Announcing the Spring 2023 Techstars Berlin & Audi Denkwerkstatt Founder Innovation Lab

Apr 11, 2023

Western Europe has been at the forefront of the first mobility revolution - co-inventing the internal combustion engine. While the mobility industry has created millions of jobs in Europe over the last century, many car manufacturers have been challenged recently to pave the way for a more sustainable and connected world of mobility. This is why we are in particular proud to combine the innovation power of both AUDI AG and Techstars by launching the Founder Innovation Lab, a program to support founders that build this mobility world of tomorrow.

Starting in April 2023 in Berlin, we will work with a highly selected group of 12 world-class startup teams. Those teams will leverage both the global Techstars network and Audi’s deep mobility expertise and customer base to millions of tech-savvy drivers seeking new ways to digitally connect while being mobile. These teams will focus both on B2B2C plays that leverage unused time while on the road and business models that capitalize on digitization key trends, such as connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving, and smart mobility. This includes software that converts electric vehicles into energy storage units, sustainable and shared mobility platforms, connected cars, in-car productivity tools, and audio content for an in-car experience. 

And this is our spring 2023 class of the Techstars Audi Founder Innovation Lab:


A platform that provides businesses with historical, current, and forecast air quality, pollen, and UV data for any point in the world - ready to be integrated into any digital product.


An AI-driven visual navigation software enabling drones to be fully autonomous.

Bidi Charge

An investment platform for public and semi-public EV charging points that leverages the power of the crowd to speed up infrastructure deployment.

Carré Mobility

A leading shared mobility platform for the housing industry to help them save space and money.


A community marketplace platform where members can conveniently & safely book skilled professionals who flexibly offer their services much faster for a fraction of industry prices.


A connected mobility solution that leverages connected vehicles, providing new vehicles on demand, and creating personalized mobility services to foster customer loyalty.


A location-based platform to give culturally interested (premium) car drivers access to audio content.


An in-car platform that provides professionals with an effortless, safe, and hands-free collaboration tool.


A software platform that converts electric vehicles into energy storage units, allowing owners to play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint and earning rewards in the process.


A marketplace offering efficient, affordable, and reliable transport solutions to employees relying on informal or public transport in Africa. 


A platform to boost productivity and on-road safety via an AI-based, voice-controlled software layer that smoothly integrates with widely-used in-car collaboration and communication systems.


A go-to white-label solution for tokenizing & fractionalizing alternative assets in a regulatory-compliant way.

About Techstars & Audi Denkwerkstatt

Techstars Berlin supports world-class startup founders to build their businesses and to get access to more funding faster. Techstars’ goal is to co-create at least one European unicorn each year. 

Audi Denkwerkstatt is the digital innovation spearhead of AUDI AG. Audi’s goal is to foster a strategic bond between founders and AUDI, which will serve as a backbone to boost the creation of products and services that can generate new revenue streams and customer touch points. 

Together we are launching a collaborative new entrepreneurship program for ambitious founders: The Founder Innovation Lab. Our mission is to develop sustainable solutions for the human need for mobility in a digitized world.