Announcing the Techstars Boston 2021 Class

Nov 08, 2021

By Gregory Raiz, Managing Director, Techstars Boston Accelerator

The Boston Techstars Accelerator today announced its winter class of 12 early-stage companies to help propel humanity and global change.

We’re excited to announce the companies that make up the 2021 class for Techstars Boston Accelerator, which kicks off this week. The incoming managing director, Gregory Raiz, set a vision for the class, “I wanted to accelerate companies that save lives, save the planet, and change the way we live and work.” The class is the embodiment of that vision and is comprised of a diverse group of founders from all over the world.

Companies that save lives are focusing on the fields of med-tech, medical devices, safety technology, pharmacy technology and healthcare software. Our climate-tech companies have the vision of reducing carbon emissions both for personal and corporate impact. And lastly, companies impacting how we live and work touch the fabric of our family, the creator economy, and our collective mental health.

Our applicant pool was remarkably strong this year, and the selected companies, chosen from hundreds of applicants from all over the world, represent a diverse set of founders focused on making a positive difference.

The Boston accelerator is the second oldest accelerator in the Techstars network. First founded in 2009, the program has produced billions in economic value, over a hundred companies and thousands of jobs.

Thank you to our sponsors, partners, mentors, and Techstars alumni who help make Techstars Boston successful. Please join me in welcoming the Techstars Boston Class of 2021!


Boston, Massachusetts

BeAKid is the Airbnb of youth enrichment programs. The goal is to connect 73M US kids and their parents to 400K+ service providers, after-school programs and classes. For service providers, we help resolve the most pressing issues around registrations, payments, and community building. For parents, we’re building the tools to make it easy to manage your busy schedule, and for kids… just BeAKid!

First Ascent Biomedical

Portland, Oregon

Developing personalized cancer treatment plans based on the biology of patients’ tumors and the response to multi-drug combinations, using individual DNA, RNA, and AI to pick the compounds that are most effective in treating an individual.


Silver Spring, Maryland

Future is on a mission to democratize climate smart living, empowering individuals and families to save money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time, targeting savings of 40 million tons of Co2 over the next five years. Future offers product-level carbon tracking and incentives via the FutureCard on everyday products and services. Future makes it easy to make smart financial decisions that positively impact our climate.

Health Haven RX

Boston, Massachusetts

Enables a digital-first pharmacy that saves consumers up to 80% on their prescriptions. The service allows any healthcare company, telemedicine provider, or other clinical-care business to enable a customized and personalized pharmacy experience delivered straight to your door via an API.


New York City, New York

NotedSource is a platform that helps companies engage experts, professors, and PhDs for Environmental, Social and Governance projects (ESG). Through a network of thousands of academic experts, NotedSource software matches experts and domains to specialized company initiatives.


Boston, Massachusetts

While the creator economy is booming, creators lack the tools to own, manage, nurture, and monetize their audiences. Rivet is a unified platform to help musicians and creators understand their fan bases, from purchasing behavior and show attendance to social engagement. Rivet also makes it easy to sell to your fans -- everything from physical merchandise to digital NFTs.


Rochester, New York

Sign-Speak uses machine learning to automate sign language translation to help businesses communicate with Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) individuals. The technology is first of its kind and will allow 48 million D/HH individuals to communicate in their preferred communication methods. Sign-Speak provides API’s and technology to enable sign-language recognition across desktop and mobile devices.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Most mental healthcare providers lose countless hours on unproductive and manual office administration. Speakbox saves time by optimizing clinical work, allowing clinicians to focus on providing high quality care. Unlike existing solutions, Speakbox places each client at the center of their care journey, giving clinicians access to direct insights and seamless data sharing. Speakbox provides greater engagement, stronger care outcomes, and increases revenue.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While helmets reduce the risk of head injury, the vast majority of concussions go undetected. Tozuda has created a Head Impact Indicator that is entirely mechanical and reacts to the acceleration of an impact. The indicator shows when a user should be evaluated by a medical professional and can be used in both sports and industrial applications across hundreds of millions of helmets annually.


Boston, Massachusetts

We spend a lot of time at work however 70% of employees report not being engaged. Trova focuses on employee engagement using AI to connect & network employees forming stronger intra-company connections and driving employee engagement.

TuCann Medical

Melbourne, Australia

80% of all patients in a hospital get fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream via a cannula device. The use of these devices is error prone and can cause a number of serious complications that can be fatal. TuCann is redesigning the cannula device to be safer to use through innovations in design, user experience, and material science.

Two To Tango

Bogota, Colombia

Two To Tango is the for business. It is an AI-powered networking technology to automatically make intelligent and meaningful connections at online and in-person business events.

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