Announcing the STANLEY+Techstars 2022 Class

Feb 23, 2022

We are excited to introduce the ten companies joining the 2022 class of the STANLEY + Techstars Accelerator with a focus on Electrification! We’ve selected a diverse group of companies uniquely positioned to make a meaningful impact on the sustainability of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) consumer and industrial products.  

After successfully accelerating startups working on sustainable packaging and advanced manufacturing artificial intelligence (AI) and additive capabilities, this year’s class will focus on technologies that enable and/or utilize electrification. We’ll work with batteries, advanced materials, microprocessors, robots, consumer appliances and services.  Our startups originate from a number of locations both across the states – Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia - and across the globe from Canada, to Germany and Ireland. To keep our founders and accelerator community safe and to broaden our mentor pool, this years’ program will run in a hybrid fashion – utilizing both a virtual and in-person format.

The class begins in Baltimore Maryland on February 14th and will culminate with a demo day and investor days in late May. Stanley Black & Decker and Techstars are working in partnership with the local non-profit Upsurge Baltimore.

Upsurge Baltimore is propelling Baltimore into the top tier of innovation hubs through “Equitech,” its anchoring belief that diversity is a force multiplier for scaling startups and the communities supporting them – a vision that resonates with Stanley Black & Decker and Techstars. Through robust focus on tech-enabled founders, UpSurge is helping to launch, support, attract, grow and celebrate high-impact startups in Baltimore.

We have categorized our startups into three groups -- each representing important focus areas for Stanley Black & Decker.

Presenting the STANLEY+Techstars Class of 2022:

Next Generation Batteries / Electric Power - 

Technologies for rapid charge, high power, advanced and recyclable materials, and the electrification infrastructure.


PlazMod Technology,Inc is  planning to commercialize a revolutionary materials processing technology for manufacturing structured materials systems to enable global energy system transition to electrification.


Chargd is a mobile application that enables sharing of home EV chargers in addition to accessing the public chargers, thereby creating the largest existing charging network. The technology connects car and charger, enables interactive experience, and allows users to perform data driven optimizations.

Electrification -

Advancement of electric powered products (e.g. battery powered tools, outdoor, home), applications that accelerate energy efficiency and/or savings and/or tools for the electrified world


Kitchenery is a hardware + software + data startup, with its patent-pending modular wireless power transfer technology, appliance manufacturers and brands can convert conventional corded kitchen appliances to smart cordless kitchen appliances. For end users, this will eliminate the need and use of power cords in small kitchen appliances like juicers and toasters, and give them a smart, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing cooking experience.

Its wireless power receiver system is an interface for smart connectivity, voice control capabilities & AI based simulations on product and consumer trends based on curated device data.


MeterLeader is a platform that empowers and motivates people to adopt energy efficient behaviors and equipment in their homes and buildings by leveraging the power of real-time utility data, behavioral science, and community. Users can easily create and participate in energy saving competitions that are integrated with real-time PG&E electricity and natural gas data. We make saving energy and reducing carbon emissions - easy, fun, collaborative, and measurable.


Athenai is revolutionizing sensor networks by building a novel low power, event-based chip. The company is founded by neuromorphic technology pioneer and serial entrepreneur, Ryad Benosman, and is focusing on micromobility as the first application.

Autonomy and Sustainability -

Automation solutions for products or manufacturing that promote efficiency, effectiveness, and circularity.


MOLG is developing a circular manufacturing platform to enable the autonomous assembly and disassembly of sustainable, cost-effective products and devices. Working with leading product companies, MOLG is working to deploy robot-first micro-factories around the world to advance the transition to the circular economy.

Flora Coatings

Flora Coatings has developed a smart and sustainable, transparent, one part liquid coating that transforms to functional glass on application in ambient conditions without the need of high temperature heating and can prevent surfaces from aggressive environmental conditions including corrosion, wear, microbial infection, high temperature usage and bio fouling that occur in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, appliances, electronics and marine industries.

Helgen Technologies

Helgen Technologies enables companies struggling to find consistent staff to operate heavy equipment to increase productivity and improve revenue management by upgrading heavy machines into intelligent autonomous systems.

Revolute Robotics

Revolute Robotics’ inspection robots for confined and dangerous spaces. Switch between rolling on the ground and flying through the air to travel where no other robot can.


Autonopia builds autonomous mobile robots to take over hazardous work on inaccessible surfaces of tall structures.

We look forward to seeing what these ten companies will accomplish in the coming months!

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