Announcing the Techstars Eastern Pacific Accelerator Class of 2020!

Dec 16, 2020

By Dhritiman Hui, Managing Director of the Eastern Pacific Accelerator Powered by Techstars 

Following a successful first edition of this program from 2019, we feel proud to - hand in hand with our friends from Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) - welcome our class of 2020! This year’s class of 9 startups will continue to address key challenges faced in the modern maritime industry. Our 2020 class is made up of startups from all over the world- Belgium, Denmark, India, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, and the US.

Similar to last year, our mission remains to help these startups build large businesses in the hundred-billion-dollar maritime industry. To that end, the program will focus on proof-of-concept conducted onboard shipping vessels as well as extensive networking and mentoring from the shipping industry and the investor community. The startups’ success will be our success.   

Not least of all, these startups are now a part of the Techstars family and network, and will enjoy the lifelong association that comes with that. 

A list of the companies follow below! 

Dhritiman Hui & Alina Hoon


Robotics start-up building the cheapest and most effective autonomous, robotic hull cleaning solution for ocean-going vessels

Captain's Eye

Uses machine vision analytics to improve crew and vessel safety on board ocean-going vessels, as well as reduce risk of maritime accidents and ocean pollution  


Revolutionises the way industrial inspections are conducted by making it handsfree, faster and safer for inspectors and auditors. 


Uses virtual, augmented and mixed reality to make training in heavy industries (maritime, energy, airline, manufacturing) more effective, and cost and time efficient 

Mushroom Material

A sustainable mushroom-based alternative to polystyrene Styrofoam and cardboard packaging  

Nido Robotics

Builds underwater robots and offers them for effective inspection, maintenance and research services. 


SeaErra Vision provides AI based solutions that enable underwater vision, significantly improving visibility, contrast and colors in real-time. 


Spoolify is an AI platform connecting the $25Bn maritime service jobs industry to vetted personnel from around the world. 

The Fuel Matrix

The Fuel Matrix is building a solution to help ocean-going vessels reduce fuel consumption and emissions by improving conventional liquid fuels for more efficient, cleaner combustion.