Harnessing the Power of Cyclical Innovation: Techstars Washington DC powered by J.P. Morgan Vision for Transforming Legacy Industries

May 17, 2024

By Alisha Golden, Investment Principal at Techstars Washington DC powered by J.P. Morgan

The deadline to apply is May 22nd. Apply here.

At Techstars Washington DC powered by J.P. Morgan, we believe in the transformative power of technologies that are reshaping legacy industries. We’re developing a thesis, "The Power of Cyclical Innovation," that focuses on the benefit of integrating advanced technologies into traditional sectors and the resulting opportunities for growth and efficiency. This autumn, we are set to invest in 24 innovative companies the that are leading the charge in this exciting new landscape. We are particularly interested in industries such as banking, logistics, healthcare, security, and energy.

Why Cyclical Innovation?

Cyclical innovation connects scientific advancements with business and technological progress, creating a cycle of continual transformation which we believe is a powerful force-multiplier. By focusing on this approach, we aim to invest in companies that are leveraging technology to disrupt and revitalize established sectors, thereby unlocking new revenue streams and redefining market dynamics.

According to McKinsey, digital transformation could add $1.6 trillion to the GDP of emerging economies by 2025. Our strategic focus is to back companies that can compound within these industries by introducing scalable, innovative solutions with significant market potential that can generate pathways to collaboration with legacy trail blazers who’ve already forged a path, especially those connected to the broader Techstars DC network.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Banking: Fintech solutions like mobile banking, digital wallets, and blockchain are redefining the financial landscape, enhancing inclusion, and streamlining payment systems.

  2. Logistics: Innovations such as IoT-enabled tracking and autonomous vehicles are optimizing supply chain management, reducing costs, and improving transparency.

  3. Healthcare: Telemedicine, AI diagnostics, and wearable health devices are transforming patient care, enabling remote monitoring, and promoting preventive healthcare.

  4. Security: Advanced surveillance systems, biometric authentication, and robust cybersecurity measures are enhancing safety and protecting critical infrastructure.

  5. Energy: Renewable energy technologies, smart grids, and energy storage solutions are driving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Investment Criteria

Our criteria for investment are centered around:

  • Market Disruption: Innovations that redefine market dynamics and unlock new revenue streams.

  • Scalability and Growth: Solutions that offer scalable business models with the potential for rapid expansion.

  • Innovation Catalyst: Technologies that create new market opportunities and competitive advantages.

  • Sustainability Impact: Initiatives promoting resource optimization and environmental sustainability.

Call for Investment Opportunities

Techstars Washington DC powered by J.P. Morgan is actively seeking investment opportunities that align with our thinking around cyclical innovation. We invite entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups that are driving technological advancements in legacy industries to connect with us. This is a chance to be part of a transformative journey that not only promises significant returns but also contributes to the sustainable evolution of critical sectors.

 We are dedicated to supporting visionary leaders who are reshaping traditional markets through technological breakthroughs and who want to do so in partnership with the legacy trail blazers who’ve already forged a path. Join us September 7, 2024 as we embark on this transformative investment journey and make a lasting impact on the future of these essential industries.

For inquiries and to discuss potential investment opportunities, please reach out to Alisha Golden, Investment Principal at Techstars DC (alisha.golden@techstars.com). Let's innovate and reshape the future together.