Learn How To Do Venture Deals From the Experts - Free 7 Week Class

Feb 10, 2021

Techstars Cofounder Brad Feld and Techstars mentor Jason Mendelson — both renowned venture capitalists, founding partners at the Foundry Group, and authors of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist — are again offering their popular free course Venture Deals.

Classes begin on March 7, and registration is open now

“Best course I’ve ever done hands down! And I’ve done a lot of courses over the years, both in the USA and the UK where I am, including my MBA (which I have to admit was also great but not quite as good). Thank you so much for putting this together.”

— Rav, course participant

Brad and Jason are dedicated to educating entrepreneurs about the fundraising process and sharing the investor perspective on this important step in the entrepreneurial journey. Over 30,000 people have already participated in the course, which is always free. 

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Raising capital can be one of the most difficult parts of the founder journey. The more you know about cap tables and term sheets, negotiating tactics and letters of intent, the better positioned you’ll be for investor meetings. 

“Excellent Course! What a thrilling experience, invaluable for those looking to gain more insight into this sector from a fantastic team.The weeks have flown by, in a great way.”

— Olajumoke, course participant

Techstars and Kauffman Fellows are excited to bring you this free resource to help you build a better future. Venture Deals is a seven-week, team-oriented, “learn-by-doing” online course, hosted by NovoEdu, that includes educational videos from Brad and Jason, virtual team projects, worksheets, and case studies. The class takes about four to six hours a week to complete. Participants can also earn a Statement of Accomplishment certificate that can be shared on LinkedIn profiles.

In addition, enrolled participants can sign up for four exclusive live AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with David Cohen, Techstars Cofounder and Chairman of the Board; Brad Feld; Jeff Harbach, President and CEO of Kauffman Fellows; and a Diversity Investor panel to ask them anything about the fundraising landscape and entrepreneurship.

What will you learn during the course? Here’s the syllabus:

  • Week 1 – Introduction of key players/Form or join a team

  • Week 2 – Fundraising/Finding the Right VC

  • Week 3 – Capitalization Tables/Convertible Debt

  • Week 4 – Term Sheets: Economics & Control

  • Week 5 – Term Sheets Part Two

  • Week 6 – Negotiations

  • Week 7 – Letter of Intent/Getting Acquired

Enrollment is open now and the Spring class begins March 7, 2021. Secure your spot today