travel platform for their customers.


Behavioral Explainable AI for financial models. We extract the internal decision-making process from AI BlackBox models and convert it into a fully controlled explainable model.


Hololink is a one stop shop to create and distribute interactive, web based augmented reality experiences, accessible through the built-in browser of any device.


i-BrainTech makes products designed to improve athletes' performance in professional sports.


Inthegame redefines the future of viewing interaction via a unique platform for live & VOD streams.


A B2B DaaS platform democratizing & commoditizing data, allowing users to find relevant datasets and discover new insights.


Parsempo is an AI powered, self service marketing platform for Digital Signage and Out of Home (OOH) media owners and marketers.


SenseIT is an automatic functional testing platform for web accessibility.


SKILLSET is the first online platform for assessing the suitability of candidates with disabilities in to work.