Limited Space: Learn How to Gain Access to Capital Through the Venture Deals Course

Sep 19, 2023

Raising capital is one of the most stressful parts of an entrepreneur’s journey. The more insight and knowledge you have about the fundraising process, the better positioned you’ll be during negotiations with investors. Techstars, in collaboration with Kauffman Fellows, invites you to join the 50,000+ entrepreneurs who have benefited from our Venture Deals course.

Venture Deals is a self-paced, “learn-by-doing,” online course that includes educational videos from diverse investors who provide real and raw advice, knowledge, and insight to raising venture capital, as well as additional resources, tools, and a course guide to support your learning. 

Our free course runs three times per calendar year. Limited space is available, so register to secure your spot today! Read more about our Venture Deals course and register for the next course here

Purchase the new version of the Venture Deals book here.