Announcing The Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy Class of 2023

Jun 05, 2023

Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy Proudly Announces the Class of 2023 

Led by Jordan Fliegel, Managing Director Techstars Sports Accelerator

Program Start Date: June 5, 2023

Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy is proud to announce the class of 2023 as they kick off the 5th year of the program. The new cohort includes 13 carefully selected companies that cover emerging categories within the booming SportsTech industry, such as wearables, OTT streaming, NIL, AI, ticketing, FemTech, Sports Media and more. 

The Founders of these promising and innovative startups will be participating in an immersive 13-week mentorship driven program where they will learn to rapidly scale their companies in the footsteps of the program’s 44 alumni companies who have collectively raised nearly $100M in outside capital, including VC backed startups like Ergatta, Project Admission, WePlayed, PlayerData, Season Share, Tennibot, Flexia and Curastory. After over 3 months of prep work and progress on their businesses, during Demo Day the companies will have the opportunity to present to industry leaders and hundreds of potential investors, and will be directly connected to dozens of VCs for further financing opportunities following the program. Managing Director Jordan Fliegel says, “our accelerator concludes August 22-24th with the One Zero 3 day sports, media and entertainment summit (backed by Indiana’s SportsTech HQ), featuring the class of 2023 Demo Day. The summit and demo day combine to bring leading VCs, experienced founders, program mentors and industry insiders from the accelerator’s partners in Indy and from around the world to NCAA’s HQ for one of the industry’s most valuable learning and networking opportunities.”  

Based in Indianapolis, known commonly as “the city where champions are crowned” and a major leader in sports tech – within a state known for sports as the home of basketball, the home of motorsport, the home of collegiate sports, and the home of sports tourism – the Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy is made possible by Founding Partners including the Next Level Fund/50 South Capital, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, NCAA, Indiana Sports Corp and Supporting Partners Indianapolis Colts, NTT IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

The 13 companies selected for the 2023 Class of Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy are:

Conquer (New York, NY)

Conquer is a 3-sided marketplace that connects players, organizers, and venues for local sports games. We're focused on unlocking unused space to build and strengthen local sports communities.

Crosscourt (Los Angeles, CA)

Crosscourt is a basketball based social club built around curated, member driven spaces and experiences that enable our community to progress socially, mentally, and physically. Our core product is the pickup inspired session that’s one hour, 15 players, has a dedicated Experience Team (two referees, two front desk staff), and curated music. We also have elevated social programming and networking facilitated by our custom built software. Crosscourt blends the convenience and aspirational vibe of a modern day boutique fitness studio with the focused social elements of a social club for adults looking to grow through the power of team sport.

DaVinci Wearables (Boston, MA)

DaVinci Wearables is an underwearable health and wellness platform powering personalized female peak performance through technology first AI-guided readiness advice and adaptive training plans. Our mobile app provides smart cycle insights personalized to your body so that you understand and manage your unique physiology and performance potential.

Ganance (Chicago, IL)

Ganance is increasing wearable tech adoption with their modular health tracker for the corporate athlete that makes any watch a smartwatch. Today, tech companies are making ugly watches and watch companies are making bad tech products. Choosing to track your health shouldn't also be a fashion choice. Now with Ganance, you can keep your style and your health data.


JETSWEAT is powering the digital transformation of the wellness industry from fitness to physical therapy. We empower physical and mental wellbeing, anytime, anywhere through our wellness-focused video streaming SaaS platform offered through a consumer marketplace as well as a B2B white label platform.

MAGPIE (New York, NY)

MAGPIE is the sales automation and point of sale platform that helps collectible sellers— think trading cards, sports memorabilia, comics etc—  grow their revenue by reducing manual data entry by 80+%, increasing available sales channels by 40+% and improving profit margins by 60+%.

Neatsy (Menlo Park, CA)

Neatsy turns a phone camera into a remote health diagnostics tool for MSK & Orthopedics, a $1T medical market. Our monthly subscription helps to fix foot, knee, hip, spine pain issues and reduce sport injuries with personalized physical therapy, recovery, shoe fitting, orthotics. Patented, joint research with Harvard Med School. Made by ex-Prisma/Lensa AI team.

RootNote (Nashville, TN)

RootNote saves entertainment brands hours of valuable time every week by aggregating and activating metrics from their favorite apps, tools, and platforms — all in one place. RootNote’s unique structure integrates with any data source, allowing users to easily access the platform and share crucial metrics and unified insights to anyone and everyone, from marketing, content, and data departments to talent, brands, and agencies.

Scout (Clifton Park, NY)

Scout is an investing platform focusing on wealth preservation and alignment for college athletes and the billions of dollars in the new NIL era. Scout allows users to understand spending habits, tax liabilities, save, and invest all on the platform, which is paired with financial education and being paid for by their college athletic department. Scout's focus on the current college landscape will allow it to become the neobank for the modern athlete.

SIQ (New York, NY)

SIQ provides advanced analytics to basketball players to help them improve their shot via shot tracking and shooting analytics used by the pros. Through the 9D sensor, AI, and app, players receive feedback in real time on their shooting form, consistency, and accuracy.

SoBet (Nashville, TN)

SoBet is a sports betting media platform that hosts short form betting content from independent experts, empowering the next generation of sports fans to make more informed decisions. By delivering expert content in easy to digest methods, SoBet aims to increase transparency and create a more modern sports media ecosystem. As a creator-led platform, SoBet offers a community-based approach to fan engagement designed to enhance fan experience, foster engagement and healthier habits.

The Highlights App (Miami, FL)

The Highlights App is your go-to app for watching the latest sports highlights. There is too much browsing and confusion for highlights consumption today. The app allows sports fans to easily find and watch new highlights, everything in one place.

Wiistream (Cork, Ireland)

Wiistream is a leader in OTT streaming solutions. We simplify streaming, enabling your organization to scale effortlessly. With high-quality, accessible solutions tailored for sports and entertainment, Wiistream positions itself at the forefront of the fast-growing OTT streaming market. Engage your audiences like never before, whether through our turnkey solution or bespoke fan engagement options, and unlock new opportunities for content distribution, audience interaction, and revenue generation.

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About the Author
Jordan Fliegel

Jordan Fliegel is currently the Managing Director of the Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy. Fliegel was the Founder & CEO @ CoachUp (Techstars Boston 2011 / Raised $14M in venture) and Co-CEO @ (sold for $48M to Paddy Power Betfair in 2018). He's invested in over 250 companies through Founders First (angel fund & syndicate) and is a former professional basketball player and author of "Coaching Up".