Launching the Techstars Anywhere Summer Class of 2022

Jul 18, 2022

I am excited to announce our newest Techstars Anywhere summer class of 2022. This is the first year we are running two classes in one year, and we are excited to welcome the second class of 2022. We have chosen 12 companies located across the globe to join us for the 13-week program. 

The Techstars Anywhere program consists of three in-person meet ups during each session. For this first meetup, 25 founders and co-founders from five different countries will gather in San Diego, CA on July 18. During this intense week, the cohort will learn about sales strategies, customer development, pitching and hear alumni founder stories. Following the week, the founders will participate in Techstars remotely for five weeks before coming back together in August for a second in-person week in Austin, TX. The program concludes in Miami, FL in October. 

The Techstars Anywhere summer class of 2022 represents our ongoing commitment to investing in diverse teams. Of the twelve companies, seven are led by women CEOs, and nine out of the twelve companies are led by CEOs that identify as racially, gender or ethnically diverse. 

Techstars continues to support our companies by providing them with access to mentorship, customers, investors and our strong Techstars Anywhere network. We would like to thank our mentors, sponsors and partners for their generous and continuous support. Special thanks to the Techstars Anywhere team (Mel, Ileana, and Carly–you’re awesome) and our community of alumni, mentors, and investors for their genuine commitment to making a positive impact in our community and the lives of the Techstars founders they have supported this past year. 

If you’re an investor who’d like to learn more about the companies in this class, let’s connect. Email our venture associate Ileana Gonzales at and we can share more information about these impressive founders. 

If you’re interested in mentoring future classes of Techstars Anywhere, email Melani Gordon at We are always on the lookout for industry leaders who are willing the share their knowledge with budding entrepreneurs.

Please join me in welcoming the Techstars Anywhere Summer Class of 2022!

Cohere Network 

Cohere is a global network of member-owned co-living communities.

CEO: Dakotah Apostolou

Location: Antigua, Guatemala


A hybrid online/brick & mortar space where young people work on their mental health through personalized therapist-created routines while connecting with a community.

CEO: Sophie Gray

Location: Edmonton, Canada 


Autonomous off road vehicles.

CEO: Seth Neubardt

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado 

Exovolar Industries 

Empowering human aerial mobility. Making people FLY like superheroes.

CEO: Guanhao Wu

Location: Union City, New Jersey 

Indistinguishable from Magic

The Zapier for hardware.

CEO: Lance Chantiles-Wertz

Location: New York City, New York 

KADO Networks 

A smart networking solution that helps professionals build meaningful relationships that turn into deals.

CEO: Patricia Recarte

Location: New York City, New York 


Using games at work to maximize cultural intelligence & build exceptional teams.

CEO: Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 


Real-time influencer driven e-commerce empowering anyone to unlock the dresscode for cities around the world.

CEO: Julia Peter 

Location: Redwood City, California 


An online professional development marketplace for educators, by educators.

CEO: Alissa McDonald & Megan Kensington

Location: Boston, Massachusetts


A goals-first investing assistant.

CEO: Tara Falcone

Location: San Diego, California 


A cash management solution for small businesses that works by turning any cash register into an ATM.

CEO: ​​D'ontra Hughes

Location: West Hollywood, California 


Coaching tool to write meaningful & inclusive people evaluations / feedback.

CEO: Shirin Nikaein

Location: Santa Monica, California 

About the Author
Ryan Kuder

Ryan is the Managing Director of Techstars Anywhere, Techstars’ remote-first accelerator. He has also managed Techstars accelerators in San Diego and London. Ryan launched his first tech startup in 1998 and it was a spectacular failure. Since then he’s been a product and marketing executive at Yahoo! and eBay, a four time founder, and a senior startup executive with two exits. He graduated from Georgetown University and lives with his family in Encinitas, CA where he’s a fan of craft beer, fish tacos, and the San Diego Padres.