FinTech is alive and kicking: Techstars New York Barclays Accelerator

February 17th, 2020

There is no use in circling around the matter any longer - FinTech is hard! Healthcare and e-commerce entrepreneurs thought they had it tough? Try competing in a highly regulated industry with pockets deeper than the ocean led by some of Wall Street’s brightest minds.

FinTech is not for wallflowers. The days are over when an app with a beautiful interface, blockchain, or a lower commission rate could turn into a successful startup. Large players watched and learned, and now they’re making beautiful apps, cutting commissions and packaging new products. So what now?

A FinTech entrepreneur needs to see things more broadly, zoom in quicker, and build faster. Here is where the New York City Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars is of note. As the most active early stage FinTech investor in the world, we propel FinTech startups to success. Since 2014 we’ve invested in 170 FinTech startups, of which 84.7% are active and valued at $1.43B today. 

Check out a few of our portfolio companies that are blazing through the financial sector:

Compliance and RegTech

Chainalysis, Alloy, Sigma Ratings

Personal Finance

Aire, Harvest Platform, Trio

Capital Markets

Cashforce, Alpha Exchange (acquired by Visible Alpha)


Cuuva, Nimbla, Waffle

Real Estate

Morty, RealBlocks

Enterprise Tech

Cutover, Remesh


We dare to go both broad and deep in FinTech. Our startups cover just about every FinTech corner - personal and business banking with lending, mortgages, loyalty, risk management, capital markets, payments processing, wealth and asset management, trading/exchanges, insurance and big data, real estate, regtech, blockchain and cyber-security. 

What we do

Every year we invest in 10 FinTech companies and help them get to the next level. The founding team of each startup moves to the New York City area for the 13-week program (September - December) for an intensive hands-on, mentorship-driven experience. During the program we dive into an intense combination of presentations and mentorship with two goals in mind: 1) Refine/confirm your business concept based on rapid feedback from users and “what-if” insights from mentors. 2) Get ready to raise capital.

Our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and executives from financial services companies. We teach you how to pitch,  prepare for industry partnerships, create momentum with investors, and negotiate solid investment terms.

What we are looking for

We are looking for 10 relentless teams working on  FinTech or Enterprise Tech ideas in just about any corner of the financial sector, from anywhere in the world. If your team wants to join a community of other passionate founders and access the networks of Barclays and Techstars, come join us in New York this fall - apply here.

Meet us

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be visiting cities across the globe to meet the most promising FinTech founders for 1:1 conversations. If you would like to meet with us in your city, request a 1:1 meeting with Kelly Fryer & Olga Bartnicki.

You can also join us for one of our upcoming virtual AMA (ask me anything) sessions. You will have a chance to chat directly with founders who have been through the Barclays Accelerator, hear from Barclays on how they think about FinTech, and ask any questions on top of mind about the program.

March 11th @ 1 PM EST - Save your spot

April 9th @ 10 AM EST - Save your spot 

May 4th @ 12 PM EST - Save your spot

We are excited to see what you are building in FinTech!

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