Announcing the Techstars Berlin Spring Class of 2024 - Accelerating European Deep Tech Founders

Mar 14, 2024

By Martin Schilling, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin 

At Techstars Berlin, we believe the time has come to build the next generation of Deep Tech companies in Europe and we want to support founders on this mission. These companies are addressing the most pressing problems humanity faces and will make a meaningful impact on our society and the world as we know it.

After assessing more than 4,000 startups, we are proud to announce the 12 companies selected for the Spring Class of 2024. They are tackling challenges in Novel AI, Life Science, Climate Tech, Future of Computing, and beyond. Coming from 17 different nationalities, our 30 founders in this class are visionaries with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, some of them have even left their established careers in science, academia, and corporate to become pioneers of the 21st century.

We are honored to present the Techstars Berlin Spring 2024 class:  

Climate Tech & Advanced Materials

🌱 CellON

Pioneering technology for advanced biobased materials in energy storage and beyond, driving sustainability and innovation towards a greener future.

💡 Nanomatter

Leading the semiconductor industry with cutting-edge solutions for large-scale growth of atomically thin 2D semiconductors, leveraging AI and CVD technology for improved efficiency and accessibility.

🌍 Pleno

Automating carbon removal project measurement and monitoring using satellite remote sensing and AI, optimizing sustainability efforts for a brighter future.

Novel AI

📸 Caspa AI

Empowering e-commerce businesses to create and enhance lifestyle photos with their products using generative AI-based software, revolutionizing visual content creation with ease.

👩‍⚖️ Curated AI

Assisting European lawyers with an AI-driven assistant tailored for privacy and IT law, providing comprehensive support in navigating legal complexities with precision.

Life Sciences

🔬 Miphic

Leading mitochondrial screening in drug discovery and personalized medicine with a high-throughput platform, accelerating research and development for a healthier future.

🩺 RemeD

Innovating molecular diagnostics to create accessible and affordable disease diagnostic solutions, aiming for a cleaner and healthier future for all.

🧬 Biomod AI

Streamlining the CRISPR gene editing process for researchers through an intuitive SaaS platform driven by AI, simplifying concept-to-execution workflows, and facilitating detailed gene editing protocols effortlessly.

Sensors, IoT & Mobility

🔍 JoltSynSor

Redefining sensor technology with AI-powered fiber-optic sensors, delivering real-time insights on force, pressure, and temperature with unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness.

💻 Seedsight

Offering hardware & software solutions for grain quality analysis, paired with a blockchain-based platform for traceability and validation of grain origins, revolutionizing transparency in the agriculture industry.


Providing cost-effective and sustainable electric drive unit solutions for high-volume electric vehicles, prioritizing efficiency and eco-friendliness in the mobility sector.