Announcing the Techstars Berlin Autumn Class of 2023 - Shaping the future with Deep Tech

Oct 08, 2023

By Martin Schilling, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin 

At Techstars Berlin, we believe the time has come to build the next generation of Deep Tech companies in Europe. These companies are pushing technological frontiers and addressing the most pressing problems humanity faces. 

After assessing more than 4,000 startups, we are proud to announce the 12 companies selected for the Autumn Class of 2023. They are tackling challenges in Life Science, Quantum, Space Tech, Novel AI, Climate Tech, Data Engineering and beyond. Based in 7 countries and coming from 12 nationalities, our 29 founders in this class are visionaries who left their established careers in science, academia and corporate to become pioneers of the 21st century.

During the 3-month program and beyond, we will accelerate their ventures through mentorship, resources, valuable networks and funding. Together, we will build strong foundations for their future category leading companies.

We are honored to present the Techstars Berlin Autumn 2023 class:  

Life Science

Gordion Bioscience

An advanced protocol merging Exome data with Dark Genome patterns, aiming to identify new drug targets and elevate pharmaceutical success and efficiency.


A revolutionary AI-driven device designed to expedite and reduce the cost of sperm fertility tests for healthcare providers.


A revolutionary, data-privacy conform platform to help clinicians & laboratories to develop and deploy medical AI models into clinical practice.


A company with a mission to revolutionize precision oncology by building a patient-centered cancer data ecosystem, consolidating scattered data, promoting transparency, and advancing clinical research with machine learning on real-world datasets.

Xena Dx

An AI-based pelvic imaging solution that helps clinicians diagnose endometriosis bringing down the diagnostic time from 7 years to one visit.



A pioneering startup enabling financial institutions to tap into quantum computing, letting SMEs and individuals convert simple codes into complex quantum algorithms.

Space Tech


Leading the charge for a debris-free cosmos with democratized access to comprehensive cloud-based tools, ensuring precise orbital forecasts and in-depth spacecraft assessments. Their overarching objective is to enable AI-enhanced self-driving spacecraft with high-degree of safety and precision.

Novel AI


LogSpend is a platform that helps companies building LLM-based applications automate their end-to-end workflows like performance evaluation, experimenting with different LLMs, fine-tuning and optimising for performance and cost.

Climate Tech


An AI analytics solution crafted to amplify predictions of grid energy consumption, ensuring optimal grid performance and reduced waste.


A frontrunner in advancing the circular economy, Resourcly is connecting manufacturers and partners by leveraging AI and ML ensuring low-risk, circular supply chains and cost-effective raw material procurement.

Data Engineering


Building the next-gen big data engine that lowers the cost of data warehousing by 4X using the patent-pending "Empowered Storage Architecture", and converges the entire BI/Analytics/Data Engineering stack into a single, fully managed platform-as-a-service.


A holistic data platform specializing in centralized quality and governance, automation of data catalogs, serverless data pipelines, and offering detailed asset and global cost reports.